Sunday, 3 August 2008


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I was out shopping again yesterday and bought a dress and a LOVELY anorak.
Aso I bought some Hello Kitty stuff, presents for my youngest cousin and a *Vietnam Diary*, which I*ll use to write a summery of every day I stay in Vietnam, everything from Esprit.
Today my parents packed 3 suitcases full wit presents for my aunt+uncle+their kids.
Yap,yap we*ll fly in 11 daes. AND I got holidaes now !^^
Sooww.... my report was ok....... average 1,7. It*s ok.... I have to do better, leh....
Got an A in English, German, economy/jurisprudence and some other subject....

Well, this is what I bought for my cousin

A pink *WIRE-O-BOOK* and a pink ballpoint pen
I hope she lykes pink things, otherwise.........
Well, she still has to mobile my mom bought for her =.=

And this is the *diary* I bought for me xD

Also very chio! I got a *thing were you put tea lights in* which has the same pattern, only it*s black and grey !^^
This *WIRE-O-BOOK "KANGAROO"* is wider than the one for my cousin, cuuuuuuz:

There*s a pen inside !!!!! Cool, innit?

The Hello Kitty stuff I bought:

Jeeeeez, I*m a Hello Kitty + Pink freak !^^
It*s jux too kawaii ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !^^

Hello Kitty pencil sharpener

You get the pen, stick it in her ass and then...... sharpen it xD

Hello Kitty bookmark, Hello Kitty ruler

I wonder why - until now - there is no such thing used in Germany.
It is obvious that a clip like this is a much better book mark than some colorful sheet of paper, which can jux fall out of the book.
But somehow, the idea of a bookmark-clip hasn*t find it*s way to the German market.

And now This ruler is the perfect thing for me.
It*s not only pink, It*s not only from Hello Kitty, but
it*s scale is inside of the ruler !

The scale is ON the ruler normally and I find that pretty annoying cuz after months of making wonderful straight lines and drawing perfect figures and diagrams, the scale jux.......
vanishes, the numbers fade away..... and in the end, it*s nothing more than a stupid stick to me.
And I can only guess where the 5cm mark is/was.....
Cannot happen wit this ultimative pink Hello Kitty ruler lah !!!

HongKong Airlines
Will be flying wit em.... Wit a stopover at Hongkong.... Whaaa~~~~~~~~~
Hey, I lyke Hongkong xD
Owww.... I*m soooo lookin forward to fly to Vietnam !^^
Now, still.............. 11 daes
Awwww....... Crazy.
But before we finally go, I gotta pass my theoretical driving license test =.=

Well a man must do, what he must do.
See ya all again.... in some time.....

P.S.: Our TV or receiver is broken........ Can believe? Totally stupid......


  1. yeaaa vietnam rückt näher^^ voll krass wie viele koffer mit geschenken ihr mit habt XDDD Aber ist anscheinen dnormal in asien, die eltern meines freundes nehmen auch immer mehrere koffer mit geschenken mit nach china, wenn sie da alle paar jahre hinfahren.. najuuu, schön für die verwandten, schlecht für die, dies tragen müssen haha xD
    die notizbücher sindn voll toll und überhaupt alles *_* pink und hello kitty <333
    und woaa du hast ne pinke brille?? ich brauch auch ne brille XDD aber weiß nich was für eine ._____. najuuu. wünsch dir auf jeden fall nen guten flug, falls wir uns nich mehr schreiben^^

  2. huch bald geht das vn abenteuer los xD

    weißu worüber ich mich wundere?

    warum du kitty zeugs von hier kaufst.

    vorallem als geschenk. drüben is das zeug doch eh viel billiger :P

    ich hoffe ud nimmst dir die zeit um auch mal in vn zu bloggen


  3. ui das sind ja süße sachen, und alles rooooosaa *_*

  4. ICH WILL AUCH! VN ist souuu hamma =___= naja noch gut 365 mal schlafen und dann bin ich auch da >_< ich find den ganzen Stuff da vull tollo, ich weiß ich nicht, aber mir gefallen die Sachen, die du dir kaufst so gut wie immer, oke seien wir ehrlich: immer.