Sunday, 10 January 2010

Having tea and a talk.

1 / 2 Detective Conan 95/96

Yesterday was my father's birthday!
But I will tell you abt it later, first of all I got to tell you sth abt a shop here in town, which is totally awesome!

I didn't know anything abt it at all, when on Dec 23 (one day before Christmas) Kei showed it to me, saying that she had to buy a present there for her friend.


OMG when I entered the store my 1st impression was that it was pretty messy.
But the I discovered the weirdest, most fantastical and on top of it all, crazy-girlish-kawaii things there.

Like pink keyboards, pink zhnged mouses, pink telephones, mad cute bags, pink toolboxes, pink gardening kits, etc.

There's a keyboard like this from Juicy Couture! Cool, what?

Ok, photoshopped the color of the phone more pink, since the color of their homepage sucked

I surely will buy a bag from there for 50 bucks, but it's worth it.
Unfortunately they don't have this bags on their homepage.

And now to the more interesting part.
We were eating out to celebrate my father's birthday and went to a restaurant of friends. (Since I watch so much Detective Conan I always think of the episodes where rich company owner-fathers are killed by their relatives on their bday.)

And it's so much fun to sit with the adults and listening to what they're talking about!
That's why when we go to a place where there are many Vietnameses I often like to stay with the adults more than the other kiddies!

The adults were talking abt other teenagers in town.
E.g. about T.
Hahas. I laughed my ass off, when one of the man said, he looks slightly ái (gay).
And the other man totally agreed and said, he dressed so damn weird and had like 1kg of iron hanging in front ot his legs (which means that he kinda wears a lot of iron chains somehow). And his hair is totally crazy...
I just sat their and smiled. Haven't seen the guy for a while and last time he still looked more or less normal. (No styla style or any pride things).

Then on of the the men said to me, that T. applied for some sort of korean modeling stuff (I can't remember) and he started to laugh so loud.
He also asked me why I didn't join that Miss Vietnam in Germany thing, but I just said, that such things aren't exactly my hobbies. He then said that joining wouldn't hurt.

Next they were talking abt some girls and how this of that girl was totally ugly, but looked so beautiful when she was little and so on.
So satisfying what they're talking, honestly.

My aunt said, that it's good that I don't hang out with all the Viets in our town, because they're all a bunch of nhố nhăng people, talking bad stuff abt each other all the time.
She's is totally pro in receiving all sorts of information! She knows more stuff abt all the other kids then I!
Like who is dating who, whose bf lives in another town, when they're meeting each other again, next holidays they're planing to go to A, they often go to B, because some guy is living there and so on.

Some ppl are so fail, lah!

Well, it shows that they're all stupid and that I'm totally being wise and mature and much cooler playing the slacker. Gotta love myself!

Byebye everyone and kiss my ass!
Chu, ailing

P/s: Yes, I blogged, although nobody commented, you ungraceful stupids!


  1. omg die tastatur ist ja süß! ich habe überall nach einer pinken gesucht, aber nirgends eine gefunden - und wenn, dann hatte sie keine deutschen sonderzeichen wie die umlaute ö, ü und ä. hat diese denn welche?

    ich denke nicht, dass ich nen pinken werkzeugkasten bräuchte XD aber vielleicht später. deine jukebox ist so toll! wenn ich nur wüsste, wer die intepreten sind, und nicht nur die songtitel!
    könntest du mir welche schicken? :) vor allem beautiful girl! ich hab das gefühl, dass ich den song in irgendeinem kdrama gehört habe, aber nach all den serien, die ich schon durch habe, weiß ich auch nicht mehr. >_<

  2. Deine Seite ist total süß!! ^-^
    Wegen dem Coco Lulu shop, leider gibt es keine Seite von ihnen in englisch und du hast recht man kann direkt von der seite nicht bestellen. Zum glück gibt es seiten über die man bestellen kann. Allerdings muss man dann maeistens fast den doppelten preis zahlen... das ist sooo teuer! Naja falls du dich mal erkundigen willst:


    oder auch