Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Vietnam ~ Here I Come.

OMG only 2 days !!!!!!!!!!
Look how small my suicase is xD

Whuat?! Am I a girl or not? Loolzz
I dunno, but everything I wanted to take to Vietnam has found a place in there.

Tml I*m going to buy some magazines to entertain possibly upcoming boredom once I*m over there, my 2nd or 1st light reading will be:
Everyone Worth Knowing ~siiigggh~ !^^
Well, I think I won*t read it anyway....
I think I*m too lazy.
Another thing I want to get in order to prevent myself from getting bored is
Sims Pets and Sims 2 for mobile.... But somehow my bro doesn*t seem to want to get those games for me...

What to tell you~~~~~~~
Aww... I past my theoretical driving license test yesterday !!!
Yaaaaay xD
Jeeezz... I won*t touch one of this goddamn questionnaires again in my life !!!!
Well, I have never ever learned so much for anything before, it would have been a bad joke if I hadn*t passed yesterday {jux overread the grammer mistakes o.O}
I got 0 mistakes, but my questionnaire was a joke, too.
It was sooooooooow gooddamn easy, man. There were only pics and I had to tick off the correct answers.
No fucking questions like:
How fast are you allowed to drive with a car, mass x tons and a trailer out of town on a street with one lane for each direction?
Why shouldn*t you switch engine of and step on the clutch while you are driving down slope?

Only 1 question was hard, it asked what one is supposed to do in a mall {Fußgängerzone}/ predestrian precinct.

I didn*t know. I have never seen this questions before.
And that *s ridiculous, cuz do you know what I did every free second in my holidays until yesterday 4.15 pm? And this questions is ridiculous, too, cuz I had no free second !!!
I solved each of the 10000000000000000 questionnaires I had 100000000000000 times !!!! {warning: numbers are a tiny bit exaggerated}

So, why why why didn*t I see that question before?

I sat there thinking, there were 2 possibilities:
#1: You are allowed to go there at walking pace, which would mean that answer 3: residents can drive there' is aso right
#2: Your aren*t allowed to use any motor vehicle there

1st I wanted to take #1, but in the end I jux thought, that it is highly possible that a mall is tooo crowded, so it wouldn*t be sensible to let cars drive there.
I ticked of #2 and it was perfectly right and I got 0 mistakes.

My mom dyed my hair again {bad topic-change}
Not it looks barbie-strange- blond at the top and kinda brown at the end.

Sun glass aso new. Love them.
Colors of the pic ugly, cuz I jux woke up, made that pic and am tooo lazy to do awesome editing work right now.

New layout: Ugly and primitive I know !^^
But no time to make a nice new layout anymore. I will fly in two daes !!!! Remember !!!
Well and if that fucking layout looks stupid in IE get FIREFOX maaaan !!!!!!

The end. I dunno what to say anymore~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I will stay in Vietnam for 4 weeks i.e. 1 month !!!
We*ll see if I manage to blog from time to time...........
See you then !^^ I hope
This was a farewell before I go to Vietnam, man !!! =(
So jeeez, start to cry and wish me all good things and say *See you soon* !!!!!



  1. ahhh you already packed everything thats good :D

    my mom went to vietnam a few weeks ago
    she told me thats very dirty there.
    mmuch more than 4 years ago when i went there.

    and she also told be that its very expensive these days .__.

    so i dint want to go there anymore hahah XD maybe to thailand
    their clothes are much more cheaper and their quality is much better than in vn.

    but hope you enjoy your stay!
    hope to hear from you soon :9

    love, alice

  2. hab ja ewigkeiten nix mehr von dir gehört =/
    nunja ich wünsche dir viel spaß im urlaub. und glückwunsch für die bestandene theorie.

    habs nohc vor mir .__.