Friday, 5 December 2008

Suteki Da Ne?

Music: 1

I'm sittin here, without internet.
Outside it's raining, inside it's freaking cold.

The wind blows wildy and smashes the rain drops against Aini's window.
The sky has a strange color, the clouds had a bizarre form and were moving fast across it.
Brightly the moon shone into the dirty streets of the city. Noone would be here at this hour, you could only see the shadows of rats, darting around the corner.
Suddenly a dog let out a faint howl somewhere and the sound of hurried steps on the wet street echoed in the lanes.
The only thing that gave light to Diagon Lane was an old streetlamp. Everything else was dark.
'That is not a day like any other', thought a reader.
It wasn't. Something was different, something was wrong.
It was one of these daes, when you think that it would be better to be in bed.
This was exaclty what detective Aini thought. The detective's window, which was covered with a blind, was turned to the street and only let out a dim light.
The detective was sitting at a messy desk, in a small office and had been working the whole day.
But he had stopped for a moment. Again he felt that something has happened.
When you were in office as long as he was,
you could smell that it was not just a normal stormy night. There was a strange smell in the air, something which the detective could not identify.

Something new was born.

I would call it 'Perfection' but it's a silly name. But it is perfect. LooLZz
The header, the background, the colors, the sidebars, the music......everything matches
And this is also my Saint-Nicolas-Present for you xD
(though it*s not xmassy at all)

Didn't know that blogger could be that changeable and creative....
Ok I DID know, but I didn't know that how to edit the layout was SUCH a way.

*whirling around*
Especially the colors. Suteki da ne?
Anyway the header is stolen from shizoo since I suck in making headers (as you have surely noticed), but the background is from me xD
I'm so proud of it, doesn't it fit perfectly to the header? I mean style and color and stuff
As for the transition (Übergang) between header and main part I couldn't think of something better, than this white 'nothing'.
If someone of you has any better ideas, contact me.

The layout is so beautiful it's like a reincarnation of my blog. Thus I think of a url-change...
I only dunno what kind of adress I should chose. Well, I won't do anything abt it first.

The title of the blog is also not that creative. I wanted something which got to do sth with 'princess'. Both the name and style are not that creative~
Whatever, lah

AND I think that it*s cool that it looks like about the same in IE and Firefox.... exept that in Firefox the tables in each post, which got the music link have wonderful round corners
and that in IE the scrollbar and mouse is MUCH cooler~ {since Firefox can*t display .ani cursors}

I aso added sth to my blog, which I call 'funny playings', like the alert window in the beginning (as the weakest example) and other stuff, can find out if you want.

You know what? Exactly I should be learning physics exact NOW. I suck in physics....
Oh my, oh my why do I have to be soooooo lazy....
The other think I*m supposed to do now, is dancing the *Polonaise* of my 1st ball. The *Winter Ball*.
But I have succesfully avoid this. And now I*m stuck here xD

So right now~ I*m wishing you all many nice lovely presents and a chaleureux evening !!!!

To June: My last song was an Ost from 'Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi' from Joe Hisashi


  1. hübsch hastus dir hier eingerichtet :)

  2. Thanks I already found the song. =)

  3. machst du deine layouts eigtl selber?
    hab gar nicht gewusst das man bei blogspot soviel machen kann ;)

    ja ich finde auch weihnachtsmarkt am abend viel schön *_*