Saturday, 1 May 2010



Hey there, how is everybody doing?

It had been so goddamn hot and sunny the last week, but yesterday the wheather got worse. Today it's very muggy and the sky is grey.
While I was going to the bank a moment ago it rained like 500ml spread over the whole area (which isn't much). I didn't feel one raindrop just saw the there were wet dots appearing on the street.

Yesterday my school, or better our age group had a party and my mother forced me to go there.
I must admit I'm so not a party girl.

How often did I go to clubs or parties? 3 (fucking lousy) times.

I don't feel embarassed when telling others so, or constantly saying staying at home when people ask me what I'm doing this weekend.

It's just not my thing.
Also I hate to dress up. I'm always slighly overdressed when going somewhere.
What means overdressed, my outfits are just too perfect whatever.

I think that for partying gal looks are too cute/ childish.
You could go Jelly/Gilfy style if you wanted to stick to Japanese fashion, but I prefer fob.

Which means leggins, and long tops.
Is that looking that sexy. Idk. Yesterday, Angelababy said that she always felt like a wallflower when comparing my outfits to her, cuz mine are just so sexy.

And I hate that. I hate it to go outside the streets and people stare at me (you remember the story with the mini skirts?).
It's really a shitty feeling.
If you have a bad hair day, your eyes are swollen, your nose is red and has a super huge pimple on top of it, and people stare at you, that's shitty, too.
They stare because you look shitty. And that's it.

But when they stare at you and you know that you're wearing something which could be 0,01% sexy (I said leggins and a bit longer tops), you feel awkward shitty.
Which is 100x worse.

Yesteday I jumped 2 times, because some cars honked when driving past me. Mad idiotic!
And what other thing happened? I forgot.

Anyway that's why I really don't like to dress up.

Another word to this: Yes, leggins and tops aren't sexy, so what is it then? Again the shape of my legs or what?

Even though, yesterday was fun. We had some good talks and I guess I got a bit jolly after drinking one bottle of Vodka (and two shots + one other bottle something) with Angelababy and Chinatsu. We thought it was mixed Vodka, but in fact they only added red color to it.

Fitting to the topic: Don't look back - Ayumi Hamasaki
Very beautiful and artistic

And from yesterday I also have the absolut prove for one of the features of the Scorpio.
Once they had an entry about the Scorpio (I mean the zodiac) on wikipedia, but they deleted it. I found it quite interesting, it was very comprehensive and rich in details.

So on of the features of the Scorpio that most people know about is that they can be quite seductive.
In that article they wrote something like, very cold reserved, but quite captivating if social occurences demand for it.

I think that (at least) is totally right with me.
I'm normally so disinterested in whatever other people are doing, in fact I'm quite sick and tired of humans everytime. Constantly.

But when social occurences demand (e.g. selling stuffs) for it, I'm totally pro in woo-/decoy-/attracting people. (It's because they are too easy to see through them/ their minds (which makes me so sick and tired of them))

So yesterday I got two guys talking to us by only sitting there and not even give them on of those cheap curious looks like in rom-coms.
You know what I mean, those short glimpses Oh shit he saw me looking at him!
Like 50 times later, of course he had to talk to you, because it would be stupid to ignore such a thing.

Anyway Angelababy and I wear just sitting there drinking our cocktails when those two guys arrived and also sat there drinking their beers.
I just sat there and did whatever and I knew the moment I mixed the last bit of Angelababy's cocktail with mine and drink it, the guy would totally use this to start some small talk and he did. Cheers!

Took me 5 minutes?
And I got invitation to next party with free entry?

Angalebaby says I have connections, but I see people first time and they treat me like friends.
(Oh yes, there was one guy always saying that I had a tiara, but it was just a metal rose I wore in my hair! So much to being overdressed! Tiara hahas ♥)

What we all learn is, even if you're not that pretty, with the right attitude you get boys talking to you (Except you're so ugly that even with that super dark club lighting you scare them away~ )
It's just the more good features you have the better it works.
Like if you're skinny or have long legs or maybe beautiful hands (with ultra bling nails Hahas ♥) you could use them very effective.
You just have to learn it.

Get what I mean?

Ok, I once watched a documnentation about Russia.
Maybe you all know about Russian millionaires, they are really keen on wasting money on cars, alcohol, women and all those things cheap rich men think they need.

