Friday, 11 September 2009

あの大空に 届くまで I believe ひとつの明日

Music: 1

I love One Piece !!!
And you know what?
I've never seen any episode on japanese, and I rly wonder how Ruffy/ Luffy sounds on Japanese?
In One Piece I love, as in Naruto, the drawing style and also the harmony within the images.

Anyway, school starts again tomorrow.
I don't want to think about it, but I think this event needs to be mentioned.

More important,
I think I should revamp my layout.
That means colors, layout and so will very probably stay like this, only with new style/feeling.
Ok, that sentence doesn't explain anything, but you get the vague idea.

Also, for quite a long time I'm thinking of expanding this blog to a little homepage platform abt stuffs.
Only I have no stuffs.
So I think, I want to open a sub-page abt blogskin coding!
Like giving tips for making nice layouts and helping ppl with HTML/CSS.

Will open it after I finished xiaorene's layout.

Ah and before I forget it:

Looks so chio hor!
I loove CozyCot!

They're having some sort of Holy Grail party in Sg, which is a Beauty Show.
And their site is totally cute, pink and totally made for girls!


Not that I want to spam or else, it's just...
that flash widget was soo uber cute!

You wanna be my Friend?
We are, We are on the cruise!
ウィーアー! ウィーアー!

So, that's it,
wish me good luck for the next school year!

Chu, Ailing
*wer are greetings!


  1. Sry for the late reply but I had so much to do ''-_- packing and so^^
    And my mom...>_<..she's bothering me all the time aaaaw...
    Are your parents annoying too? Sometimes I just want to be deaf xD Bcuz my mom asks a question a thousand times and repeat everything she said a thousand times ''-_-

    Yea thx, that is me on the last pics =D
    But haha, wtf are u dreaming xD

  2. Hey thank you =]
    I love it here. It's really nice. Everything...the people, the weather, the beach *_*
    And how r u doing?