Thursday, 27 November 2008

So...So What?! I*m Still A Rockstar!

Music: 1

{oh so bored!}

No... Actually I hate this song
It*s absolute unmelodic and senseless...but whatever

I*m in a *So What?!*mood....
I got a B in an english test~ And yes... that*s frustrating.... But it*s not soo hard, since I got 30 out of 30 points in the comment and it is only a B cuz I had to little time~
It*s my English trainee teacher b*tch who I hate.
My she die of cancer or aids. =P
Oww that was a mean one............
I dun care.

Talkin abt sucking things: telekom sucks !!!

I dun feel like blogging at all~
I think I gonna watch TV....
Aww...wanted to mention that I LOVE AVATAR !!!!

No duh! I love Zuko !!!
I like his character... I think his character IS unique in the world of good-looking anime guys xD
On the other side.... I aso couldn*t find a better pic than this...

Well I gonna watch the rest of Naruto now~ On German !!!

And Here You Are {german}

Watch the whole episode!

P.S.: Whenever you find a long blogless period of time on my blog, blame them !!!

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