Saturday, 4 June 2011

You Got Me Wondering For Nights.

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Question of the day
Why do we sophisticated, super intelligent, far supreme and superior persons always have to keep our mouths shut?

Or, why are stupid people so hard to proselytize?
Why can't they just think one step on their own

Actually, stupid people should be all killed right away.
Seriously, if all the stupid people would enslave themselved to do dirty work, alright ok, their existence proves useful

But instead they just get in the way of us intellectual and indulgent persons, ruining the glorious development of mankind by being wilfully obstructive to anything barerly intelligent

Oh people, how are we ever going to reach the world of absolute bliss if you continue to to think that you have an opinion, which is - in what way ever - worth mentioning to a bread!

Whatever, I can't change it.

I decided to check all my post drafts and combine a shorter version of them in this post

My English teacher told me that the special thing about me is that whenever I get questions, I complete comprehend what their main point and the questioners intention is and give a precise answer, without talking around.

Which is so true!
I'm a Genious!

Anyways, what we have been doing since I got this teacher is, reading texts, underline words we don't know and answering stupid questions about it

Mostly the text have highly complicated contents, like
*Dangers On The Internet/ Media or
*The Future Of Books
and more of that stuff, which absolutely need closer analysis from pubescent teens.

Have you ever read the text The Fun They Had by Isaac Asimov?

It's about kids from year 2157 who find a book, and are totally fascinated by it, because... there's no screen and you have to turn the pages to read and all that other super entertaining features books have!

(a typical cheapo nightmare scenario abt the future à OMG, in a few yrs all kids are glued to some sort of computer!, humankind will sink very low, because THEY WON'T KNOW WHAT BOOKS ARE! )

Well, eventually, they had to stop reading the book, cuz the girl had school.
The school was a room nxt to her bedroom, where a mechanical teacher waited for her. This roboter used a screen to give her lessons.
The girl thought, that in former times, when kids still went to school they could meet their friends, they could play together and do all that kind of wonderful stuff we do all day long...(not)
Her last thought was about the fun they had.

And as a homework we were supposed to think abt the meaning of that sentence (what a hardcore mental effort!)

Well, the question is WTF was the author implying with that sentence?
Why did our teacher want us to think abt that sentence?

Should we philosophize abt it for hours and then come to the conclusion, that
ACTUALLY we should be so super grateful for the wonderful invention of humandkind, which is called school?
Grateful that there we have the opportunity of meating nice and friendly ppl who truly make life worth living?
Grateful that we have so awesome teachers, who make learning a pure joy and totally enrich our daily lifes?
Grateful because the grant us our biggest dream, which - since we were born - is to sit all day long in a building in order to receive lots and lots of knowledge?

Honestly, expacting such answers is quite sad, innit?

I mean, we already are students.
We know how school is, we don't need a stupid text from some guy, who desperately tries to tell us that school is fun!

The fun they had, I know how much fun I'm hving!

What's the purpose of telling us that school is fun and that we should be happy? Saying that sentence already shows that the truth is exactly the opposite.

What annoys me is the fact that apparently one has to make up such a primitive story in order to fool us or to force us to acknowledge that school is actually fun!

I mean the story is dumb and far-fetched enough, and in the end it turns out to be an even dumber moral?

Another interpretation is that

Most ppl are overrating computers and stuff, and that we should rather enjoy the presence of other ppl instead. Since mechanical things will never replace a real human, how good science will ever be
That our days, although our means are limited compared to the ones in 200 years, are much happier then in the future, because we live in a time where other humans are much more valued than in the future?

Why are most ppl thinking like this? Why are there so many txts which emphasize the bad sides of internet/ media? It has bad sides, sure.
But not throughout!
It's so stupid how some ppl really have sick nightmare visions of our future, because they think that media is such a danger to culture and mankind!

In another txt a man said that, because of the media we had too much information!
We were confronted w/ an information glut everyday and the worst thing is: noone can control all the information!

Pls, name one person you know who has died of too much information.
A rhetorical request of course (is there such a thing?) How can too many information harm anyone?

Joking aside, I'm surfing the web like everyday and I don't feel like getting too much information.
I can't even imagine how it looks like to get too much information.

Like too many interesting stuff around which you want to read or what? Got log-in into your mail account and wanna read the news about Justin Bieber, a man who has 10 arms, a baby gorilla and that Santa Claus is actually gay?

I'm sorry, but then I think those ppl have some mental problem and not, that the internet is at fault

Normal people just don't read that trivial stuff, so your own problem if you just sit in fron of your screen and slowly perish cuz of the information-glut

And why do we need someone who controls everything? Nobody needs to control how much information I tell you. So why do we need a control of media elsewhere?

He says that most information has no meaning. How many things in life actually have a meaning? And how many people actually care?

Modern Art often has no meaning (yeah, that's true! ), stupid love songs, bad books, rom coms,... so many things got no meaning.
If I tell you that today I didn't learn for chemistry, this info aso has no meaning to you. So what? If I would tell you that I aso didn't learn history, that would be even more useless info but you still live, do you?

It is true that often human progress is measured by our advance in technology.
A point which at first sounds quite disturbing, but on closer look is inevitable.

As people move onward, they will also bring technology to a higher level. Both movements walk hand in hand.

What we should bear in mind is that human progress is not only reflected in the complexity of our gadgets.
Above all human progress is about attaining and aspiring higher meanings of humanity.

Dang, I'm such a smart-ass! (not that I think that this post is specially cool or instructive)

Chu, Ailing

P/s: in case information-glut means the pop-up and flash ads: get firefox, install popup-blocker and flash-blocker add-ons. DONE.
Gosh, I had two frns who either surfed with IE or had no add-ons installed.
It was terrible. I couldn't have lived like that for the past years. One page - 6 flash ads with noise! And once you minimize your browser window, you see like 79 other windows on your task bar

P/p/s: I like the top pic of this post, cuz Rola (yeah sucky name, the right one btw) pouts!
She looks nearly a bit too European and also the Vivi magazine is not really encouraging the kawaii image, so a picture of her doing this pose is quite special somehow.


  1. Why do we sophisticated, super intelligent, far supreme and superior persons always have to keep our mouths shut?

    lol i understand your point

  2. my parents think so too
    and whatever I tell them, they won't believe o.O