Tuesday, 22 September 2009

(´・ω・)旦 旦(´v`●) Let's have some tea and I tell ya a story or two...

I have nth to blog at all but well, for those people in Australie (and for all others who visited my blog the last days, I will post this up.
Since I feel bad when you constantly visit my blog and then there's nth new on it.
くすん ( ノω-、)

I wrote this several days ago and errr~
read it yourself and don't think shit after having done so!
(I would write a few lines right now in order to explain why you shouldn't think shit after reading that, but I don't have any arguments and most important - I don't know which shit you could think I'm talking about)

Ok just wanted to take a pic of the later-mentioned house, but their owners are sitting on their like-a-mixture-of-a-garbage-dump-and-a-dessert terrace.
3 men and 1 woman~ Dunno if it's the later-mentioned woman.

I motherfucking hate school! 川・ε・川

Not exactly that motherfucking, but still hor!
When today I heard my English teacher speaking English, I could've become sick!
((o"(`┏ω┓´メ)" プルプル

I got two kinda news for you!

First one:

The day before yesterday, when I was tryin to watching Bleach, suddenly a helicopter flew over our house and it was just damn noisy!

But I didn't wonder too much, since flying things which fly too low are normal here~
(like one time some military airplane or so was breaking through the sound barrier and we could hear it like an explosion, cuz they guy was flying too low)

Anyway, I watched Bleach when suddenly my father screamed Come down, a helicopter landed right in front of our house!
I ran down and there I saw an ambulance standing right in front of our house and the helicopter a few meters beyond it.

A dozen of emergency doctors were standing around a woman, who was sitting at the stairs in front of her garden.
Actually two of the doctors were holding an umbrella to shield her from the rain, while 4 or 5 others just stood there and 3 doctors were running up and down the stairs to carry small packets of something!
I rly wonder what the problem was since the woman looked totally alright !!!
Smiled and talked and everything.

AND it isn't just any neighbour of us, it's the bitch of a new neighbour hor!
She (and her family whom I don't know) suddenly set that shit of house on the shortcut/ trail the whole neighbourhood used to quicklier come to the main street.
I hated her from the moment, the builders stuck those private ground signs everywhere around it.
However I and all others still used the path over the ground as a shortcut.

One day I came home and saw two ugly ppl doing some stuff at the path and when I eventually set foot on the path, they started to stare at me as if I'd fallen down from the sky.
WTF! Never saw someone walking pass you or what?
They were planting some plants on the path, which is totally stupid, cuz they died shortly afterwards anyway (well, they didn't care of it) and they'd have died anyway, when the building work would've started.

Which happended around one year later.
Now the shortcut couldn't be used anymore and the house is so totally complicated and akwardly built, that I hate that woman even more.
She even hides in it and everytime someone still uses the shortcut over her plot she jumps out of her window yelling at the people.
What a nasty, life-less bitch !!!

What I want to say is,
suits her right, whatever happened to her, to get her in hospital!!!

Yes, you're allowed to say, that I have no right to complain about ppl who legally purchased a plot and then set a house on it!
But you're wrong!

I have every right to absurdly hate her and to curse her house, her plot and her from the very moment I knew the plot has been sold.
May there live a bad ghost in it, which causes them to move out, realize that they wasted 500.000 to built it and regret it for the rest of their lifes !!!

And also, why did she look totally alright when those emergency doctors came?
Why didn't she look sick or sth like that?

What also wonders me is that, she sat on the stairs in the rain, ya?
And when they carried her into the ambulance I saw that she sat on a pillow, and also had one at her back!

Isn't that just irritating? (怒`・ω・´)ムキッ

2nd news I forgot over all that neighbour story

Byebye then ya'll!

Chu, Ailing
*tvxq greetings for now reason, but my affection towards them*

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