Friday, 4 June 2010

The colors of your love.

When today me and J went to the super market to prepare us for todays dinner and the whole weekend lieing before us, we admired the wonderful wheather.

It was (still is) super sunny, warm, but not too warm and everything was bright.
People were riding bikes or sitting on banks, just talking to each other.

We decided to finish our job quickly to get home again as fast as possible.

J: How could you possibly ride your bike on a day like this? The most supid people are probably those who ride their bikes along the river now.
A: No, the most stupid people are those, who go inline-skating along the river right now.
J: No, the most stupid people are those, who go inline-skating while pushing their baby carriage.
A: ...
J: No, the most stupid ones are those who go jogging and got this retarded new lead/leash* (from Decathlon) to bring their dogs along.

Anyways, I had a funny dream tonight.

A. and me were exchange students in Korea!
The class was super strange, I think like the class in Hana Yori Dango.
Anyways, I can't remember if I could speak Korean or spoke Japanese all the time, but the boys were annoying. Especially one guy.

And I had no school uniform.
I just wore a white blouse and some skir in the colors of the school uniform (dark blue and green).
I asked A. a hundred times where she got her school uniform from and she just told me sth like her parents got them for her somehow.

Strangely enough, my parenst wouldn't do that for me, I nearly begged them to get me the school uniform, but they said my pseudo formal outfit would do more than enough.
Totally frustrating to me, becuause I felt not being a part of the school without a school uniform and maybe both me and A. were more or less outsiders because of that?
Well I more than her, since I was the person who had the wrong clothes.

So one day, we should all sing something in class.
My cousin (Hah?!) wanted to be the 1st one and I desperately wanted to know what he wanted to sing. I screamed, 'What are you going to sing?', 'Don't sing anything Korean, please!', 'I'll kill you if you sing anything Korean', 'Hoi, are you listening, what are you going to sing?'
He totally ingored me and just said. 'Teeyeng' (i.e. Taeyang).
I panicked and begged him not to sing anything Korean, in the end he sang sth from G-Dargon, which was Japanese (a mixture of Heartbreaker and I can breathe). Phew!

He would've totally embarassed me, if he sang anything Korean (because correct Korean pronounciation is impossible lah!). And I was already a totaly victim (Opfer xD) at that school.

Some other stuffs happnened at a department store, which I forgot by now!

Well, the dream partly reflects bits of the plot of Hana Yori Dango, which I'm watching right now!
It's really on of the best. And fuck the Korean version, will never watch lah!

Everytime I watch this and think of Domyouji's change, I think of what a wonderful thing love just is or so (not that, but kinda).
The fact that he was this bully boy and changed because of her, is somehow really a miracle.

You might think that it's idiotic, to praise those things, since in Doramas, these unrealistic changes are common and just a cheap feature to make the movies more attractive. You're right.
Plus actually, I love Domyouji's Almighty Me attitude more than his good boy-a lifestyle.
But it's still fascinating.

Aii~ I sound like a drama addict, which I'm not.
I never watched any of these Cry doramas and never will.

By the way I watched the Hellsing OVAs at the same time (strange combination, huh?)
I love the totally weird relationship between Integra and Alucard.

Hopefully, they won't disappoint their fans and Hellsing Ultimate will really come out this year!

Whatever, after years of no-pics, here are some eye candies for you!

You remember the story when my mom called me late in the night, telling me to find a name for her?
Well, I decided for Alyssa, and that's her name!

Awesome scary eyes, ne?
They are shimmering grey! Kinda like the blood of unicorns in Harry Potter

Her older brother!
If you look at this pics, you immediately think that he's a cheeky little monkey and he totally is!

He is totally sugeeee!
I played with him on the swing some days ago and I kinda overdid it, cuz he fell down while swinging. Normally even if the fall didn't hurt at all, kids still start to yell like being in hell, and won't dare to swing again, even if the parents swear that this time nothing will happend and they will only push the kid a bit. Normally they are at least traumatized for 20min, can?

