Monday, 7 July 2008

Uglyness Darn.

Let*s get to
Agyness Deyn.

Please, now don*t say her hair/ style. Anyone can have this hair style.
Her nose, lips, eyes, eyebrows are random.
Maybe it*s her special way of style?
Although I don*t think that a model should be famous for her style, since it*s not her job to wear her fashion, but others ppl*s fashion.
If she wouldn*t be a model, but an actress of maybe a fashion designer {though her fashion wouldn*t be very of genious}, her fame maybe justified.

COME ON!!! This world is too crazy to call such a thing special or unique. Thousands of ppl walk around like this. Her fashion is jux random H&M-mix.
And sometimes looks even ugly. Really I don*t see what*s special abt her. There really are enough people who wear colorful clothes she is REALLY NOT the only one.
So, why to like her?

You should rather not like her because:

Her chin is SUPER AWFUL !!!
She looks like a man !!!
This is sooo ugly. A man is supposed to have such a wide chin, but not a woman.
And since male models look like women, I don*t think that she should look like this.
On most of the pictures, her chin is not that conspicious {auffällig}, because make-up and pose and stuff.
But it is mostly unmistakable that her chin is VEEEEERY wide.
And also because of this her mouth looks strange, as if she would push it to the front.
She*s not extraordinary pretty =.=

Since I noticed her wide chin, I am wondering about why she is that famous and adored.
Let her be a model and give her a bit admiration because of her colorful clothes. But this fame? I can*t see why she deserves it.
No, I*m jealous {please don*t think that, it would be an insult to me}.

Things ppl also say abt here are:
*Androgynous - yeah she is. is that a good thing? NO.
u have wide shoulders. you are androgynous.
u have facial hair {german: a women*s beard}. you are androgynous.
so, is that a good thing? ... No.
* Cool - anyone is cool. don*t say stupid things here, think of something orignal pls.
* rock-like, unconventional, wild, etc. etc. - Come on, ppl. Do you run out of adjectives? They are boring. What so special about being rock-like, unconventional, wild bla bla... Everyone is like this at this times and it*s not hard to be...
* Changeable - I have always been wondering why ppl always emphasize the fact that a model is changeable and why being changeable is so highly appreciated. Anyone is changeable. Give them a wig, slap make-up on their faces and they all look like someone else. Wtf is so difficult about being changeable?

Agyness being Changable

Sorry if I got some pics twice, they look so similar... bad joke I know...

So, WOOOWWW she looks so different in each pic, I couldn*t recognize her again... And sometimes she even changes her hairstyle... Geeeeez, I couldn*t do that.
And on some pics she uses a BIT of make-up, that changes her SOOO MUCH, really on those pic I couldn*t say that if it was she or someone else. Looks TOTALLY different. If I would use SO LITTLE make-up, I would look all the same...

No, I would look like a monster. Which means that I have changed, which means that I*m also very changeable. Results in one question: WHY AM I NOT A MODEL?
Oww.. sry, got a bit distracted.

Back to the point. Forget the veeeery changeable- shit. Anyone is. As if it would be impossible for a normal human to change his/her hairstyle... Really...

Other facts about her:
* plays in a band - *yawwwwn* ok, not many ppl play in bands... but they other things, like not playing in a band painting, being chess-master of x, or having a own society for y, or being the most succesful drug-dealer of z,...
* she is a DJ {I*m not sure if this is truee...} oh sry, i mean she*s a DJANE - *wink* she has interesting hobbies, alrite... Aren*t there more admirable things in this world...
* she prefers cheap make-up - what a CHEAP statement. Why do stars always say such things. 'though I*m very rich, I still love the food of Mc Donald*s'. do they want to show, that they are on of 'us'? do they want to get some xtra attention? 'woow, she likes cheap make-up.. she is so special!!!!' you know what? i also like cheap things. WHY AM I NOT A MODEL? ahem....
* she doesn*t have many friends - Ohhh, how saaaaad... Another CHEAP statement.
* she doesn*t go to fashion partys - why would I want to know that? Again a cheap statement to get attention. 'No, I*m actually not a party girl, I rather sit at home and pray.' 'No, I don*t need parties. I know things, which are much more fun. Those who think parties are cool, don*t have my class.'

So, now that I*ve taken all of her charm. I am satisfied !^^
Do it like me. Don*t like her. Hate her.

And now, I have this for you.
Haute Couture Pics of this year*s Haute Couture jubilee show. Gorgeous.

