Monday, 14 July 2008

Weekend full of Attractions.

As you see from the title, many things were done, seen and heard last weekend.

I was invited to a concert, which was last Friday. Since I play some instruments I*m often invited to concerts, which is a really cool thing, sometimes !^^. I went there wit my bro.
The concert was in a very romantic wine-growing estate/ winery. As you hear from the surroundings, it was not a pop concert, but a classical one.
The artists were Atanas Ourkouzounov {Guitar} and Mie Ogura {flute}.
The song above is called Macedonian Song, they played it at this concert. It*s very soft and smooth and restful.

All in all it was a very nice evening. They both play nice modern classic and Mie does great things wit her flute. In the end they gave two encores {Zugaben}.
After the concert, me and my bro had to wait for my parents to pick us up. So we went up and down a street while waiting. The city was very romantic. There were ppl sitting outside of restaurants, candles and lights were shining. Outside a restaurant was a big fountain, which stood upon a platform. I liked it very much, cuz it was very nice to climp up it*s steps and sit at it*s edge. If I went there with a frn, I could have talk to her for hours. Nearby was a antique shop, which was open at this time {10 p.m.}, so we also had a look at it.
Here are some pics of the area {area?}, but they aren*t good. My mobile is not a very good mean to take pics... but I get a new one soon !^^

#1 The fountain and the statue on it

#2 The sign {?} of a restaurant

#3 The fountain and the strange iron rings it had on two sites

#4 The fountain and the restaurant behin it

#5 Yeah, I*m repeating myself

#6 The restaurant

#7 The street

#8 An old building with 2 flags hanging out of it*s windows {the other can*t be seen}

#9 The street

#10 The fountain from the other side

#11 Again

#12 The water reflection

The other thing I have done was going to the fair in our town. I*m not a big fan of fairs, but well, going to this fair couldn*t cause any harm, so I went there wit my parents and bro. I only went to the Ferris wheel and the thing which has swings, you sit on the swings and then the whole thing turns round and round xD
I love these two ... attractions{?} Everytime I went to this Fair, I have been to these two... attractions.
No pics of me again. But many from the fair xD I love the colorful lights. And in the end my mom bought a King Size bag wit popcorn !^^
So I have been eating tons and tons of popcorn since Saturday. Does popcorn have many calories?

Here the wonderful pics of the fair, now in many bright colors {NOT shitty as those above}.

#1 The fair in the setting sun

#2 *The congress centre*

#3 The important thing is the Japanese flag

#4 The flume {Wildwasserbahn}

#5 A roller coaster {Achterbahn}

#6 A roundabout/merry-go-round/carousel/Karussell

#7 OMG so many sweets and those hearts, I want to have one!

#8 Pull at a string and see WHAT you win

#9 Cause every draw is a win! {as it says on the flag at the top}

#10 The round thing {with the swings} that spins

#11 Hawaiian Fruits: Fruits {coated} with finest chocolates chocolate xD

#12 The blessed Ferris wheel hiding

#13 Not anymore

#14 Different view

#15 a) 1st

#15 b) 2nd

#15 c) 3rd Finally all letters of Hong Kong are blinging !

#16 Taken on the Wheel

#17 That round thing to the left is hardcore

#18 More Hardcore than this high thing {in the center-left}

#19 Strange perspective

#20 OhMyDog so Kawaii !!! Tons of cuddly toys! Those round things, they were hanging on, spinned

#21 The same roundabout/ merry-go-wild/ carousel

#22 Something

#23 The Pull-the-strings- thing

#24 A Hello Kitty balloon

#25 Something different {among it a roller coaster}

#26 The end. Goodbye fair.

#27 Goodbye wit flash

[you must admit that I*m good at taking pics !]

At the same day, we also bought the tickets for the train to Frankfurt Airport. Yaayyy, I*m so excited abt flying to Vietnam !^^
Jeeez, only 4 weekend until we fly !!!! {n I still dun have presents for anyone}
My mom got nearly all presents together, and yesterday I checked the hotels near the house of my aunt. Jeez, I hate hotels, who don*t have an own homepage and I hate to get the information of these hotels through other sites. And some hotels are too stupid to show pics of the rooms they offer, or they are too stupid to say how many beds a room has =.=

One hotel was especially funny, on their site was an xtra site called *WARNING*. On this site they warned their guests against some very nasty, but original trick of their competitors:

Let*s call the hotel wit the homepage A. So some guest who want to go to hotel A, call a cab in order to get there. But the driver of the cab, doesn*t drive the guests to hotel A, but to hotel B. In hotel B they say: *Welcome to Hotel A, unfortunately, we*re booked-out. But we have a sister-hotel, it*s hotel C. You can go there*
Then the cab driver brings you to hotel C. Which is much worse than the hotel you wanted to go to, namely hotel A. After the cab arrives at hotel C, the driver get*s some money from the owner of Hotel C.*
And you were tricked xD
Different version:
You want to go to a hotel and take a cab to get there. But the cab takes you to another hotel. You don*t know that and think that you are brought to the hotel you wanted to go. When the cab arrives at the wrong hotel, they tell you, that they are booked out, but that they have a sister hotel somewhere else. They tell you to stay there.
You think that's ok, too, so the cab takes you to that hotel. Which is actually much worse than the hotel you really wanted to go to.
Once you arrived there, the driver of the cab gets money from the owner of the hotel you will stay now.
And this whole story was made up of the owner of the last hotel, so it get's (more) visitors, understand? And the cab driver gets money, because he helps them.

