Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Charms of Paradise.

Finally, the physics test is over. And it went as shitty shit happends to be.

But let's forget about the sad things in life, or better I don't want to think about it anymore !!!
Let's think of cute and kokoii things instead !

Which are are total of 3 !!!


My mp3 is bought. As far as I know it will arive tomorrow or the day after tomorrow at the latest.

It's totally cute and pink, aye?
And I totally don't care, that you can't see song titles on it!
It's worth the trouble !!! Like Korean product , see?

I gonna blog more abt it, once it arrived !!!
Gosh I wanted this one for nearly a year, but my mom didn't bought it for me in Vietnam (where it would have costed abt 10€ what !!!!)
In the end I managed to make Anh Nam buy it for me, HA !


IKEA will open next Monday !!!

YESSSSSS, even the wannabe cosmopolitan I live in will be blessed with an Ikea !!!
It gonna be the beginning of a new area, a beaming ray of light at the end of dark times.
Oh my brothers and sister, we have suffered long, long we have endured pain and oppression. But I tell you, this days will have an end !!!

No longer will we be the losers in matters of cheap stylish furniture purchase !!!

And best is, that my wonderful dream bed is still available !
At least, on their homepage.
Yes, I still didn't buy it and I'd have to paint it white myself. So what!

And I have to buy a wardrobe !
Actually, talking about my wardobe... Where the fuck did it go?
Seriously, I'm not kidding !!!

I wasn't at home one afternoon 2 weeks ago and when I came home, my parents completely rearranged my room, my bathroom included !!!
All I know is that my wardrobe vanished somehwere and that now I have an idiotic commode instead !!!
I seriously never wondered where they put my wardrobe !!!

Well, it was ugly anyway~
I gonna buy a new white one and my parents will do my bathroom and I gonna get a new shower and stuff and new bathroom furniture.
That's the plan !! Any objections?


Keitai Deco
You surely know that Gyarus love to do this with their gadgets rite?
Sticking your phone, etc. with the cutest gem stones, pearls, ribbons,... is totally kawaii !!!

For all ppl who have wondered, WHERE THE FUCK they could buy all those wonderful, adoreable pieces to zhng up their phones, I found the Purrrrfect site !!!


Here are some of the coolest pieces I have found there:
This charm from Momoeri (Ageha) is the cutest thing on earth!
No kitten, no baby, no picture, no teddy can be as cute as this solid, hard, golden crown with pink crystals !!!

Those cool roses you need in order to do this:

It's total love !!!!!!

Then of course there are all stuffs of sweets, cakes, fruits and so on,
to achive sth like this:

If you were more fascinated by this stuff, you can get such ribbons, too !!!

And Please make sure you get one of this crazy-cute whiped-cream letters if you should buy sth there !!!

Btw what abt.... your DS?

They sell so many other cute stuffs for gadgets there, like (custom-made) charms, pouches, so so many kawaii things, you surely will go mad !!!!!!!!!!!
One of the most stylishst accessoy there, are little heart ballon, which can be stick onto your mobile.
They will sweeten your phone for over 6 months !!!!!!

Ok, just now my browser kicked the bucket !!!

I dunno for fucksake what the problem is, but now it crashes everytime I type. Yes, if I type !!!
More than two 'types' are too much for my goddamn browser to cope with...
What the fuck does that mean ???

Anyway, maybe just now an attentive blogder wonders, how I could write those lines, if my browser abkacken all the time.
Well, I type this in Word right now.


And I'm done blogging anyway, so thanks for reading !^^
See you around, when my mp3 arrived !!!

Chu, Aini


  1. Hey I want to thank u hihi
    Aaaai ur mp3 is so cute *__*
    Thats really unique.
    Strapya-World is a cool website
    They have so cute stuff for cell phones..I want some stuff...

  2. Relink ! Thanks comment me back if you relink me :D

  3. nyee in IE ließ sich dieser bilderreiche eintrag nicht anschauen.. also bin ich jetzt mim ff unterwegs. strapya world ist toll, nicht? kenn das schon lange, hab da aber noch nie was bestellt - wollte aber so nen uhu haben :( den gabs aber nicht mehr in pink >-< wie dem auch sei, die spammen mich immer mit ihren newslettern zu haha...
    sobald ich mein neues handy habe, verunstalte ich vielleicht die rückseite mit so zeugs, denn die vorderseite hat ja die LED und den ganzen pipapo, da lässt sich das shclecht machen. aber naja... gehen die dinger leicht ab?
    sonst würde das schlecht für mcih aussehen, falls ich mein handy je mal wieder abgebe oder verkaufe!!

    uh zufälligerweise war ich gestern bei ikea und mein traumbett hab ich da auch gefunden! es ist ein gemütliches, hohes himmelbett in weiß! für hochgerechnet 700€, lecker preis. oO
    aber da mich meine mum eh mit 18 rausschmeißt, brauch ich das jetzt auch nicht großartig umzustylen