Monday, 17 November 2008

Talkin abt pointless stuff.

[pix hè năm 2007 ở Sylt]

We like to blog it, blog it !!!
Yayy~ {in case you know where that phrase comes from... there will be a new part of madagaskar}

What happened when I played volleyball the day before.
Omg, so terrible !!!
The match was nearly over but then in my last jump I didn*t land on my whole left foot again,
but on the outside edge {Außenkante} of my left foot.
My whole weight pressed my ankle {Fußgelenk} out of the articular capsule {Gelenkkapsel} and then it jumped in again.
OMG, I really felt how my ankle went out of the capsule ! Feels to disgusting horrible !!!
Yeah, then the whole area turned blue.
I skipped school {i still feel terrible abt it} to see the doctor.
Who x-rayed my ankle and then my foot had to be *clamped* {einspannen} into sth which looked like a vice {Schraubstock}.
WTF !!!! Who invented such a instrument of torture as a medical aid???
At the front something was pressing exactly against my ankle, then the assistant screwed {schrauben} it hard and harder and at my calf {Wade} there was a thing pressing in the opposite direction...

Well I walk on crutches {Krücken} now... I never realized that it was so exhausting !!! I can*t do more than 20 steps....
Stretches {Streckes} for which I needed 3min before, take 10min now !!! Wit 10 breaks !!!
At home I either crawl {krabbeln} {can*t do that anymore since my ball of the thumb {Handballen} hurt, cuz I had to prop up {abstützen} on them while walkin on crutches}, or I walk on my knees {which hurts a lot without carpet}, or I jump on my right foot.
For climbing stairs I use a very complicate and slow technique which is too difficult to explain.
For climbing them down I sit on a step and slide down to the next...
Oh maaaan....... I SUFFER !!!

Topic change: Are you in X-mas mood?
I ain*t at all !!!
I dun even have wishes for xmas... It has snowed once this year~
Then I felt like I wanna xmas, but now~
I rather want long rainy nice november daes!
HMmm...but maybe my opinion changes when we got a new stove {Ofen}. This Friday men will come {men?} to *build* my parents bathroom and another man will come to see which stove would fit in our living room~
I wonder what*s the use of having a stove which is places in the most narrow and winding edge of our living room. As if I would sit in front of it and... watch the flames, red a book, drink a tea or whatever.... I could also turn around and watch TV!
I think my bathroom has to wait for a while if my parents rly get a stove~

Oww....... Christmas~ You know what would be real cool?
Anime Christmas tree decorations. I saw some of *Sailor Moon* a while ago.
Can*t find any now~
Man I wonder wonder wonder what will happen until Christmas~

Wish me good luck wt my foot tml~ Hope I will survive school !!!

P.S.: I got Firefox 3 today.... Could it be that it is completely SHIT in reading html and stuff?
P.P.S.: How come noone cmts anymore? Have I done anything to you???

P.P.P.S.: For the 1st time in my blogger life I feel like editing and uploading pics, but I can*t find my cam~ How wondrous~


  1. wenn man krücken hat, bekommt man aber viel rücksicht von den anderen menschen.. das kann auf dauer nerven. vorteil ist, dass man dann in einer schule, die 16 stockwerke hat (meine o.o) den aufzug benutzen darf. sonst muss man zu fuß oder sich anstellen bei der endlos langen schlange vor den aufzügen x_x
    gute besserung für dein bein

    regnerische novembertage sind ätzend. ich geh jeden tag raus und das erweist sich für mich als riesigen nachteil.

  2. AGH man beachte NICHT meine rechtschreibfehler |D~

  3. Ouh man.. I feel so sorry for you. Volleyball is so much fun, but after this story. ewww

    it may sounds bitchee now... but I was laughing when you described your day with four injured foot. xD

    "For going upstairs I use a slow and complycate technique" xDD

    well about that christmas thing. I dunno... I can't wait for the x-mas bazars (weihnachtsmärkte?!) miss the smell etc. ^^ but well hmmnn I'm not in the mood now for buying many x-mas stuff for home. :'D
    Actually I never have x-mas decoration in my room. ^^

    whatever wish you the best for your foot etc. =)