Tuesday, 9 June 2009


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I*m sry to repeat myself, but I*m really blogging a lot, rite?

So, here are the irrelevances that try to find away in your brain :
I sprited banners !

Really, only beautiful banners for anyone who ever wanted to link me xD
(Uhm can get them at the column at the left side over there)

And out of the great kindness of my heart I made two xtra buttons !^^
(yah....... I had some spare time, too~)

This is a remake of Junee's.
Lolzz... I think it's very effective, while having only 6 or 8 different sprites, I dun remember.
The logical pattern is also cool !

This one costed me some nerves !!! It still isn't perfect, or maybe I just saw it so often, that I think it isn't smooth enough.
Oh, I should mention that it's for Linh of course, since she said that she doesn't have good-looking ones, cuz she hates them !^^
It was kinda hard for me to find a proper image, to get across (rüberbringen) that 'Gentle Desire' feeling and somehow to harmonize it with what she said abt her blog and herself.
In the end I just took that flower image as the most fitting one, it's pretty isn't it.

If some of you wonder why I didn't dive into such philosophical spheres when making June's, it's just because she doesn't have such a detailed 'blog description'.
Also, it's difficult to find sth meeting her complicated personality.

No, I'm not sweet-talking around at all !!!

So, finally the Link section opened.
Not many blogs rite?
Who cares.
I think they are all very nice
All personally selected and of a certain standard of quality xD

What really gets on my nerves is the Specially Love linked part!
It totally didn't came out the way I wanted it!

Once again HTML has proved to be a stupid bastard, who has some deadly nerve-racking weaknesses.
God, I could die because of this shit !!!

Now, I shall tell you abt the movies I watched the last weeks.
I really thought, that I might become a junkie,
like watching k-dramas tout le temps, night and day, left and right, white and black bla bla
crying around and everything.

Actually totally unfounded: I dun watch dramas !^^
I mean that lovee-huggee howling around stuff.
I watched action movies and that martial arts.

One was super LQ, it was a pain to watch it, but well~
the actor was cute!
The other one was not exactly HQ, too, but somehow it was still nice

  1. - Spin Kick
  2. - She's on duty
  3. - Attention Please (2 Specials left)
  4. - 200 Pounds Beauty
  5. - Arahan
  6. - Full House (stopped right in the middle cuz of Min-Hyuk's disgusting slimy smile)

Right now I watch Dragonball .
It's really funny.

As you see I tend to start dramas, getting bored of them amid and then watching another one.

I watched Attention Please, and wanted to avoid to watch the drama's end, so I started to watch Full House as a filler, got bored of that and watch Dragonball xD

Not THAT handsome, aye? [scene from Arahan]

I noticed that there are many cute korean actors.
Actually, is it only my own stupidity or does everyone else always like the male lead in korean movies, too, even if he is totally ugly?

Anyhow, yesterday I went shopping finally, bought err....... 4 cool pieces and will show you as soon as I have recovered from the 'delayed after-effects (wtf? /Spätfolgen) of my HTML- accident.

Well, then have fun visiting my links xD

Chu, aini


Ok... totally changed the plans for the lovelinked-section!
It's pixel-artwork now and nearly killed me while spriting it =.=
Still fell for pixels tho~
Just heartable !

P/s: OMG I do the grossest spelling mistakes possible!


  1. ähm du hast rechtsklickschutz. wie soll ich mir da die linkbuttons snappen? xD aber ich kanns trotzdem "klauen", auch wenn da dieser rechtsklick blockiert wird muahaha. ich verlink dich so bald wie möglich, mein eigene-bilder ordnerist voll von buttons XDD...

    ich sollte mal neue buttons mchen...
    ist das dragonball live action? oder irgendeine "menschenverfilmung" XD? mein cousin sagte mir, den sollte ich mir lieber nicht ansehen. o_o

  2. aaah u made a button 4 me *__*
    thx so much hihi <3

    well the results are so lala, I thought they would be better, but wutever passed is passed xD

    I haven't got an answer from Claire's yet^^ >_<
    They sell accessories n stuff like that
    I think HK too^^

  3. Yea I love the dress *__* There are so many other beautiful dresses on ebay, I want them all ahaha, but I have no money xD
    Now I have to find shoes, but ma feet are very small ''-_-

    P.S. I dunno how the rocks are called xD