Monday, 30 November 2009

Smelly Life among Stupid Kids.



I've decided to give my best in blogging as often and as much as possible!
Which will turn out in an corresponding amount of nonesense!
(And though the 1st sentence my sound very positive - at least in your ears - I think that this determination has bad effects on my performance in school)

Some kids are rly stupid.
And mostly they are stupid because their parents are stupid.
Some days ago, I sat in the tram when 3 totally noisy 3-4th grader boys came in, screaming around like idiots.
I couldn't help but overhearing their conversation.
All boys: Come, let's beat him. Yeah, let's bet him up. *screaming and laughter*
Boy 1: Later, we're going to beat him!
Boy 2: Yeah, right. But we're only pretending yeah?
Boy 1: No. (to 3rd boy) We're going to beat him up for real!
*silence then laughter again*

What a bunch of uncultured animals! What are there parents doing?
It's shocking to hear some small kids talking like that.

Then a scene I see quite often.
Parents at McDonald's with their 3 year old kid.
Cashier: What would you like to eat?
Mom: Hmm... What would you like to eat, [insert ugly name]?
Kid: ...
Mom: Come on! What would you like to eat?
Kid: I... *whispering sth totally unintelligible to his mom*
Mom: Don't tell it to me. Tell it the friendly woman. What would you like to eat?
*friendly woman gets unfriendly*
Kid: ...
Mom: Ok, we want a Happy Meal with bla bla bla.
*hours later*
Cashier: Are you eating hear or is it to go?
Mom: [Ugly name], where do you want to eat? Here or at home?
Kid: ... *whispering half a word again*
Mom: Where?... At home?
Kid: *nods*
Mom: To go please.

Why should your stupid kid decide where YOU should eat? Why why why?
From which point of view, with what kind of rational thinking could it decide anything? Next time ask your kid, in which movie you should go or what?

No wonder if your kid someday turns into a tyrant, who wants everybody to follow his wishes.
And no wonder that there are so many sick ppl around, with such parents they (might probably) have.

Talking abt sick people!
Whatthefuck is the problem with smelly life ???
I srsly let her lead her pathetic life without interefering anymore and she's bitching around behind my back!
What's the problem with that stupid girl, she sucks!

I don't see why I should pretend that there's nth happening when SHE obviously wants me to kick her ass!

And that's it!
More next time !^^

Chu, Ailing
*One Piece greetings*

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  1. Yeah! If u mean Thulein, then kick her in her ass nd u will see that I'll kick u in ur mouth nd put a trunk into ur ass
    can't u leave her alone? I dunno what's wrong with u! I guess SO has shitting in ur brain A BIG SHIT what we can see...
    leave her alone! And pls don write fuckin shit abt her! U can only write shit abt her, if she has done shit!