Thursday, 21 August 2008

Vietnam Part 1

Yaaaaay your beloved blogger is back, healthy and beautiful as ever !!!!
Now, I only have two hours to tell everything that happened the past few daes.

Here I go then:

/1 Flight
was ok, only the parts at the airport were damn stressful, cuz we took too many things wit us and had cheat hardcore to get everything on the plane .
Everything else was alrite. Food was yummy (pics later) movies were good (Narnia, A Kingdom for a Lama, some chin drama..)

/2 Hanoi blabla
I gotta saz the weather is goddamn hoooooooooooooooooooooooooot
If my aunt didn*t got an air conditioner, I would surely been dead for long.
Traffic is cruel, not sooo cruel like everyone tells but it is life-threatening. The day before I saw men on mopeds tranporting mopeds.............. Crazy ppl over here rly.....
Soooooo the house of my aunt got 5 floors, it is clean, no mosquitos, no lizards. And air conditioners everywhere and 3 showers + toilets.
errrr............. and yah..........
dunno what to tell

we went to the opera of Hanoi once to watch a Vietnamese drama, it was awful~~~~~~
Bad, abstract, disgusting, boring, unlogical story.
I wanted to got to 'Fashion and Flower Arts' but we couldn't book tickets cuz the planned date of it was too far from today {28.8}
But the opera itself is rly beautiful~~~~~~~~~
Now, we also went to my mom que = home village.... but that isn't very interesting.
Didn't went shopping until now, maybe we're going today, dunno
But we went for many walks, cool shops here, rly - aso REAL LV shops blabla
I like cho dong xuan or whatever, it's more like a market, but got many cute things.....
And jeeeez VN night life is cool, but strange, streets are crowded wit ppl on their motobikes and wannabe players and bitches, who sometimes do life-threatening races. My uncles says they are only rich pps children~~~~~~~~~~

So, that's it for now.
Srz, but somehow I'm veeeeeery stressed.

P.S.: vn keyboard sucks......

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hours later:
Ok internet is tooooooooooo slow.............. no pics...................


  1. du bist in vietnam ne? bist du? *_*
    boaah dass es heiß ist, war ja klar xD vietnamesische dramen.. omg.. im fernsehen find ich das schon ätzend, wie soll es dann schon live sein?

    außerdem finde ich den richtig vietnamesischen akzent total gewöhnungsbedürftig XD komm gut nach hause.. in weiß nich wie viel wochen x3

  2. I looked at your pic in the slide show there.

    I was at this bridge too, but at night.. couldn't make good pics... ^^

    Oh when you're in Hanoi, go to Vincom, it's a shopping center. There in the.. 2nd or 3th floor, there's a "Hikosen Cara- Shop".
    Amazing bags and very cute items with cute kitties on it. (A brand from japan)

    And go to the Asahi Sushi bar.. don't know anymore the adress, sorry.. but the ambiente there and the food is really great.. just an idea. ^^

    Wish you a nice vacation


  3. aiai sounds really cool :D

    youve got to take pictures from those bitches xD want to see how they dressed xD

    i used to be there 4 years a go ._.

    a long time lol

    have fun :D