He is totally not like that!
He fell down, said Ow, looked at his hands, I was totally shocked and afraid that he might start to cry until the whole neighborhood appears, but he totally didn't do anything else, but cleaning his hands.
So I asked him, if he wanted to swing again and he just said yes and totally not afraid man!

He is awesome and has always been like that! Even when he learnt to walk and banged his heads against tables, or stumpled over his own feet and so on!
He just stood up and ran on laughing like crazy!

Cutest boy ever!

It's hard to say anything about her.
But, she totally looks Korean, right?

And she and her brother have totally long lashes xD

Like her little brother she was totally cute as a little baby. She smiled whenever you looked at her and was a cheerful child all the time and totally not afraid when strange people wanted to hold her (but her brother was even more extrovert) (btw Alyssa is absolute opposite, cries whenever she only sees strange people).

But different then her brother she is also totally intelligent and kinda a difficult personality.
(Her brother is intelligent in another way, he's got a awesome memory for things, faces, places and would recognize you out of a million people)

Anyways, I remember that time when she could hardly speak and her mother scolded her for leaving her toys lieing around everywhere. Her mother got super angry and threatened her to throw aways all of her toys.
And, this kid of 1- 2 years, got offened, and told her mother, You don't need to throw away my toys, I'll throw them away myself
I was shocked, that she was able to think of such a thing!

Also, she can count until 100 (LoL), knows the alphabet, recognizes letters, writes all sorts of things, and is totally eager to learn. Btw, her parents speak only Vietnamese to her and she still knows all these German stuffs.

I think, the most awesome thing about her is her consciousness (?). Not only in the story with the toys, but also with other things, like speaking Vietnamese and German. I know that like every Vietnamese kid in Germany can speak both languages, because we automatically learn them at home and in kindergarten, etc.
But even when she was 3 years old or so, she could distinguish between both languages consioucly.

Normally kids speak with their parents in Vietnamese and German at other places automatically. But she told me about the difference of those two languages and sometimes switched them, after telling me that she would do so!

Or she spoke both languages with her brother, if he didn't understand Willst du was essen? (Do you want to eat sth?) she switched to Vietnamese and asked him Em muon an gi khong?

Another example, is that she can clearly tell you how she feels about things.
If she is afread of cats and tells you, that she will stand her and watch you stroking the cat, because the cat looks dangerous.
She tells, you exactly why she won't jump down the rocks like you did, but will walk to the point where the rocks are smaller so that she can climb them down more easily.

Ok, I started the stupid talk about my cousins, I shall end this, too.
She is actually not one of the kids, that you call nice. She hits her brother and when he was a baby and could not even raise his head on his own, she once jumped onto his belly. (Luckily the guy never cries and things everything is a game).
But the older she got the more responsible for him she became.

When we werer on the playground and playing with one of the things there, I played with her first, and it was fast (I won't explain this thing, cuz it's too complicated!)
When it was her brothers term to play it with me, she reminded me, to keep the speed down with him and to hold him really tight, so he won't fall down, just like a mother!

I mean, she actually lectured me on how to properly care for small childs!

I have already hinted at the most funny part of her, when telling you that she was cute and did smile a lot.
I don't know exactly when and why, but she hates people who are laughing.

When I laugh with someone in her presence, she leaves the plcaes, telling you that she goes, because you laughed.
Or once in a restaurant, the people at the neighboring table laughed and her face looked so disgusted and she just commented They are laughing. LoL

My uncle has so awesome kids, I wonder if it's some sort of karma or so!

Whatever, I wonder how come that I wrote all this shit!?
Well, I would've written it at another time if not now~

As a compensation a few cam whore pics as well.

Fuck two of them look kinda the same?
Out of poses, can?

Chu, Ailing
* those new type of dog leahes can be put around body like seat belts in cars, so that you don't have to concentrate on holding the leash while you jog!

So vain!!!

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