Saturday, 26 September 2009

My coffee shop opened (。・ω・)_旦~~

So so the new layout is up.
Hope you like it.

I can't say if I like it, I liked the header very much.
Like the font~

I will continue to edit this layout the next times soo, don't wonder if you load my page and it looks like a mess.
I got to do the header and that twitter part and err..... add a label-list.

And well,
it's quite autumn, right?
(* ̄・ ̄)ノ ≡旦~~

One of my frn will be 18 soon (= adult!).
Times flying and before your notice your like 30 and then you don't care anymore, cuz it's already too late !!!
(Here those words from the mouth of a teenager!)

Btw I think you shouldn't worry abt yourself very much.
I started to think abt this, when my frn told me that 2 of the very thin girls were saying that they think that I, watashi! am very thin !!!

Both are like total experts in calories and sports,
and I'm like no sport ever and food is either much and yummy or nth at all~

So the moral of the story is,
I have always been wanting to lose weight (is that correct grammer?) and I'm trying very hard right now (with my skip dinner method, but don't work since my mom always makes phantastic dinner!).
I know that I'm not that fat, my BMI is 19, which means I'm (nearly) underweight.
Actually I know that I kinda am thin, but on the other hand, my thighs are just too fat.
But eventually I found out, that actually I seem to be very thing, right?

So maybe we should all, not worry too much abt some things~

Btw I've two comments, which deserve an answer, but I'm just too lazy to counter!
One is from anonymous on the post abt fugly Ms Kim Hoang.
ax... it can't be helped~

First of all ppl who can't structure their writings with paragraphs are retarded!
I tried to structure it a bit, but well...
The comment is a bit confused, cause anonymous jumps from one point to another~

i dont ever comment on pages, but you are just being a little too judgemental.
first of all, im not viet, so you cant hate me solely on my ethnicity.

I find the first on very amusing.
The way this person is providing for me not hating her (in german person is a feminine word, so I will just say her!)
As if I'd go to all sorts of ppl, saying I hate you! I hate you! And you too!
Btw I'm viet too~

Acc...I'm not stupid. I don't hate ppl who comment my blog!
I hate ppl who make stupid comments! (and that even not always!)

secondly, i know kim. she went to high school with me in LA and moved to san jose when she met her now husband. i havent spoken to her since high school, but i have a lot of friends here that are still good friends with her.
and even with the distance she has been able to maintain many friendships since then. its been about 8 years since high school. that should already say a lot in itself.
Ok, she's a nice friend. (_ _|||)
Not that there are ppl you know for over 8 years and are stuck with them and they aren't nice, but well~

Also, why aren't her good defending her then?

she did not ask me to defend her, nor did anyone else. so im saying this on my own accord. she is an extremely nice and generous person.
Nxt one is meaningless to me.
Actually I'd like the idea of her having send you to defend her more.
Btw does that mean she read that post?

she donates to charities often
Uh huh and at the same time, throwing money away for 1000$ bags. Reduces her saint points to ZERO.

and she treats her friends like gold. she may not be the skinniest person, but shes happy with herself and i think its awesome that she has high self esteem...
She's thick, but still has high self esteem
Wow, know what, I got even more high self esteem. Love me ppl!
And I ain't even rich!

unlike others. she never talks bad about anyone, even though she does speak highly of her friends.
Ever heard a bitch talk bad abt her babies ???
(I assume never talks bad abt anyone is a stylistic device called immoderate exaggeration)

shes in love, has a good career, and is happy. i think she should be allowed to show that in her blog.
Is her happy life all abt partying like a whore, dressing like a whore, dancing like a whore and spending money like a pimp or what?

if youre going to be so nasty about it, why not just close your browser?
Because I don't want to?

i admit, at first i was shocked at all her spending habits and all her pictures on her blog. but if you even knew an ounce about her, you would know she is not someone to hate.
Still I happen to hate her and all of her kind.
Wtf is someone not to hate, pls?
Is there anyone who confers this title or what? Like you?

BTW, she is not about viet pride. she has friends from many different ethnicities and backgrounds.
Can still be viet-pride.
Viet pride is not only abt not-liking others, it can be just that you think that vietnamese ppl are in whatever way too cool for this world.

i really dont understand how you can hate someone just by their blog and pictures. she hasnt done harm to you or anyone else. please leave her alone.
Is it rly impossible to hate someone, because of the things this persons writes, shows us and so on?
I can even hate ppl just because they're ugly! Btw, I hate her because she's ugly wtf! /among other reasons

That's it, I don't even bother to read the cmt of this girl.
I know it's full abt pointless stuff, which are so damn easy to counter that it's not worth it.

Well, now I wish everyone a good night and take care!

Chu, Ailing
*rainy-tvxq greetings!

P/s: Starting to make my little platform.
But right now my FTP server seems to be down are another idiotic mistake.

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  1. Aaaaw u finally changed ur lay =D I'm proud hehe. I love it, its so pink hihi <3