Saturday, 22 November 2008

Belated Bdae Post.

Music: 1

Man I had to go to school today. Today is Saturday.
And yesterday I thought:
*Oh ya ya!
When the weather goes on like this I won*t have to go to school tml !!!*

Well weather forecast told that tml will be the worst and most catastrophic onset of winter from time immemorial {seit Menschendgedenken}.
Jux now it*s snowing~ And my window is once again half-covered by a snow layer !^^

My foot is better now but in the mornings it*s always worse at fist.
Yesterday I skipped dance-lessons {stifled yeah!}.
So here*s a pic of my foot..... Popup cuz it*s soo ugly that it would ruin my blog, or at least ugly enough to ruin my blog.

And that*s enough for talkin arnd her are some pics of my bdae~
Be disappointed cuz they are so aini-less xD

Part 1: c*est the dae of my bdae 12/11/08
dinner among the familly

#1: The table

#2: Flower + Candle Symphony

#3: Cheers to Me!!!

#4: Flower + Champagne Symphony

#5: Man, I jux love champagne. Such a pity that you can*t see it bubbling !^^

#6: Special Meal

#7: And so on...

#8: More flowers for me

Part 2: Saturday after my bdae~ my frn came, too

#9: You are the only one thinking that this cloud ruins the cake.
I know what truth lies under it !

#10: OMG I*m so FREAKING OLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#11: I lack pictures, that*s why .........

To be continued.......... sry peeps I wrote this 2 daes ago
no it*s 11.x pm
one pic which belongs to the nxt 3 I wanted to upload is gone
i dun want to edit it jux now
so~ yah...... enjoy these ones...
Nighty nite !!!


  1. hach herje,
    von dir habe ich ja leider auch ewigkeiten nix mehr gehört :(

    nach deinem vn urlaub warst du ganz schön lange weg, und ich war wohl auch ein weilchen "hiatus".

    nun ich bin auf jeden fall wieder da :)
    und wünsche dir erstmal alles gut nachträglich...

    wollte nur bescheid geben das ich einen neuen link habe


    lass doch mal wieder was von dir hören, würd mich echt freuen.


    (ps ich bins anna von provocative.memories)

  2. is it possible?
    Why your family can cook european meals? My mum isn't a fool in the kitchen right... when she's cooking asian food of course.
    If she's gonna try some european meals out.. well a disaster... that's the time when I've got to jump it and.. cook *argh*

    Whatever... wanted to ask which song it is on your blog... think that I heard it already somewhere.. isn't it from a Hayao Miyazaki movie?