Friday, 4 September 2009

Do U-know?

I love Junsu's voice! It's the coolest voice ever (not counting JJ's laughter!).
And anyway, right now I'm feeling not as normal as maybe 15min ago !!!
I just read a fucking disturbing blog entry!

It's from a girl I don't personally know and I think I don't really wanna know her after reading it!
She's the girlfriend of a guy a chattet with for 4 years and also my bf knows her personally.
So I wonder if I should link her blog up or not (-__-``)~

I'll just copy the important parts.

The entry is called Fack ya All ya Fackin fack, ALTAAH!!
Very fitting to an 18 year old person, what?

Anyway the 1st thing I find disturbing is this (I translated it into English)
Coz his father is a fackin heo (viet. pig). Uhm... He doesn't like me very much too... ~..~ Those parents are really difficult! I'd like to hit their heads with an empty beer bottle!
Or best is to give them a Head shot... But only if they'd be resspawned of cours ;P
Uhm... I have a quite bad reputation with(?) them ^^; Well...
With half of the Vietnamese in Munich too actually xD
I'm said to be
lazy, egoistic, a little princess

First of all I hate cocky, dumb smart-ass teenagers!
I'd be sad if my bf's father didn't like me! I'd be sad that I'm that kinda asocial !!!
I'd be sad if hundreds of unknown ppl think only bad from me !!!
I'd be furious and would wonder why ppl think so!

And that with the bf's parents, is actually a desaster isn't it?
Wouldn't you want them to like you?
Those parents are really difficult, wtf?!
How can a child say this too older people?!
Who's the difficult one in here, bitch?

It's just dumb!
Simply talking shit without thinking!

It's always about reputation, -..-#
I don't give a damn about my reputation! I live for me! I don't car what little fish say about me! If they like they could also say, that I'm a bitch! Fuck it! I know the truth! And when people blindly believe, what others are whispering, I don't give a damn! Earlier it used to hurt me quite abit etc .___.
But... now I don't care anymore -.- Let them gossip about me! I seem to be totally important to them ;P

This is a joke!
Always that I don't care what others think about me! I live my own life! Shit!
Anyone want to live their own live? Then fuck off to Siberia, you shitass!
You just happen to live among others, so you also happen to have to abide to some social rules!

I don't think that one has to be completely like everybody else, and for my parents and friends I'm also a bit too crazy, but that's called lifestyle!

Being asocial isn't lifestyle, but asocial !!!
While being on this world, there are others around you!
You can't just pretend that you're the only one and all others don't care!
Even if you shouldn't need them, you should behave in a way that is accepted by everybody!

By not doing so you're not respecting others not the other way (i.e. they're not respecting you!)

2nd point: She says herself that in reality she isn't like that, she knows the truth about her!
What goddamn truth is that?
Are ppl making all that up?
Is she not a bitch at all or what?

If ppl gossip about you, there must be a reason for that wtf!
(Where smoke is, there is fire!)
If that rumors have made it to another town, there must be sth about you which is damn wrong!

So how about starting to seek the faults at yourself, instead of calling the rest of the world unfair or whatever!
What does that mean Vietnamese and reputation.

It is important everywhere! Not only to Vietnamese ppl.
How are you supposed to find a job, husband and so on with a bad reputation.
Ok, could find another asocial husband like you, but still got no job.

And now there're ppl who say Yes, that would be my life. So what it's my life, none of your business. I'm happy just with that, can still live!

You know what?
Ppl are in north-korean prisons for 40 years, tortured, only got shitty rice and dirty water and still live, hor!

But what life is that?

Talking about jobs and future
My parents found it totally embarassing, because I didn't want to go to a collge/FOS (it's a special German school, maybe comparable to collage)... I wanted to go next year... ,,You're only wasting time!!"
It's my time! So let me enjoy it! I don't live according to your wishes!! Life only belongs to me! And if you don't accept that, it's just bad luck four you!
Well, quite cheeky... And incomprehensible for the Vietnamese culture... A desaster!
What now? Well... You can't tame me... Adults think it's awful... I was bad educated... But it's not my parents' fault...
It's all my fault. My decision! I do what I want! This is my world! And I want to be happy... Even if I have to hurt others by doing so .___.

I wonder what she does if she doesn't got to any further school. Repeating a class?
Doing nothing?
Of course she's only wasting time!
Wtf, her time? Enjoy shit?
How's that gonna look in her cv (Lebenslauf) if there's a gap of a year?
What were you doing during this time? - Nth?! - I understand
No job for lazy fuckers, totally desevers her right if she ends up being a beggar!!!

Of course it's a desaster!
She's nth better than a loser for me. Totally failed in life in my eyes.
Awful. Dumb. Hollow.

