Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ello Darlink.

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There are so many cute food icon's around !
Totally kawaii :3

Actually I was so bored when watching Dragonball that I madly wanted to blog, but of course I lacked a subject!

But - because of the nature of ingenious bloggers like me - I could think of a nice topic to write about, like senseful, interesting and wroth reading.
bla bla self-adulation bla

That also explains the wonderful imaginative title, yeah !

So errr........... actually this should be the main subject of another post I have on the pipeline just now~
And right now I really wonder why I didn't post this certain post~
Because actually I am waiting for an email in order to finish that post, but then the subject I wanted to post abt, got nth to do with that mail....
Anyway, I have another reason for not posting that post up loolzz

Today I shall greatly discuss an important matter to me: blogs, reading them, bloggers, commenting and also linking.
And I will do that so detailed, long, comprehensive, full and thorough that you got bored by it just now !!!
But at least I can then die in peace, because I have done my full oppinion on this shitty subject and never have to do it again.

First of all:

Could it be that there are only SHITS of blogs out there?
(Except mine and the fews I'm reading)

Some days ago I srsly tried to find some interesting blogs to read.
Which is poor somehow, because why should I try to find sth crappy to read?
AND it shows that there are really no nice blogs arnd.

What I wanted to say is that, I bloghopped from one darlink to another and dunno~
I guess it was my pessimistic attitude which ruined everything xD

Well, there are really so many blogs around.
But I will only speak of those linked in nearer vicinity (Umgebung).

It's natural that, withe so many blogs, not all are the same level.
Some are good, most ain't.
So, I think that most blogs are so boring, their thoughts are so mediocre (zweitklassig) and their writing style is just so goddamn lame.

All, I saw and expected to see was:
  • School is so fucking cool right now, I love learning! is so stressful lately, I have to learn all the time! First of all in maths we're learning about differential calculus and derivations. bla bla bla And nxt week test and today teacher scold~~~~~~~ OR
  • Yesterday I went shopping and I bought this stuff:
    1. a greyish cloth thingy
    2. some deadly normal pair of shoes
    3. the most ugly roll-on you've ever seen
    4. a pair of totally tasteless earrings
    5. and gazillion more i-dun-want-to-know-whats
    all lieing on a very hideous background in an order that exactly NOT pleases the eye, cropped in a much too tiny picture and often got the blog-url smashed on it in the only font that is not all fitting and not at all pretty !!! OR
  • Last Monday I had some sort of good piss

Ok, it's a bit overdone xD

But, hey, you get what I mean, not?
It's really all the same shit~
I'm exactly not too interested in reading the same stuff from everyone!

Most blogs out there are so goddamn boring, and yet their owners are still so pleased with their work, it makes me sick!
I guess, that most people don't care about how or what they write very much, they just spam.
Other people think about what they write and they actually think it's good and philosophical and mature, or witty and peculiar or whatever. It isn't at all !!!

Some bloggers seems so overbearing (überheblich) to me

For example writing style?
Has anyone any writing style at all? No. They don't know shit, about how to 'make' it or how to have it and what it is anyway!
All other bloggers just type down their text. Which is yet not bad, but an example for being worse and boring and mediocre !

Ok, some people still read those blogs. Actually the right thing to say right now is, 'And I can't understand why anyone can spend their time reading those boring lines', but in fact I can.
I guess many are not that 'demanding' (anspruchsvoll), or better:
out of there limitations (~ in an un-insulting way/ Begrenztheit) they don't know what is good quality and what is poor.
(Like ppl watching BigBrother and ppl watching err.......... Matrix? loolzz)

I don't say the majority of blogders would be stupid like that.
Not everybody is that thick.
In fact there doesn't seem to be many ppl, who are really reading those blogs.
E.g. for what I can tell from some of the comments is
- many ppl don't even cmt to the subject of the post
- most ppl give cheap comments like ,,Oh, it's so beautiful what you have bought!" (-yeah, alrite just shut up and die)
- almost all go like, ,,yes I agree with you, it is really .../you're really"

So all in one, most blogs do confirm only consist of pure mediocre shit, as the clearly nonsense stupid comments show.

