Monday, 28 July 2008

Mambo Jambo.

Jeeeeez... Here I go again.
Weekend was mega-super-duper crappy. cuz~~~~~~ it*s jux to fucking hot.
It*s jux too hot !!!!!
How can anyone live under such circumstances... =.=
I hate heat.

Well... what did happen again???
Big Band concert. Whuaa. There was such a cute guy playing e-guitar !!!! He was so kawaiii... But he doesn*t play the e-guitar so well, he didn*t *go wiiiild*, like the other one. In the end my bro told me, that normally he plays a *blabla eldorado*-guitar and that he only played the e-guitar as a joke.

{WTF why is my internet so slow at the mo?}

Well they were playing really nice songs, only the stupid bitch who sat in front of me annoyed me. She was feeling like greatest and started to do embarassing *sexy*-dancing moves every time the band played.
I hate such ppl in a concert.

On song they played as a encore was called *Mambo Jambo/Cambo*. And in the middle and at the end of the song, there*s a little pause, when everyone screams *Mambo Jaaamboo* !!!
Now imagine a cute guy saying *Mambo Jaaamboo !!!*
Wuaaaahh xD
Kawaii, innit? ^~^

And today I*m going to the dance-performance. But I have to go alone !!! Which is soooo unfair... But my frn has stress wit her mother and so she very probably won*t be able to come tonight.
I rly gotta go alone? Hello? How stupid is that? =.=
Ec.. maybe I can persuade my bro to come wit me.... Maybe...

And now last weekend..... Jeeeez.. Well, first, last Saturday was a street party here.
My parents decided to flee and we went shopping {I got some nice things, but I*m to lazy to take pics, so another time....}
Then we went to my aunts, where I watched *American Gangster* wit bro + cousin.
Then at 0 a.m. we went home again. Those stupid ppl were still celebrating themselves outside!!!
My mum*s decision was fixed: We would wait in our car until they went home !!!
So we sat waiting...
for 1 hour...
for 1 hour 15 min.
Then I said that I wanted to go now !!! So they made me promise to sneak into the house very carefully so that noone of them would see me and not switching on the lights once I*m inside !!!
I followed their instructions and 1 h later or sth like that, my parents + bro aso came home...
I was already sleeping. My bro also went to bed, while my parents were getting ready, when the doorbell suddenly rang.

Frnz of my parents came to visit us !!!!
Can*t believe, eh?! They were snowing in at 2 a.m. !!! No kidding, man!
I only thought: *How impertinent and impudent!!! {unverschämt und dreist}
Bu Gan Xiang Xin !!!

Well, seemed like my parents didn*t bother since they then talked to them until 5 a.m.

Later that day {12 p.m.} we went to... errr.......................... my uncels*.... and wit him and his wife + lil cute kids we went to a lil town, where we ate ice-cream.
Then we went home again and had a special vietnamese banquet.

And this is where I shall post some pics, or you will fall asleep because of the boringness of this post....

#1 My dad*s plate

#2 Again {i dunno what the white thing is, but the rest is a leg of a crab and some vegetable}

#3 squid, shells from crabs etc, tofu, oysters, prawns...i think {back to front}

#4 My dad*s plate again: vegetable, oysters

#5 The table

#6 glass noodles at the front

#7 prawns

#8 My plate: tofu and some sort of noodles

#9 My cute cousin

#10 My cute cousins {the boy is awsome cute}

#11 Both posing {nearly}

So, this was everything that happened I think........
Oh wait, I aso went celebrating my frnz graduation wit her and another girl !^^
We jux dined out... Nth special !^^
The End.


  1. oh gott, bist du gerade in vietnam oder habt ihr immer so ein festessen? ok, ich kann krabben und andere meeresfrüchte absolut nicht leiden, da es für mich stinkt. aber wer fisch & co. gern isst, der wirds mögen. für meine familie wäre es jedenfalls ein paradis.
    ich hab gerade total lust auf diese nudeln mit dem tofu. wobei meine mutter das niemals mit tofu zubereitet, sondern nur mit vieeel suppe. muss sie mal darauf ansprechen was neues auszuprobieren xD ahh, dieses ganze gemüse wäre auch ein paradis für meine kaninchen.^^

  2. ah okay, jetzt versteh ich das. :D
    ich weiß auch nich, warum sie alle so toll finden. vor allem, fast jeder, der sie cool findet, denkt er macht sich dadurch zum fashion victim und individualisten, weil er sowas 'skurilles' verehrt. haha

  3. OMG.
    How could they drop in like that?
    2 am, oh my gosh.
    If it were my parents, they wouldn't even bother with their friends.