Monday, 15 December 2008


I can*t stand school anymore this school yr is really SHIT !!!
I made a whole mess out of it.
I like to rant a lot abt my German teacher now, but
1st I feel too weak~ to rant and
2nd I dunno if it*s safe to rant abt your teachers on a internet platform.

Well I could think of some sort of you know..... how you call that...... like a metaphor???
I mean I could make up a name for HIM xD
You know...... him~

Let*s make it short:
I rly think that HE is
lächerlich, unverantwortlich, unverschämt !!!

I mean tml we are going to write an essay on a book.
We hardly went through that book at all.
We only have 3 entries abt that damned book !!!!
And they are some stupid person-constellations, like A like B, but B hates A, A and C also dun like each other, and there*s also D, who only watches the whole plot {Handlung}.

Ok, ok maybe this is useful, but we are not that stupid. If we read a book, we can tell if someone likes another person, or hates this person.
And why do we need 3 of them?!

Normally if I*m about to write an essay on a book I nearly know it by heart.
I know if this person is frustrated abt his job, hasn*t a good relationship with his parents and blames god for all the bad things that happen in the world.
I know where in this book, you can find what on which page, in which line !!!
I can say all the 10 meaning of each sentence, I can say what the author wanted to say when he wrote this and what that has to do with his own life.
I mean I know nearly everything abt that book !!!

This time, with my grandious 3 entries, I know as good as nothing.
He doesn*t know it himself.
How can he do that? How can he be so irresponsible and let us write the test tml?

You know what he told us?
'I know this is complitely selfish, but I*m going to hold my demonstration lesson {Lehrprobe} in January. And I need to do new material {Stoff} with you until then.
That*s why I need to write the test tml, so we can finish with this book and do the new material.'

WTF ?!
HE, a goddamn fucktard as he is, IS ALLOWED to get a good grade in his demonstration lesson,
but WE, WE can go dieing like SHIT in this test?!
How is this fair to anyone?

He*s going to become a teacher, he got to devote {opfern} himself for his pupils.
That*s his job, so WTF is he doing?
And we can do nth against it.

I can say this for sure, he can*t count wit my participation in his demonstration lesson.
My he kick the bucket {verrecken}.

Why do I get annoyed, man?
It*s Christmas soon. I have bought my chrystals already, in transparent, pink and purple.
And some glue.
I*ll zhng my mobile in the xmas holidaes.

Maybe I should do sth for German now.

I have an idea.
I*m thinking abt making this site a homepage. I think it*s easy since I hold the ultimate power of ultimative coding in my hands xD
So... I have the perfect idea..... I only dunno when to do all this things.....
I aso want to have a new layout at Christmas*.
On the other side I rly lyke this one =.=
Forget it, I*m writing nonesense again.

And I Hate IT !!!

P.S.: To Wild Rose.
I*m very sry, that my blog is so complicated now~
I try to make it easier with giving some possibly unknown vocabulary in brackets.
I think I have neglected {vernacklässigen} doing that in the last posts, won*t happen again.
But well, I rly like English more than German... So... it will stay like this~

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