And with the commenting comes the linking!
It is one big piece of crap, that linking someone means commenting their deadly boring blog in order to stay linked and get comments from them.

Why forcing each other to comment? Isn't it an admission, that my blog is absolutely shit ???
Why linking someone whose blog is like killing me anyway ?

It's absolutely ridiculous!

'I link you, but you have to cmt my posts!'
So, your post are confirm so shitty wtf ?!

If I should link a blog, then because I think it's any good. Maybe you do that, too.
Then why do you expect them to comment yours?
Just start a 'spam my comments-section' who spams most gets linked.

I wanted to say all these, because - as you possibly noticed - I plan to link some precious blogs in the future !^^

So I looked for some good blogs, which I could link.
Everything I found was bs, it was no good~

But hey, if you think your blog is any good, drop your URL!
It's not that I would want every blog to be crappy, it just happens to be like that,
so if you don't agree with me, show me the opposite! (ahh and maybe a few lines WHY your blog is good? maybe it is hard for me to understand? - i mean that totally un-ironical)

BTW: Don't say you're provocative or sarcastic or ironic or what so ever,k?
Cuz if you are provocative/... ,what am I?

Smoothing lines:
Ok, la I 100% admit that everything is overdone, generalized and damn biased
Still I'm rite, which means that it's just the truth, you know
also I didn't invent the truth
It also exists if I hadn't told you loolzz

And: I spoke of German blogs today, I don't know much about SG blogs.
I don't read them either loolzz
Well, I HAVE never read many of them, so I can' t tell I mean.

P/s: hmmm............ somehow I'm not too satisfied with this post~

this is for reason 1 (which I can't expalin) and reason 2
I think the text overwhelmingly hits you with it's length !^^
I should do it like uyen and post some unrelated pics in order to liven up my lines of wisdom and brilliance.
The problem is I have none!



P/p/s: Wehh....in the end i mashed up this post with parts of the other post i was talkin abt

P/p/s: pichas uploaded. unimaginative. who cares~


  1. Aaii thx, but I can't change it anyway, the finals are already written, just hope that I pass them all =P
    A job as äh Aushilfe lool. Dunno the english word xD And the shop is called Claire's. U know it? I walked in there and asked but u still have to write those shitty applications >_<

    Yeah, I kinda agree with you.
    But people tend to blog about their life.
    Because they want to keep all their memories in one place. :)

  3. dein nagellack!! woohoo welche farbe ist das und welche marke?
    darn. blog über das alltägliche, lange leben einschließl. schule sind wirklich ätzend beim lesen, aber ein blog ist für mich so was wie ein internettagebuch und da gehört so was eigentlich dazu. stimmt jedoch, es gibt zurzeit zuuu viele blogs. ein massenhype.

    na klar. ich verkauf mein se s500i an meinen vater für 80€! es ist schon sehr oft runtergefallen und der preis ist deshalb mehr als angemessen xD blingen? meinste funkelnde aufkleber drauf oder was? das überleg ich mir, auf der rückseite zu machen... und dann brauch ich 10 handyanhänger huaha. es wird lila? ich dachte das wär nur auf bildern so O_O oder meinst du diesen farbigen kreis da? ^^

  4. omg ich weiß der post ist voll alt aber ich muss jetzt meinen senf dazu geben. in form von lob! du sprichst mir aus der seele was das ganze thema betrifft. jaja, alles war sehr verallgemeinert und böse ausgedrückt aber dennoch stimmt es! ich kann eigentlich gar nicht behaupten dass mein blog besser oder interessant oder gut geschrieben ist aber ich nehms mir trotzdem heraus zu sagen dass ich diese langweiligen nur-shopping oder nur-schul blogs mies finde xD

    lG Vicky