Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sorry Sorry

Music: 1

Hey(... yeah!) (said in Zaphod Beeblebrox style), this title is just geniously fitting to this post in two ways!

Don't you also think that these 'Schuplattern-moves' look terrible?
Who in gods name wraped this monkey-chonkey thingies in this dance?
But the song is cool somewhat!

Well, then Paiseh for leaving you alone (or not), I'm not in the mood at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started to watch dramas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will tell you more some other time (as always - not!)

So...... what else to say?
Let's fill this post with a few worth-it things:

* I did the Wonder Girls Nobody dance!
And I'd love to do a step-by-step tut on it, but it seems to troublesome to some ignorant noob like me

* I.................... err.......... dunno?
Watched dramas?

*I made king size super duper breakfast on Father's Day !!!
Gosh! It was better than any 100 stars 5 course by.... Jamie or whoever

That's it.....
Let me watch on!

Shawty Shawty Shawty Shawty
Nuni busyeo busyeo busyeo,

ai*ling~ Chu!

P/s: The whole dance rly looks ridiculous....
Also this hand-rubbing parts!!!

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry
Naega naega naega meonjeo
Nege nege nege ppajyeo
Ppajyeo ppajyeo
beoryeo baby~~~~~~~~~


  1. Oh hey ur still alive haha
    Hihi wieso dachtest es wird gelb? xD
    Mir ist grad aufgefallen ich entscheide die Farben immer spontan lol
    Wenn ich mit dem Header anfange kommen die Farben dann von selbst^^
    Warum warst denn so beschäftigt...oder wegen der Choreo von Wondergirls =D
    Ich wollt mal Tell me lernen, aber hab ich bis heut nicht gemacht xD

  2. uhm actually I like to party but I don't like to have ma own party haha
    I would be too lazy to clean ma house on the next day xD
    why would u never go to study in a foreign country?
    I have always wanted to do that n finally I can =D
    I think I'm going to stay in a host family