Thursday, 17 December 2009

100 years are passing.

Eaten: Half a Wiener / 1 big laddle of rice with fried eggs


Blogging again!
I think I should be doing other things than blogging, but~ It happens to me my passion.

I have bought ZERO Christmas presents still!
And Christmas is in 7 days!
I think I'll just buy my parents sth little and prepare dinner + dessert instead!
Dinner will be beef goulash with cranberries and spaetzle
Dessert is still not settled.

Today during English classes, our teacher wanted to talk abt each person's topic for our paper.
I was more or less the only one without a real clue for my topic. So when the teacher came to me, I just said Oh, I dunno... Maybe I could do sth abt Singapore. You know they speak English there, but in their own slang...
And surprisingly my English teacher was totally enthusiastic abt Sg.

Teacher: Oh yeah, Sg is a wonderful city!
It's a fantastic shopping place!
You know normally my husband is a complete anti-shopping type, but when we were in Sg and he saw all the shopping opportunities there, we went shopping all day long! I nearly bought out the whole Orchard road!

And I was like OMG she knows Orchard road!
I still tried to tell her, that I didn't know if I should talk abt the country, or how the ppl live there or really abt the language and so on.

She started to tell me that their English is so well and every child has to speak 3 languages. And that there are different races living there, Malays and god-knows-who-else. And I could talk abt temples over there or EVERYTHING.

And I Err-ed around the whole time, then she left to another class mate saying I don't care what you do, as long as it's Singapore, I'm happyy


I think Singlish is most interesting!
But on the other said she's keen on shopping and landscape and that stuff, so what should I do?

After having watched Bleach fully, Naruto/Shippuuden until 40 (or so), One Piece (german) fully, I'm going to watch EVERY Detective Conan episode!
Which at first may sound rather hard, because Conan seems to be like Pokemon (more or less the same every episode), but it isn't!
Actually, every episode is confirm very exciting and somehow rly different from other ones!

Anyways here are a few icons I made !^^

Hahas ❤
The 1st icons are kinda the same, but I couldn't decide

And... I've got two layout requests. Thanh Truc's is accepted, the other have to see!

Chu, Ailing


  1. Hello, just dropping by to say hi! =)

    Christmas is just two days away! Wish you have a Merry Christmas!! =)

  2. hi ^_^ its been a long time since i last visited here..
    belated merry christmas