Monday, 21 July 2008


Hello everybody!
Me wit a brandnew post again!^^
Though nth special occured in my life, I*m posting so you all know that I*m still alive {and somehow that *still alive*- phrase sounds so overused =.=}
Talking about *still alive* and Hiatus-stuff.
Look at this: + + + SSD - ON HIATUS + + + -
err.... ok, for those of you who dun understand german that doesn*t make much sense.
Anyway, that stupid page is - obviously - ON HIATUS. And if you click on all the affilates of this page, they are all ON HIATUS, too !!!
Isn*t that a bit too much?

All leaving touching msgs like:
Yeah, as you see I*m on hiatus now. I dunno when I will come again, but I really got to care more for my life/ school. Sry, but I won*t work on this site anymore.
But {and that*s the ridiculous thing} I want to make a new site again. I only have to work out a nice layout and stuff I want to upload.
Some didn*t take the *I'll explain it carefully to you so you can cope wit me disappearing*-way, but tried the *Let me shock you!*- way:
"Yupp, I*m gone."
"That*s it. I will be on hiatus now." , because some stupid bla + 'I will be back soon wit a new bla'

Huh? Are you kidding me? YOU want to take a break, but at the same time you will start a new page? Where the fuck is the break?
I think they all think that staging {inszenieren} a nice Hiatus {which mades everybody cry}, is a good mean to get attention = visitors =.... Well it is, but I won*t elaborate this thought of mine, cuz I dun want this to turn into a mega-super-duper-rant.
Only this:
so.amazing the owner of this blog was esspecially inventive in thinking up a good reason for a hiatus.
Her reason: Sry, but my parents suddenly said that we would go on holiday.
Whuat?! Since when is a holiday a hiatus?! Honestly, do they have to use every possible opportunity, so they can say that they are on a hiatus? Are they so desperate?....
Well desperate enough to make me laugh. Jux poor.

But enough of my weird thoughts, here is some action !^^
I wrote this stuff back.... then.... so, it all says *today* but it wasn*t today, it was on last thursday

Today was our school hikin day. We hiked to a pond near to our school, ok it*s not necessarily near our school, but the distance was not long enough, to call it hiking when we walked to it.
Weather: dull/dreary/dismal
So it was not really nice to sit down at the grass and have a barbecue. Esspecially when noone took their things to BBQ with them. At the beginning we were jux sitting around, staring at the nature around us like daft.
Until the boys got the BBQ going and some other boys brought their steaks, etc to grill it. I took my cake out and everbody ate from it and it tasted *divine* xD
My english teacher had two pieces!!! !^^
We went home when it finally started to rain xD
So all in one: Quite a unsuccessful day, but after all not stressful.

Jeeez... a PINK, Louis Vuitton car. So kawaii !!!
I had my 1st driving lesson today and I gotta say that driving is not as difficult as I imagined.
My mistakes are:
x I always forgot to decelerate/ throttle back {vom Gas gehen}, when I
change/shift gears.
x I always drive too close to the pavement/ sidewalk.
My nxt lesson is on monday !^^ was today, the real today.
Today is monday.
My 1st mistake is a bit gone now....
and the 2nd mistake has extended/broadend. I always drive from one extreme to the other, means either too much at the left or the right side =.=

As for Vietnam: YAAAAAAAY............ xD Loolzz
Well my mum bought tons of shoes for my aunt {and for herself}. And sometimes I really ask myself what my mum was thinking, She bought the same pair of shoes twice!
And that*s not the 1st time. She already bought a thing twice 2 times, an other pair of shoes and trousers.
That shows her attitude towards her clothes. She has so much, she doesn*t/can*t care for them anymore. You should have seen my parents* room before my mom has changed our 2nd bathroom to her new wardobe. The mess was incredible.
I wanted to take a pic of it, but I was too lazy. I mean she has like...4 wardrobes already.
One of them is normal-sized, like two doors, there are only cloaks and stuff like that in it,
the 2nd one is the bathroom, which only contains longer clothes, i.e. also cloaks and dresses and so on,
3rd one is a bit bigger it got 5 doors and above them are other comparments to store stuff,
then the king queen-size wardobe, which stands in our basement. Don*t ask me how long and high it is, I dunno anymore and I*m too lazy to go down to have a look at it. But it*s at least ... 6 metres long and high enough to take a chair too look at the higher compartments.

Well she got more places where she stores her stuff, like our whole basements {which consists of 3 rooms !} to store her shoes, and also shelves where she has i dunno what.

Ah! And my mum bought mobiles for my two cousins. Actually she bought 5 mobiles, one for me, one for my bro, one for my younger cousin, one for my older cousin and one *jux in case*.
In what case exactly? I didn*t ask that... But sometimes her behaviour is strange.
But at least I know what I*ll buy my cousins. Some writing stuff from *Esprit*

And weee~~~~~~~~~~~ I gotta interrupt my writing phase again, cuz my dad wants to go to a furniture store and I want to go to....... I*ll finish this someday xD
I SWEAR man. {21/07/ 5.30pm}

ok.back {21/07/ 6,47pm}. we weren*t going to a furniture store but to a superstreo/home improvement warehouse {Baumarkt}. Ec ec what a loss of time... Anyway

Well, writing stuff from *Esprit*:

you get an idea. Colors blue+green and black+silver also available !^^

God! This post is so confusing and broken? it makes me sick...... ='(
Hmm....................... =.=
Should I delete the whole thing and edit it?....... It sucks...... doesn*t maaaatter.... I jux publish it and you guys read and comment, ya? *^-^*

ps.: WHUAT the fuck! why can*t I publish this shit ?!


  1. den ersten rosa kugelschreiber will ich! der glänzt so schön und der rosaton ist ideal.

    das louis vuitton auto ist sicher teuer! woah, wär ich doch reich *_* xD aber mir würds ausreichen, ein auto voll mit hello kitty zu stopfen.. in ebay gibts ja reichlich stuff dafür. sogar ein XXXL aufkleber fürs auto.
    achja, asiaten... ich mag die XD
    nur nicht vietprides. davon gibts bei uns sehr viele, vor allem wollte mich meine mutter in so eine scheiß gruppe reinzwingen, aber ich bin da nie mehr hingegangen xD ich bin da voll der außenseiter, alle anderen sind über 18 jahre alt und behandeln mich wie ein kind >_> ich will wachsen man und ihnen meine überlegenheit demonstrieren, muahaha!! XDD
    korepride oder thaipride gibt, wär mir das egal, weiß ja nich was die für anzeichen haben xDD

  2. Don't delete it okay?
    I love your blog entry.
    Especially this one.
    Oh driving?
    Ah, the only thing that I can't do when I drive is that I can't park.
    Seriously, it pisses the hell out of me.
    And that car is totally spiffilicious.

  3. jap, das war die schönste anmache die ich je bekommen hab. von nem tüpen der einen gitftgrünes gesicht auf seinem pulli trug ;)


    haha das on hiatus is bei mir aber so ähnlich, ich hab noch asia-delight, aber ich werd die site dem nächst löschen. ich bin dort on hiatus gegangen nicht weil ich nicht mehr bloggen wollte, sondern weil soviele leute aus meiner umgebung die addy hatten, und ich wollte schon bisschn "intimer" bloggen, aber nicht das es diese leute lesen

    and thats it