Update: I jux remembered that that stupid Jenny Hof from *Germany*s next Topmodel* looks exactly like Agyness.... {I dun have a pic of jenny cuz i can*t fucking find any...} I mean she is tall, she is thin, she has long legs and she has THE SAME HAIR STYLE !!! And that*s the most remarkable thing of Agyness !!!
But jux imagine: Where the hell is the sense in trying to make a little 16 yr old girl a famous model, by giving her the same look as another famous model, who is jux famous cuz of her *indivual* style?! Where is you fucking pride? What do you think ppl think of you if that is the way you want someone to become famous?
It*s so cheap and poor... Unbelieveable. Really.
Do you think that someone might think: *Hmm... we can*t afford Agyness.... Let*s take that Jenny, she looks like Agyness ! And she is much cheaper!* How stupid is that? Where is your pride, why to be a cheap fake?

Do you think that is the right way to become famous: *We do it like this. Many can*t afford the real Agyness, so we give them a fake one, who is MUCH CHEAPER, and when many ppl take her, she maybe will become famous !!!*

Or jux imagine this: *Hey... you are Jenny Hof? - yeah - ...You look exactly like Agyness Deyn. What were you thinking by copying her looks?* Err... I mean, isn*t that jux embarassing?

How can you look in the eyes of a person, asking you that, and how can you look in your own eyes again {when you*r stading in front of a mirror}

Or she could met Agyness someday... What is she going to do then? Though i doubt that she will ever become this famous. In the end she*s jux a stupid fake.
How could she? This is more stupid then anyone can be. And a whole television station decided to let she become the winner of GMT... It*s so stupid it makes me feel like giving up this world... j/k

P.S.: My mom promised me, that I can dye my hair blonder, b4 we go to vietnam!!! yAAYYY
I sucked at a chemistry test today =.=

P.P.S.: Thx to vicky, I renamed the title of this post. It*s not *Androgynous* anymore.
Now this post is called: *Uglyness Darn* {darn, umformung von damn damit man so ein bößes wort nicht schreiben muss}
What a stroke of genius, isn*t it xD


  1. hallu

    ui hast dich etze aber ganz schön über die aufgeregt xDD

    ich finde die auch nicht sonderlich hübsch. aber das is doch bei den meisten modells so. die haben halt dne langen brettigen körper. eigtl könnte man da gleich nen kleiderbügel nehmen xDD

    ohh haare heller färben?

    also falls du aufheller benutzt lass es nicht deine mama machen xD

    das endet böööse.

  2. woow ein neues layout^^ echt kewl, schön hell =D
    gott ich weiß auch nicht was so toll ist an dieser agyness.. sie sollte uglyness heißen xD
    sie sieht aus wie ein mann irgendwie.. das einzig tolle ist wahrscheinlich ihr style obwohl der mir auch nicht so zusagt.. naja. find den eintrag geil hah xD

  3. ja.. ist doch nich zu glauben. null sinn für sowas hat der.
    ich kanns ihm aber nicht sagen, aheb zu viel angst dass er sich irgendwie rächt .__.

  4. I don't think that the person is pretty or gorgeous.
    Anyway, sorry about your Chemistry test.
    And blonder?

  5. XD
    vicky hat recht sie sollte wirklich uglyness heißen !^^
    vllt uglyness darn lol

  6. deine ganzen analysen stimme ich zu! ich find agyness selber nicht hübsch, vor allem wegen der frisur, und ihr kleidungsstil ist so wie vor 20 jahren, vllt liegts daran?
    du willst blond werden? >DD könnt ich als asiatin irgendwie gar nicht... ich will ja nicht verwechselt werden von hinten X3

  7. ach ich bins leid blond zu sein .___.
    mir gingen die ansätze ziemlich gegan strich ;_; aber naja einmal ausprobieren geht schon. früher ahtte ich immer mittleres braun. aber ich glaub ich gönn meinen haare mal ne puase ;)
    PS blogg mal wieder [:

  8. hey^^dakne dass du trotzdem vorbei schaust hihi.
    ich liebe deine blogeinträge, vor allem sowas wie den letzten über agyness deyn haha.

  9. ach was, ne katze wär mein wunschhaustier gewesen, aber meine mum hat angst vor denen, wegen den augen xD find ich total ungerechtfertigt, aber damit muss ich wohl leben, bis ich aus dem haus hier umgezogen bin :P
    hunde sind da leichter zu haben, mit denne geht man gassi.. aber bei katzen muss man dafür das katzenklo sauber machen, ist doch genauso XD außerdem trügt der schein, bei kaninchen braucht man nur ein einstreubett einzulegen, es mit stroh zu bedecken und wenn man den stall saubermachen will, einfach alles wegwerfen, da bleiben keine rückstände =D

  10. also irgendwie finde ich das widersprüchlich, wenn du sagst JEDER kann ja wie die aussehen usw. wenn du hinterher sagst, es ist schrecklich, dass die eine von germ. next topmodel aussieht wie sie. oder hab ich das jetzt falsch verstanden?? :D