Thursday, 10 September 2009

Miss... Secret Agent

No TVXQ whatever icon today!
I got exhausted over Jaejoong & Co! (*・○・)=3はぁー
Ok, I'm exaggerating, but 1st this guy rly has like not very much pics of him on the net, his twitter has been deleted since yesterday and err..... his fringe bag was gone! (so the trousers I wanted to buy~)

Anyway my bro's hair is still too short for Jaejoong hairstyle.
Got him Kelbin's instead.

Talking about my bro.
Today's short post shall be abt little bros.

We big sisters all more or less agree that little bros are the most unlogical, dumbest, unsensible, annoying creatures on Earth!!!

But why?(?´・ω・`)

There's no simple answer to it, none which could express the entity of those beings in it's fullness.

But today I experienced a short story, which shows a facet of my bro's stupidness.

As you might have noticed, I was in town today.
Mostly to get new stuffs for school. We stayed in town for only 3 hours, from which my bro spend 1 sitting at the hair dresser's, watching how his hair is done!

The rest wasn't even shopping, only buying pens and exercise books and all that stuff. But he still got impatient after some time and wanted to go.
So I told him, 'So you want to go back to Hugendubel's and buy the Naruto homework book or do you want to buy another one here'
He wanted to get the one from Naruto, so we went to that shop and I told him that I would wait downstairs, while he'd went up to look for that homework book.

Ok, I waited and took a look at all those useless stuff they sell there, when after some time I saw my brother going towards the exit.
Notice, I stood a few meters on the left side of the exit, so he could have gone to me.
I continued to pay all my attention to some sorts of strange, brown-orange, candles, from which I thought they'd smell like oranges and cinnamon, but they didn't even smell like normal candles like wax, but like nth.

Anyway suddenly my bro stood next to me and said 'What are you doing? The tram is coming at any minute. We're going to miss it!

Well we didn't miss anything at all, but then inside the tram, where I sat on one side and my bro on the other side and between us was a passage, he insisted on trashing out what I have done just now.

What have you been doing all the time?
Of course it's your job to wait for me downstairs, so that when I'm done we can go quickly.
Normally I would have just taken this tram and went home. Whose fault is it then?

And I just Who's the one getting on that tram? Me or you?
You had sth to do, so you went upstairs, I only wait and then it's your job to come to me and say 'Hey, I'm done, let's go''


After a while he said (and here comes the hammer!) (。゚ω゚) ハッ
Let's pretend, we're both FBI agents.I will go upstairs to free someone, while you could come with me to back me up or wait downstairs to check everything.In this case, you decided to stay downstairs. So what would be the most logical thing to do?When I come down with the host(!), you have to be ready to leave the building with me immediately.Or do you think that I should come back and search for you for an hour?
If that would happen we would quite probably be dead.


And that in a public place Σ(゚口゚;
I said nth to that outlandish story~ (_ _*)

Confirm, little bro's are crazy!!!

What do you think is that?

It's a totally chio Nail Polisher with File !!!! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ ワーイ
And the pink color is pure love!

Bought it today at Tchibo's!
Hate it when smart ass ppl claim that Tchibo got only cheap, worthless stuff!
They so often got the most cutest stuff ever! (。・ω・。) ちゅ〜

And this one only 3€! (with discount)
Saw it in some advt months ago!
But they didn't sell it in our local Tchibos (mind the s!)

Yesterday suddenly saw it on discount and I swear, everytime I have to buy things, I go check the Tchibo stuffs for new cute gadgets!
But I had no money with me and there were only 3 left! I hid the one of them and when today I came to buy it, there was only one left and its package looked damn damaged!
Luckily, the hidden one stayed untouched びゃははは (≧ω≦)b

Rly mad love!!!

see you again!(*^-')/~☆Bye-Bye♪

Chu, Ai-Linh
*jaejoong smile greetings*

P/s: will show you the pic another time!
very typical totally cute jj smile!

And err... as you can see, I haven't tried using that nail thing yet, or my nails would look a lot more pleasant!
sry for that!

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  1. Oh gott wie kanns du so viel sch...marn aufeinmal schreiben, diese pissmusik am anfang, da könnte man ja kotzen ey
    Ich hab 2 Zeilen gelesen und musste SOFORT auf POST A COMMENT um dir zu sagen, wasn kacknap du bist thaha, have a nice day noob