Saturday, 12 December 2009

Pink Rain.

1/ 2
Eaten: 1 Croissant/ 2 Wieners

Why blogging is absolutely fun:
Because it allows us to make wonderful art by expressing things touching our hearts, occupying our mind while freeing our souls.
Every single post.

I have been bloghopping a bit yesterday and today and found so many cute blogs out there
I like the simple, but nevertheless cute layouts!

But they also make me feel that my current layout is absolutely Wrong.
Not the right style somehow~
Although I know it's fucking cute of course

Well, I won't change it for the next long time, but I think my next layout will be pure and simple!

Anyway, I think my blog needs to be even cuter than it already is!
Means, I'm planing to make such a picture like the 1st one for every post, I think it's a nice idea !^^
Then, I'm going to make icons for every post!
Cute, what?
And of course, I've added a pack of emoticons or two

I also decided to finally get my link exchanges back! ごめんなさいよ!

And because there are so many ugly layouts out there, too, and because I love coding etc. I will be offering everyone my help with layouting/ the chance to get a personal designed layout.
A rather simple one of course.
So everyone, boys or girls, if you want a nice layout, the way you want it, ask me.
I'm glad to help out. (With the exception of smelly life and allies)
Will make banners and stuff for this offer later.

I think I want to make one for Junabee xD
Isn't this nick cute?

Of course I'm speaking of Junee, from wordpress.
I've been thinking of designing a layout for her for the longest.
Of course I remember her saying that she think that content is more important than looks, but even so... Wordpress default theme is just.... blue and grey

The stupid problem is that wordpress is the greatest shit of all wide spread blog hosters.
What the fuck, theme upload functionality is exclusive to privately hosted blogs?
Why blogger isn't like that ah?
Even CSS, must be presented with the bill:
can edit your CSS and preview the changes for free. If you would like the ability to save your changes and make your design visible to the public, please purchase the Custom CSS Upgrade. (more info)

OMG, css edit for free, can?
Even preview for free ah?
Where on earth is sth like THAT possible!

To have the impudence to even formulate that sentence is enough to get beaten up.

今日は そっと雨、ね

Yoshie: Have I told you abt this little 5th grader who had to go to the headmaster to receive a reprimand, because he got up to some mischief and then kept calling the headmaster a liar?
Ailing: Yes, you did. He got a directorship's reprimand* because of that, didn't he?
Yoshie: Yes, he did.
Ailing: Why did you ask?
Yoshie: Oh, I just thought, that I didn't tell you yet.
Ailing: I think it's absolutely exaggerated to give a small boy a reprimand just because he says you're a liar. I mean, he is so young, ok?. He still can't...
Yoshie: Well, he is totally impudent.
Ailing: Oh, really? ... Then I'd just give him a reprimand!
Yoshie *rolling eyes*


Lastly I want to sum up all the things that I have to do:
  • Developping pictures for Ha-na
  • Buying wrapping paper
  • Finding a suited-sized cardboard box
  • Buying Christmas presents
  • Buying myself a trouser
  • Lending my aunt more than 500 bucks

Xiaxue's so right abt all the things she wrote which are annoying abt buying presents.
Thiking abt what the ppl like, finding these things, finding the cheapest

That's why it sometimes isn't any fun at all.
Esspecially when it comes to presents for parents.
Parents already have everything they need (more or less). Everything you buy for them is useless (therefor a waste of money).
So they always tell you to buy them nothing (at least mine do).

But intelligent me has so often managed to buy some semi-useful products, like a total pro feet-massage-machine.
I think this year I'm going for a total outre decanter... Not.

ちゅう, ailing

*TVXQ greetings*


  1. Hi! would like you to help me with a personal layout.
    do mail me!

  2. Hey Ailing,

    do you think you can help me with coding on xanga?