Those My life/ Do what I want/ Others bad luck lines, are just pathetic blather!

But the worst is how she thinks about her behaviour towards her parents.
I detest kids who totally ignore their parents.
In this world you only have 2 ppl, who rose you up from nth till you're an adult.
Only 2 ppl who can love you like that.
What's some lazy fucker, who you've met 7 months ago and who's got a crush on you in comparison?

They are so blinded by all that independence blather and so dumb, they think that everything they got, was for free or obvious.
They think they know great stuff about life, but those little smartasses know shit.

How can someone be so egoistic, and then be blind enough to be proud of it!
There nth great about being egoistic, ppl should stop thinking that living one's own life is a virtue.
Ppl who think so are just immature and are better of dead.
Or should I say, I'd like to head shot her, if she'd be respawned of course. But please not while I'm living and please somewhere in Siberia as an lonely tree. Can live your own life for next 500 years, meh! Noone tell you anything, no gossip too!.

She wants to be happy, even if she'd hurting others by doing so.
I hope she's happy and dies... quickly.
And that all ppl who were hurted by her, don't give a damn about that little bitch.

Bref, I want to say that I hate ppl, who think life's a game and they can just do what they want, cuz it isn't.
I hate ppl who have this Own life, own world idea. Just die in your own world please.
I hate ppl who walk around thinking they can do what they want, cuz it's their goddamn right!!! In other countries it's your goddamn right to stone ppl to death! What the fuck is right, pls?
At least nth, which allows you to do everything!
I hate ppl who don't respect older people. It's nth like fucking asian conservatism, it's a vitue !!! A virtue which doesn't has anything to do with development, life style, ideology, etc.
And I hate ppl who are ungrateful towards their parents, who don't appreciate what their parents did for them.

And here's her blog!!!
(did I say that I wouldn't link it in the beginning?
I've changed my mind, it pisses me off and I want to share it with you!
Be prepared, you might sympathize with her, you poor-minded guys! (only to the poor-minded guys!) )

And now sth completely different!
TVXQ x Helium

Junsu's soo cute (all others too!)
I love his voice (both with and without helium), my brother aso thinks that his voice is cool !!!

Now, goodbye!
Feeling bad about misusing U-know's wonderful name for such a post, but I like TVXQ too much !!!

Chu, Ailing
*TVXQ greetings*

P/sToday dreamt again!
A nightmare!

I went into one of those cheap shoe& bag selling stores, run by turkish ppl (who are at least turkish looking ppl), presumably the substitute H&M.
And the bag was gone!
There was only another black fringe bag, but with only one row of fringes !!!
First I thought I'd mistakenly took this bag as JJ's fringe bag, but then I found out that the real JJ bag has been sold out!
I stood there, totally regretting to have blogged abt that bag being sold at H&M's, and screamed I HATE YOU BLOGGERS !!! (for I assumed that you've all read abt it and bought every single JJ bag!).
Yes, it's crazy to scream in a department store, and even while doing that in my dream I thought so!


  1. WTF O_o This girl is really selfish and disrespectful...
    As u said I would be sad too if my bf's parents don't like me. And I would try my best to change it.
    There are a few things in the viet culture I also don't agree with, but I would never say, not even think, all those bullshits ''-_-
    Really, she has to understand quickly that she's not alone on earth. I mean has she ever thought about how her bf feels like?? Those kids are so annoying >_< And u said she's 18??

    Well, buddhism has many many many gods xD But I just know a few, actually only the main gods xD

  2. Ah haha but she is still rude for her age -_-
    I read the entry of the fight. Omg I was thinking "How could she talking to him like this?" I mean I would never dare talking to a parent like this though they don't like or so. It's so embarrassing. It was in a restaurant also omg thats really childish. Doesn't she feel a little bit ashamed?? O_o
    And did u red the entry when she wrote about her mom? Oh shit that really shocked me ''-_- Thats so...I dunno...embarrassing, disrespektful, childish, dumb and much more xD How could she speak ill of her mom like this n even then she made such a blog entry. Now everybody can read how asocial she is. Not even on ma blog I would talk like her...always altah, fack...>_<
    And her entry about the world..wtf? O_o She is beyond remedy...she should ask herself why her world is so shitty. But I guess she would never admit that it is bcuz of her ''-_-

  3. ^^ Ich bin sehr glücklich dass du mich beachtest ^^ Auch wenn einiges totaler mist ist was du von dir gibst aber was solls ^^ man sieht dir ja das ergebnis an ^^ wo du jetzt stehst ^^
    auf jeden fall ;P freu ich mich noch mehr wenn ich weiterhin in paar deiner seiten im blog stehen darf ^^ I know my life is like a star because all the people who are jealous about me writing about me I know it's shit!!
    Wie die klatschpresse hier ;p