Saturday, 20 September 2008

New School Year

So, me bloggin again and the only topic I could think of was 'New School Year'

Noticed my layout change again?
Wonder why I didn*t come up wit a more wonderful layout? (like normally?)
Well I deleted the last layout in a phase of a destructive rage, cuz I never liked my last layout and wanted to make a new one, but well~ couldn*t manage to make on =.=

Well, well,
New School Year
Err... my class was mixed up wit pupils from another class. And now I got one strange personality more to bear, it*s a boy who just looks dirty. He got long, curly, thick hair which covers half of his face. Now, I dun rly mind ppl who look dirty, but he aso
#1: cannot speak. I mean when he speaks I cannot understand a single word.
He mumbles and I-dunno-what, but the words jux stuck in his mouth like... it sounds like he got an apple in his mouth.
#2: everytime one single boring, cheap joke is mentioned that guy bursts out laughing like an brainless idiot. It takes a minute for him to calm down again. That sucks. How can anyone teach like this~

I aso got two new straaaaaaaaaaaangee teachers. One is super-strict, and one makes jokes every ten seconds (not a good mix wit that boy).
The super-strict teacher is my French- teacher. I get a heart-attack everytime we got French.
The first time, when she told us how she DETESTS ppl chewing chewing gums. She told us that she would NOT ALLOW anyone of us to chew a chewing gum.
It*d be Unaesthetic, Disgusting, Repulsive (wit big capital... I know that a capital is big, man).
Everytime she HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSED this word out my heart jumped.
Last time we had French, she wanted to control if we bought everything she wanted us to have in her lessons. Which were an exercise book, a binded (!) book, a vocabulary book, a transparency and an erasable marker pen. She dressed everybody down who didn*t have all the things.
Man, luckily the boy sitting nxt to me had two transparencies and gave me on. I had none, cuz there weren*t any left when I wanted to buy one.
Jeeez, that teacher is stricter than in the forces (beim Militär). My oh my xD, how am I gonna survive this yr wit her, when French is my worst subject =.=

posts abt vietnam will come some other time. Got so many things to do somehow.
Laters ppl !^^


I will read and comment ur blogs~~~~~~~~~~~~ sometime in the future xD
j/k err.... sometime around tml aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnd nxt week, that ok? !^^


  1. Jey, Aini is back!! :'D
    I missed you sooo much and your posts. >.<

    To your teacher: haha shit happens. :'D

    To the strange guy sitting next to you: GOSH! Be happy, that you haven't got a stupid bitchy barbie cow like me! She isn't sitting next to me, but goooooood when she opens her fucking mouth to say somethng (unimportant which doesn't have anything to do with the topic) I could kill her! Seriously.. i could kill that fucking whore!!!!

    *calmed down*

    Welcome back! :'D

  2. und wieder mal höre ich mir deine jukebox an, weil die musik sehr inspirierend ist :D ^^
    auch wenn das erste nicht gerade HQ ist |D heeey, ich meinte nicht den südvietnamesischen akzent sondern den nördlichen^^"

    haha und gleich findet man zum schulstart eine person, die man nicht ab kann :P musst verstehen, dass jeder seine stimme nicht kontrollieren kann und deshalb depri sind. und man braucht keinen grund zum lachen - naja vielleicht verreckt der ja irgendwann weil der zu viel lacht xDDD

  3. hallooo halllooo????!!!

    oh gott schon solange nichts mehr von dir gehört, ich dachte ja fast du hättest dich dafür entschieden in vn zu bleiben >_>

    nunja neues layout, is übersichtlicher als das alte.
    ich hoffe der vn bericht kommt bald, und vorallem hoffe ich mal wieder was von dir zu hören ja?