Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Depolarisation before Christmas.

I chose a boring starter image and a even more boring icon, because I have nth special to talk about.
It's Christmas soon and have you guys done your present purchases?
I have not.

In fact, I know what to buy for J, a lifetime supply of instand noodles and chips, but I'm having problems making out the exact brand and flavour of the chips that L and Light are eating in Death Note.
I man the movie with real people.
I know that they are Consommé flavoured, but J once told me they tasted sth like chicken broth?

Now, I don't know if he watched Ger Sub or Eng Sub or Jap raw?
And I really don't wanna go through all the stress and watch all the Death Note movies myself, only to find out which fkn chips the two of them eat
And no, shame on all the so-called Death Note fanatics, in no forum they are talking about this chips, they only spazz about L's epic potato chips eating scene.

Gah! Why is mankind so prone to failing? If you can't trust in the nerdiness of nerds anymore, what else can you be sure of?

Do you guys know any totally unfriendly people, seeing them you just wonder what the fuck happened in their lifes to make them become such unfounded haters, what the fuck their parents have been doing during all the years and how the fuck they can marry and have children?
Like total sociopaths?

They are impolite to the max, they can't say please on a regular bases, and if they manage to bring themselves to say it, it still sounds so fucking offensive.
To some persons, they are super friendly, yes, they can even make jokes and laugh (!!!), but then again to some they are just the devil in person.
Even if they are obviously wrong, they still think they must order others around and tell them shit.

So, wtf is wrong with those persons?
They kinda retarded?

I know someone like this, and a while ago, I was just about to blow her up
I asked her to help me with something (which basically she HAD to do, because she was just standing around observing proceedings like your dad!), and that fucktarded bitch had the courage to say 'No, you didn't help me either, when I was busy!'


At that moment I was 1 inch from exploding, I tell you.

First of all, I have been uber busy all the time and she knows it, how could I possibly help her, I only have two hands and a day only 24h!!!
And secondly, I fucking did help her when I was around and could spare some time!!!

How dare she tell me into my face, that I didn't help her?

Not that it's just bold as fuck, in fact she even hurt my feelings somemore!

Cuz I here I am, being nice to no end, helping that bitch out and now that's gratitude for you!

Wahlao, I just stared at her for some time, unable to express my uttermost hatred for her, and walked away
No words can express the immensity of futility her existence embodies to mankind

Another story, I bought a cup of tea and was about to bring it backstage with me, when she suddenly crossed my way, said in some sort of I'm the King of the Universe way Tea is forbidden backstage!
Not looking at me for one second, just whooshing by and randomly letting slip some new shitass rule

It's winter, I wore nth, but that shitty, holey outfit and it was freezing cold where I had to wait, but no, I cannot drink tea!
But others can drink softdrink all they want siah?!

What fucking rule is this?

She's just a retarded bitch, who kinda got problems with other living beings I guess and because of her lack of love or self-respect, she needs to boss others around like dogs to make her feel good?
Really some of the things she says, don't even make sense (like the tea story), I got the feeling that she just says them, to have other abide by her words.

Actually, I don't even care much about her rotten personality, what I really do care about is, how she got rotten like that?
What the fuck can parents do, to make their child end up as such a beast?

If they didn't want it to happen, but their child still turned into a monster, they are very pitiful!

If they did want it to happen, they must have thought sth like Shit, we want our child to be superior to everyone, even if she becomes like Hitler, but she must rule the world! We don't care if everybody hates her, as long as she knows how to behave like a mad authority obsessed biatch!

And what kind of sick parents would think that?!

And what about the partners of this persons?
Are they the same? But then who would boss who around?

Or is one of them the slave, who got forced to marry the other?

It fucking beats me how you can end up living with such a tyrant...

Or is it like this, the partner is some kind of rich, superior person, and the other sucked up to this rich person in order to climb the social ladder?
Well, that's something I would trust them to do, given their lack of humane thinking.

Honestly, how come their are so many sociopaths?
Normally, isn't it natural for social misfits to die out, because they are a disadvantage for all the other living creatures?

There's something going wrong I tell ya

Enough ranting for today, I have a big dinner to look forward to this Sunday!
A bit many people around, but I make sure that I don't fit it, so I can eat all I want!!

That's it!

Chu, Ailing

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