Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Real Pink Princess

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credits: Yumik0 *
I think it IS VEEEEEERY RIDICULOUS that some fucktards {YES feeeeel insulted } name their blog sth which got the word *pink* in it.
Like Pink Blog
or Kawaii Pink
or Pink Shit
or whatever~
{I jux can*t think of a serious name cuz I forgot the blog I*m talkin about ehem}
Because it*s official that I AM THE CERTIFIED PINK PRINCESS in here !!!
And only I can fullfill what it means to be PINK !!!

Not what some wannabe ah lian girly girls do when thinking
*ow im so damn girly, it take sth girly as my blog title.....like *cute pink* to fit my image~*
so 1st: DON*T give your *beep* blog a *whatever* name, it*s your blog ya? the title should mean sth to you
so 2nd: DON*T name it *pink* when the color isn*t your favo color or isn*t anything to you
so 3rd: DON*T have that color as your title and then make a blue layout !!!
That*s completely idiotic! Also orange, red, purple, grey, black, or any other color than pink looks
silly !!!

I dun give my blog the name *Black Blog* and have a green layout!

So needed to mention this.
What else... eeerm~ So I bungled {verpfuschen} my physics test today......
I*m dooomed xD
Who cares~
This Friday I*ll write chemistry. Let*s hope for the better.

Errrr....hmmm I dunno what to write anymore so let*s think....
Errm.... I dun have any idea what xmas presents I should buy for my family.
I dunno exactly how much money I got. I guess enough.
So I want to buy some sort of chrystals to zhng my mp3, my mobile and maybe my calculator this holidaes...... Ah wait, since I*ll get a new mp3, I wont zhng my old one....
Ok....then I guess I have to spend abt 10+€ for that....... I mean glue, stones, pearls, stones in another color.... yupp ok.... guess arnd 15€ !^^

So.... for my bro....I will spend.........hmm....???
Abt 10€ !!! And I dunno what exactly to buy a 14 yr old boy~
Esspecially not when he*s as crazy as my bro~

10€ also go to my older bro~
What to buy an older bro, huh? Well, he jux moved or is abt to move....
maybe I*ll buy him sth for his new flat {again}

My parents will probably get one present...... I dunno what to buy them....
I think last yr I bought *us* a super duper new hairdryer from Germany*s Nxt Topmodel....
And the yr before I think I bought em a footbath with massage function and everything......
This yr they*ll get~ Actually I could buy them a soap dispender {Seifenspender}, which fits to the two tooth mugs I bought them each on Mother*s and Father*s Day.
Though I know that, that English shop dun sell them anymore~ I jux go there and ask.

I am kindo uncreative in present-matters, ain*t I?

Anyway let*s talk abt MY PRESENTS !!!!
All in Pink dun forget!

#1 The realistic ones:
¤ doorplate from *Hugendubel* something like * Big things happen through the silene* on it and some chinese character on it. I LOVE ASIAN Culture and nth is more asian cultur than some of that senseless phrases xD Uhm... I should mention that the plate also look rly good and so.. 7€
¤ Since we have the *mirabeau* magazine I am dreaming of having sth like this.
A very cheap similar {Fake} thing is available at butlers*
¤ How about a nice king-size calendar for 2009? {I start to lack wishes....} I like beautiful calenders and happen to have a good part of free wall in my room.
¤ Aww I know one! Paint !!!! Wall paint!!! Namely this and this color !!!! I think I will paint part of my room in stripes but the place were my bed will be, would be pink and maybe two purple stripes or sooo~~~

#2 The unrealistic ones
¤ My mickey mouse mp3 in pink . I won*t get it, cuz my bro got no money at the time~ Loolzz
¤ My dream bed from Ikea~ I won*t get it, cuz my mom already gave me the money xD But I won*t order it and pay +40€ !!!!
¤ A new washbasin. I won*t get it, cuz my parents are going to buy a stove for our living room. Last weekend all our furniture had to be moved to a new place, to make place for the stove~
¤ Can*t think of more presents.... How abt the Pink Vaio Lappie? Or a new couch? Or a TV? Or a new stereo? Or thousands of awesome Hello Kitty stuff? Like a phone, or usb, headphones, table lamp, calculator, a tatami, .....

But well dream stays dream~~~~~~~~~
Wish you all a nice evening and everything !^^
Nighty nite


I like asian ads !^^ x3

No grammar and spelling check yet, dun laugh !!!

*normally I dun use such icons made by SOME NOONE PPL out there {i rly question the quality of those}, but I rather like Yumik0*s {which I glanced at unintentionally/ unabsichtlich}

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  1. hach, ich finde deinem blog so kompliziert seit du ihn auf englisch schreibst :S
    muss immer die ganzen fachbegriffe nachgooglen ^^
    jaja meine kenntnisse sind beschränkt .__.

    naja lass doch die pinken kinder sein xDD