Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Jaejoong's Fringe Bag.

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Could it be that there's rly rly rly NO Jaejoong icon out there without him looking absolutely posing/sexy/like a korean or hongkong mid age warrior (you know fair and straight nose and all that strange looking~ like this 1/2)

My TVXQ crush has reached a new peek again.
I love their song Doushite kimi wa suki ni natte shimattan darou?
Though the title is really a bit crazy.
Or is it just the language?

Since an English song called Why have I fallen in love with you? sounds crazily normal.

Anyway I was exploring alkkpop (though I don't like them) for TVXQ updates, when I read this.

Jaejoong wearing this black fringe bag !!! (and that green frog neck pillow thingy~ GAH!)

And you know what?
This bag is from H&M !!!
I swear it is!
It hung at the Divided department where all handbags, scarfs, shoes, etc are !!!
So if you want to look like Jaejoong go to the women area of your H&M's divided department go to H&M !!!
I'm so gonna buy that bag I tell ya !!!
20€ btw !

Oh and you know I spent 100€ at H&M yesterday for one coat and a fur vest (which gonna be so totally in, wtf)

Oh and I'll be spending 60€ soon, for a pair of jeans and that bag (of course)
The jeans is kinda acid, but not really~
Actually if that jeans would be acid, I'd like it more~

TVXQ ransacking their bags, you can see JJ's fringe bag in here !^^

And here's a not really big ass pic of me to make up for those fugly clothe pictures. Hahas.

Byebye, love me and.... do whatever you want

Chu, Ailing
*Doushite kimi wa suki ni natte shimattan darouhou?*

P/s: My life's so boring!


  1. Ugh yea I need a change xD
    N I kinda like it too. It's not so colorless like the former one
    Haha, yes I remember now, when u just said it lol. Now u got what u what, its yellow =D Sometimes a simply layout is lovelier. One day u have to show us your new layout, I'm curious =P
    Omg the white coat is awesome *__* Looks so cute on u =] Btw u don't look like viet at all in the picture
    Oh n thx for the link. There r some really nice layouts. xo

  2. I hate the thing with the external links too >_< Bcuz u always have to click the "back" button lol. I got into the habit of open the links in a new tab, so sometimes ma firefox is full with any tabs xD I use target=_blank for ma links too ;]
    Why didn't u buy those high heels too?
    U look like thai xD

    I understand what u mean haha. Guess ma textarea is too small for such a long comment xD I'll make it bigger for u =]

  3. Oh btw I just saw ur twitter. I had a weird dream tonight, too O__o
    Well, I always dream strange dreams, but lately I always forget them when I wake up...sometimes I can only remember some person or so, but not what happened

  4. Haha your welcome =]
    I like curly hair too. It's looks so beautiful n not boring. We asians always have straight hair =/ I used to curl my hair often but now I'm too lazy xD
    My dreams are always weird. Sometimes I know why I dreamt that, but sometimes it makes no sense or at least I dunno why I dreamt that. I mean they say u always dream what bothers u. And then there are times I dunno if that was a dream or it really happens xD
    I love dance movies *__* I watched them all...almost all ;]
    Hihi thx but day is almost over...wat did u do on weekend btw?

  5. OMG the white coat is so amazing. Looks cute but still classy ^.^