Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I wish - May's

I somehow want my blog to be more personal
(I think, I've said that several times already~)

Like not only writing about hmm~ fashion or so.

Actually that's a stupid idea, since I just love gal fashion and it's a part of my personality, also I don't write about fashion that often

I know that in your blog you mostly write about your daily life or your oppinions.

And what could be more personal than both?

Ok, I don't often write about my daily life

Compared to other bloggers who take 50 pics of themselves a day and write stuffs like

Met up with Suyu at 10 am to have brunch and after that headed over to Aki and went to the mall to shop.
There we met Bray and fooled around at Vanilla Drop's a bit.
We also dropped by at some ice-cream parlor and had some sort of lunch.
In the evening we went to karaoke and I sang 'Balloons' and 'Wasurenaide'.
Sleeped over at Suyu's place than, because I didn't want to go back home in those pumps.

And those entries are still like 5 min of scrolling pain, because of 10 pics per phrase!

I just don't have the time and the face (ok some of them also don't have the face) to camwhore all the time.

Also take a pic where?

It's not like I hang out in town all the time to take pics of me at this or another place!

So, I can forget about the telling about my daily life concept.

As for my oppinions, I think my blog is full enough of them. (Ignorant and arrogant)

What I mean is that I think, I write too little about my feelings.


And so on. (LOL)

It's kinda... If you have a diary or so (and a blog is a kind of diary), you tend to write mostly about your feelings, no?

But I don't.

And it has been disturbing me ever since

Everytime I try it, I just don't find the words. (I nvr srsly tried)

But still~

To cut a long story short, I think I will write more about my feelings and about stuffs which bother me (in the philosophical, not that ranting way)

Most probably the posts will be harder to understand or to read.

And I guess they will be picturess less.

In other words boring(-looking)

And comment-less? Hahas ♥.

Also, actually why should totally strange people be allowed to know about my feelings.

This question actually never rly bothered me, but due to some incidence, now I'm thinking about it.

Actually the problem is not the strange ppl, but the ppl who (think) they know me.
Actually, nobody of my readers really knows me in person (only one) the rest is online friendship/enmity or ppl in between, which still have to be won for the one or other side.

It's a problem, because especially Group 2 shouldn't know about own's emotions, right?

I wish I could ban IPs or make some posts private, but blogger is not that highly developped

Actually (OMG so many acutally's it's totally bad style!), why are those dumb ppl even reading my blog, if they hate me (or at least pretend, because they're just jealous )

It's really a dilemma.

Well, I'wll prefer ignoring it, like I've always done with problems concerning my blogders

The fact that Yuyeon dyed her hair, the fact that ALL gals dye their hair, the fact that a German girl I know has such a mysterious nice dark-brown-nearly-black hair color totally makes me want to dye my hair, too!

Why, mom, won't you let me?

The your-hair-will-be-damaged-to-no-end is no reason, because hair can cut off!

She must have sth in mind like good girls don't do sth like that.

I wonder if I should just dye it myself.

Not really myself, but with a friends help. I think, that actually I'm old enough to decide for sth like that myself.

I even think, that she might not be too angry about it, too, because somewhere deep in her mind, she knows, that it's sth I can decide for myself.

Whatever, I got my fringe/bangs back this Friday!

I think that a fringe doesn't look too good on me, but I just love fringes!

(Btw one point I hate about English is bangs or fringe, fucking decide for it stupid language!)

Maybe I'll just dye my hair with a friend someday, I mean what could they do about if after that?

Also, I just want the dark brown, ok?

Not blonde or even light brown like before.

Only a rich dark shimmering healthy-looking brown.

And curls.

I've thought about a perm often, but I they often look like some sort of explosion happened 1cm above your head. Simply terrible.

I totally need to buy an Asian curling tong, I think they are really better than Western ones.

Although, some of the Asians-got-other-hair-than-Western-people-tales are just typical Asian stereotypes.

If I can't have a gal face than at least I want gal hair!

Chu, Ailing

P/s: If you think I made to many paragraphs, I must agree with you.

Idk why I did so, but I asure you it's nth wrong, Japanese bloggers always do that (I think).

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