Friday, 8 August 2008

Olympics 2008 - Beijing

Yup, today they begin.
And if I listen to this song, which is the official Olympic games song 2008 I know that today*s opening ceremonies will be wonderful, cuz this song can really be called a masterpiece the vid is awesome, too {like most chinese mv*s}

It*s so crap, that I can*t watch the opening ceremonies, but my dad says our satellite might be broken. We bought a new receiver, but still it would only say *No Signal*

I was shopping again on~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh yesterday.
I got a pair of shoes, they are super kawaii.

I aso wanted a pair of ballerinas, but they were to small {3,5}.
They looked so wonderful.... I can*t remember the brand....... they looked like they were from TOD*S or~~~~~~~~ forgotten.
Anyway, that I didn*t get them was a shame!
Their real price 299 € !!!, but they were on Sale, so they were sold for 20€ !!!!
The shoes I bought were reduced from 80€ to 10€, just no comparison =.=
But at least they were from a Limited Collection, althought I have never heard sth of that brand before.......

In generall I lyke that store, cuz they always have to extremely reduce the prices of small shoes, cuz noone can wear them.
Noone - except me xD
Once I bought two pair of boots there, one from DIESEL, which were from 150€ to 10 + €, and another pair from 200€ to 20€, I think.
And threee bras from 55€ to 5€, DKNY.

But errrrr~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Somehow got distracted wit trying to show off wit great bargains, which I could get hold of xD

{ax, my WHOLE left arm itches - THOSE MOTHERFUCKING mosquitos, HOW am I gonna survive vietnam like that?! + my right eye is swollen =.=}

LooLZzz..... Ever heard of the german word MUCKEFUCK? I found the word in my dictionary, when I searched for the translation of *mosquito*
MUCHEFUCK = colloguial, DISGUSTINLY WEAK COFFEE, coffe substitue
Imagine: Ugh! What motherfucking.... I mean muckefuck....

Well, no - I din*t got distracted this time, I knew that I was writing this.
Gon on wit the programm man!
I have a new mo, too. It*s a Nokia 6300. Nth spectacular. {Huh? I think I did mention that I got a new mo, right?}
Actually I*d lyke to have a Sony Erricson, but since my mom offered to buy me a Nokia, how can I say no?
And now, I*m always sitting in front of that thing and play stupid games!!!
Since my bro got me *Paris Hilton*s Diamond Quest* {yes, I play a goddamn game of goddamn Paris Hilton? Hoooooooow caaaaaaaaaaannnnnn?!} and *Sims blablabla*, I only play games on it !!!!!!!!
And I am desperately trying to design an OWN theme for my mo, but it jux won*t work. =.=
Maybe I*m going to get the theme, of that Love mo froom Nokia......

Now, back to the topic Plympics 2008 in Beijing.
In Beijing they have 5 traditional *I dunno what they are anymore*
They are Beibei {pig?}, Jingjing {?}, Huanhuan {fire}, Yingying {some sort of antelope} and Nini{swallow}
And if you take the fist syllable at these word and add them together that makes:
~> Beijing Huan Ying Ni = Welcome to Beijing!!!!!
Cute, innit?

And another fact of China, which my father red in a newspapaer and told me and which really made me cry:
I think you know, that in China, ppl are doing EVERYTHING, to take as much profit out of this games as possible?
Since they knew that the Olympics would take place in China, parents are sending their little sons and daughter to special *sport schools* in masses!!! There they have to work the whole day, from dawn till dust. They are forced to do sports the whole day, no mercy.
No common sense, no understanding for those lil bodies and souls, who they torture year afer year and who they are damagin and ruining.
I would wonder, if there haven*t been any kids there who just died, of exhaustion, of a sports acccident of a lack of love, or because they commited suicide.
My father told me the story of two chinese girls, who were trained to be sprinters.
No they can*t work anymore, after years of training and giving their best, they can*t take part in the Olympics, which was their forced aim. It took them their childhood, they sacrificed everything they had, and now.... it was all in vain.
Not only that, I bet their parents were angry, they spend all their money so that they two could attend this school, and now that!
But you must now, HOW they were trained:
Therey goddamn, motherfucking trainer {may he burn in hell forever, lose his legs in a car accident, get burned in the face, lose his life and potence, may he get a terrible disease, which brings him unbearable pain for the rest of his life and may he therefor life until he*s 100!}
Well their trainer, had a very special, NEW, *genious* idea of making his students run faster.
He let them run, took his car and drove behind them !!!
So that they were nearly ran over!
The girls ran in fear of near death!!!!!
Can you imagine this? It makes me cry.

Wit time go by slowly there biggest toe began to bend over their over toes, cuz they had to spring so much.
In the end it was kinda lying on the other toes or lying in front of them.
Imagine to walk like that? Wit your big toe in fron of your feet? How to use shoes?
You can*t walk in open shoes anymore!!!!
In the end, they had a operation, I dunno if they managed to shorten it bag, or if they had to cut it off.....

I shall end my post here, cuz actually I lack words to describe how cruel this or their trainer is.
It jux makes me cry......
And wit watching these olympics games we*re supporting this methods!!! But how can we jux not watch them, it*s a sports even after all............. What can we do?
I think it*s so difficult to try and explain china sth, like the thing wit tibet.
It seems like impossible.

I HATE the spelling mistakes my posts are full of.
today is a funny day, now it rains terribly and in the nxt moment the sun is shining again and it*s damn hot !^^
What I should I wear?

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