Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sensible Title

Music: 1

DID I already mention that I blog hell-lots recently?

Well, if not, then you know it by now~

Then, 1st of all this:
To Melissa/ Melody:
Thanks for your nice e-mail and for liking my blog xD

As for the background: I did it myself and the music player is from this site http://www.myflashfetish.com/.

I guess from your blog that you are quite new to coding so if you should have a question about embeding the player, feel free to ask me !^^

Then I wish you a nice day!

So......... what should I talk about right now?
Err.... I think I'm Holiday mood finally, I hope that I can just relax throughout the nxt 2 weeks !
Actually I wanted to talk about holidays last post, but I got distracted and stuff~

I have no real plans just one big shopping tour, where I hope to buy many many beautiful cheap items.
I already want to buy
  • the layerd tulle skirt from H&M

  • a shiny black leather leggins

  • some Hello Kitty stuff?

  • maybe even sth for my bro (though he doesn't deserve it at all

  • stuff for my room

  • earrings or so

  • Talking about earrings:
    Do you often wear earrings?
    I think there are so many beautful earring around, but I nvr want to buy them really, cuz I never wear earrings!
    Somehow I find them annoying?
    Like hanging down from your ears all the time, pissing you off.... don't know~

    But I have seen some real kawaii gyaru pairs the other day, so I defo go and buy one and I hope that their cuteness will make me wear earrings more often!

    And since we talk about shopping anyay, I will just show you some items of the brand Rina on yesstyle. It kinda got big discount and got really nice things

    The two coolest are:
    High-Waist Ruffled Denim Skirt
    Ruffled Off-Shoulder Dress

    What totally pisses me off is the fact that
    This skirt seems to NOT be for sale !!!
    It's so beautiful and everything!

    And as you see I love layered skirts and I also love suspenders (träger)(are they really called like that?)

    I loooooooves it to the max, oh and btw I found
    Lee Seul

    She even only weighs 43 kg !!!

    Which is impossible~

    But then again, she seems to really only weighs that much~

    A good point to tell you about my diet-achievements I just notice:

    But I will definitely weigh MUCH less at the end of this holidays I promise !!!!!!!



    And the layout-change will experience a huge post-pone into the future, cuz I want to code a surprise thing for so I know!

    And exactly by this sentence I lost interest in blog on loolzz

    So by for now
    I*ll eat ramen later and err.............
    tonight's Matrix coming!
    Watch it if you're any cool (like me)!!!!

    Chu, ai*ling

    summer greetings

    Kawaii Kaoanis by M's factory

    P/s: My PC got virus (again/still) I reckon.
    Things just goddman lack and suck =.=

    P/p/s: will answer your cmts on other time~


    1. hihi yea u blog much lately =D

      why is it terrible for u to have a job?
      I waste too much money and still I want to buy so many stuff (which I mostly don't need really ''-_-) so I thought it would be a good idea to find a job xD But to be honest I'm so lazy to look for a job...and writing applications..bääh!

      yup I mean this scene where he don't want her to go out with min-hyuk haha it's so fun...

      wow 1,64m and only 43kg isn't that too skinny O_o
      I'm 1,50m (yea really short I know >_<) and ma weight was 43 too
      and I still thought that I'm skinny lol
      Now ma weight is 40kg again T_T It was hard to get 3kg but I lost it again haha I think I can't be fat...

    2. Hello!
      Your layout is very kawaii.
      I totally love it.
      By the way, I never knew that you still read my blog? :O

    3. *hihi* ja es hat allem anschein nach geklappt! ^^
      dankeschön für das lob!

    4. haha I bet you're not that fat
      but seems like everyone wants to lose weight right now...maybe bcuz it's summer? hihi
      I sent the application yesterday, but I'm not sure if I get this job lol. It's ma first time applying for a job xD But it's a very nice shop^^

    5. omg i luv the denim skirt *____*

    6. na ja, momentan bin ich noch am überlegen und fotos suchen.. mal schauen wie das layout dann letztlich wird! *g*