What do you think? I think it*s a wonderful example for the corrupt AND original way Vietnamese try to cheat. And yet it*s unintentional funny xD

So and have a problem, which I didn*t mention troughout all the past entries...
I gotta lose weight. Lots of weight.
No, actually that*s not the problem. The problem is... I can*t stop eating xD
Anyway... who cares. I only hope that I weigh 45 kg when I step into the airplane to Vietnam
And fitting to the topic a little video concerning anorexia {Magersucht} me and my frn showed when we made a presentation abt eating disorders.

So, after a long time a posts abt things I have done !^^ A *action posts* xD
Well see you around. Maybe after our hiking day, when I got pics of it or when sth special has happened there.
I gotta make a cake for my class. I gotta. xD
So byebye you all

ps: Omdog this post got so many pichas....
pss: OMFG ! I jux watched Naruto and OMFG.... they really ....OMG...
See it urself:

Persons: Ninja A {injured}, Ninja B {angry}
Jap Version:
Ninja B: I*m going to persue those Ninjas {who injured Ninja A}
Ninja A: No, don*t go if you go you will..... DIE !!!
German Version:
Ninja B: I*m going to persue those Ninjas {who injured Ninja A}
Ninja A: No, don*t go, if you go you will.... LOSE !!!

WTF?! RTL II doesn*t only censor the scenes where you can see blood, they really also don*t dare to say *Die* !!!
I really think that children, even if they are 4 yrs old, can bear it to hear the word *die*. This is so stupid.
I think this is a good sign, for some millionair to establish his own anime television station, which is private and which shows Naruto uncensored.
Ok, RTL II is private, too. But, honestly it*s owner is ... crap.


  1. uf ufffffff
    also ab ca foto no 3 kann oich NICHTS mehr sehen ._.
    ich glaube es liegt an meinem inet kp ._.
    dein lay kann ich jetzt sehen davor nicht

    also ich meine damit das ich das gar net sehen kann
    also bsp:

    ich gehe auf deinen blog shriebe was bzw schaue nur
    und dann habe ich whärenddessen zb asiancy auf
    dann wenn ich auf asiancy auf ein profil oda so gehe sehe ich alle bilder GAR NICHT MEHR
    genauso sehe ich ab bild 3 bei dir nichts mehr ._.

    kp warum
    und darum konnte ich den captcha dings au net sehen und eintippen ._.

    lol undastand xD???

    das magersucht dings is shon erschreckend
    habe auch referat darüber gehalten
    und wir hatten gespräche mit einer fettsüchtigen und magersüchtigen
    voll hart.

  2. halluuu
    die 2. pics sind echt schön mit den ganzen lichtern XD

    das vid hat uns mal unser biolehrer gezeigt da hatten wir das thema auch und wir haben ein interview mit einer magersüchtigen gelesen
    echt hart wie die das so wahrnehmen


  3. Sieht nach einer menge Spaß aus c:

    ui,ui, Magersucht...schon ein Thema für sich~

    Ach jaaa~ Agyness Deyn kann ich kein Stück leiden. Ich hab gar keine Ahnung, was die Welt an der findet, aber neee~ das geht ja mal gar nicht


  4. Totally adore those pictures.

  5. oh wow sind das geile bilder *O* scheint echt toll gewesen zu sein, jetzt hab ich bock auf jahrmarkt haha xD
    Du willst 45 kg wiegen? wie groß bist du denn xD?? ok.. asiatinnen sind meistens klein und leicht haha xD
    Aber omg dieses video ist echt krass. ich kannte nur so ein bild.. voll schlimm >< wie kann man so aussehen OO
    und wie kann man das nicht sehen? das kann doch nicht sein dass man da nen fetten menschen im spiegel sieht??
    naja.. ich muss los xD
    schönen tag noch <3

  6. haha danke ich hoffe es gefällt ihm^^
    omg die musik auf deiner website höre ich erst jetzt! ich liebe dieses lied ich hatte es vor jahren shcon mal auf meiner shit-anime page und war so verliebt darin <3
    omg wenn du echt so groß bist sind 45 kg aber seehr wenig XD Will dich jetzt nicht mit irgendeiner standpauke nerven aber ich bin nicht viel größer als du (169 cm) und wiege 52/53kg und manche klagen dass das zu wenig ist. Ich glaub du hast dann die perfekte figur haha.
    na guut.. oha das zweite lied istr auch voll schön <3

  7. ich höre immer wieder gerne die musik aus deiner jukebox =DD

    das vietnamesische hotel dings mit a,b,c hat mich konfus gemacht und ich möchte nicht weiterdenken XD (habs nur einmal gelesen und aus verwirrung für weitere male gelassen. ich kann gerade nicht denken HAHAH)
    und rtl 2 hat eh ne schlechte synchro, und dann noch diese "zensur" XDD das ist wie bei einer mario kart version, wo bowser ne flasche sekt in der hand hält und davon trinkt. in der amerikanischen version haben die es aber so zensiert, dass er es nur in den händen hält und gar keinen schluck trinkt x3

    den hello kitty ballon hab ich auch *-* die kirmes bei mir vor ort findet immer ende mai statt. ist schon längst zu ende *heul* dein erstes fotoset ist z.t. creepy *__*

  8. huii was für ein langer entry

    lang, nichts mehr von dir gehört, gehts dir gut?

    du bereitest dich bestimmt seelish auf vn vor [:

    tolle pix übrigens [:

    ohh hast du denn kein herz bekommen?