They presented a young woman who studyied something super difficult and who went to the hair dresser once a week, and got her make-up done somewhere and you know manicure and pedicure all the time. And she had some fucktard who shitted her, who taught her how to move more sexy.

I think they did some kind of yoga combined with kama sutra.
I don't think that she can use that in her everyday life, but as you see there is a way of moving attractively and you can learn it.

Ok, what was it again, I wanted to write about acutally?

Totally forgot lah!

Ok, remembered!

The thing in sports! I will make it short!

You know that I have sports with the boys.

In the beginning the boys were downstairs in the real changing room, we girls had to stay upstairs at the gallery of our sports hall (idk why we have a gallery).
There were no problems with that, although whenever we wanted to leave the sports hall we had to go downstairs and after that through the boys changing room.
But because we girls always dress slower than the boys we could easily go through there changing room because they were already done.

Now suddenly the other girls wanted to be downstairs and boys really have no sense of whatever!

Normally if you knock at a door you wait until the person inside calls you in or tells you to wait a moment.
Our boys just knock and open the door. Hello?

One saw me just after I took off my trouser (=panties) and the other shorty before I put on my tee (=bra).

And belong to the kind of persons who starts to shriek and runs around, which is even more attracting attention I know

Anways, whoever found this post inspiring may accept my most sincere most humble thanks.

Chu, Ailing

P/s: Lena Fujis breasts are soo fake! It's ridiculous! They are totally looking monstrous and pushed up and pressed together~ What's the use of that?
Why don't the other Vivi models wear that kind of bra/ got that kind of post editing (Did I tell you that I hate Leny Fuji? And the other one too? What's her name? Jun whatever (Matsumoto) Hasegawa? And Elli Rose? *vomits*
Do you also think that Elli Rose looks like Nicole Richie? Same cow-like swollen eyes?


  1. ja, der traum hätte ewig so bleiben können, in nem koma oder so. die langen haare sind ein zeichen jahrelanger geduld und arbeit (pflege) :D

    ich weiß nicht, ob's ein film oder anime ist - ist von "fairy tail" und einem ziemlich guten japanischen komponisten - sein nachname fängt mit Y an, mehr weiß ich nicht und am laptop hab ich nicht den ordner D:

    yup, wenn die profile privat sind, kann ich niemanden auslachen! ziellos einladungen zu schicken ist auch doof, da wird man so gefragt, wer man denn ist... 8DD

    es gibt keine hoffnungen mehr auf den sommer, so aus sicht einiger wetterfrösche..ohjemine D:
    ja, leggins sind heikel, weil sie figurbetonend sind. dann gibt's auch glubschende augenpaare - ich bevorzuge viel lieber den gyaru-style..niedlich und verspielt statt sexy :D

    ich werde deinen rat befolgen und meine beine zum einsatz bringen, statt meinem gesicht xD blöderweise ist die person, die ich im visier habe, aus meiner schule und zur schulzeit seh ich aus wie ein penner X)

    jun matsumoto ist doch ein typ, oder nicht? lena fujiis fotos find ich schön (von den locations und den outfits her - romantic, hihi), sonst weiß ich ja auch, dass ihre brüste fake sind. und singen kann sie auch nicht D:

  2. btw - ich hab mir nun "fairy tail" reingezogen - zeichnerisch sieht's genauso aus wie one piece, vielleicht sogar ein tick schöner O_O doch von der geschichte her gibt's da wesentliche unterschiede.

    ja ne? wozu gibt's profile XDDD?
    hast recht, die sollen mal dazu stehen, dass sie asiaten sind - zu viel inspiration von der westlichen "welt" macht die ganze sache nicht gerade einzigartig. die farbigen und niedlichen akzente bleiben denen aber auch nicht verfehlt ^^ es gibt langsam zu viele "mischlinge" als models. nicht, dass ich diskriminierend bin.

    hm ja, dann hat man so ein make-over und der wow-effekt wird größer..^^ich bin ja erst seit einem jahr auf dieser schule. mist, das zielobjekt ist eine stufe höher als ich und wir werden nicht die abizeremonie zusammen erleben. hm.

    wenn ich mal zufrieden mit meinem aussehen bin (also vom outfit & co, am gesicht bin ich immer unzufrieden), dann brauch ich so 3-4 stunden.. und so viel zeit habe ich nicht D: