Monday, 21 January 2013

ailing à gogo

MY COLOR - Perfume

Finally pulled it off! THE URL CHANGE
This blog now answers to the name of

It really was about time and will probably cost me a few 100 visitors. But it's not like I ever had that much to lose.

This URL really fits so much better to me.
At the beginning I thought of something plainer and un-regrettablier like simply ailingchu.blogspot or aiheartchu - anything with my name.
But then luckily I remembered my good ol' trash blog ailing-agogo... and it's actually perfect, because I think my blog is too exorbitantly self-centered, so yeah.... the new URL does justice to the cheap contents of this blog.
I will also - now that the URL visually typography-wise looks better - try to create a logo sort of thing. Or at least think of a more constant watermark for my pics.

So please everyone, I really worked hard on the relink layout, please show lots of love and support for me. I will work harder in the future to post more often and even better stuffs. That was Ailing Chu for now. Thank you very much *korean bow*

P/s: The song I included this time is from my all time fav Japanese band Perfume! I adore them to death and really worship their creativity!
Their songs are all amazing and their dances are just drop dead awesome! This song is especially cool, because it's a love song to technology! Super すげい, because I love technology, too! I just want to live a little smart

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