Saturday, 20 June 2009

Love actually.

Music: 1

should be learning physics right now =.=
Arrghhhhh !!! I hate myself !!!
I will totally fail in life you know?

I got so damn N.O.T.H.I.N.G. to tell you.
But well, it's my blog .
So let me write my thoughts down for a while.

It's absolutely incomprehensible for me why people rant about people who don't give credit, when they don't seem to give them themselves.
The chances for taking inspirations from my blog are 90% !!!
There are so many similarities !!!
But no credits and I think right now I don't even mind that (anymore).
Still, hey if you think you can rant about others, why don't you do it right yourself?

Another thing: Do you think that giving credit in form of 'hearts' or anything non-name like is wrong?
I think it's totally ok, as long as IF you're giving credit.
That person IS linked or is it not?
Why does anyone need their name on it?
It's all helpless, peeps, the world is too damn ignorant~
Oh father, let me transcend into another place !!!

Now look at this:

Isn't this cap the CUTEST CAP ever ?!
It's SBY and they got loads of damn cute stuff, but this cap is the peak of cutesiness !!!
For more cute stuff: Gal'sPop

Gosh I wish I could buy that cap, it's totally overwhelmingly cute !!!
Nah, I neither understand that site, nor do I have any idea of whether they deliver to any country except Japan.
I guess they don't

So, now that's it.
I did my written french diploma test today. It went so lalaaaa (ok, i might have messed the compréhension orale part )

I hate physics, I don't want to learn for it !!!

Also, my cam is gone (or better my parents put it somewhere) and I can't take pics of the things I bought.

why the fuck is it smelling like burning sth all the time ???
arghh...... it's not my computer or something technical, isn't it?

Ah and btw, I named my Gyaru Kitty ゑ レヽ (Rui) !!!
Rui is rly a cool gyaru name xD
There perfect name for her, for 2 reasons xD (or 3)

I rly love the brown kittys, how about you?
I*d love to show you a pic of Rui, but as I said, I have no cam xD

Well and also Anh Nam finally really 'bought' my wonderful already out of standard mp3 xD
I still loves it

That's it for real this time.

See you next time, k?
After this test, life will be more easy wit me

Chu, Aini
*sweety greetings* ヽ(´ー`)ノ

EDIT: SNSD's Tell me your wish is quite nice, but not as good as 'Gee' was.
Tho the song still roxxxx !!!!

P/s: I'm hardcore watching Hana Kimi, looking for the part when everyone is searching Sano and then Nakatsu says sth and everybody comes in and suggests stupid things Sano could be doing right now

Don't seem to find it tho.


  1. ah hana kimi, das ist so lustig. gahah -zurückerinner- diese cappy ist so was von süß mit dem bommel darüber - und so was tolles gibt es natürlich wieder leider nur in japan. ein grund mehr, um da leben zu wollen und seinen wohnwort zu hassen xD
    der rechner meines bruders kokelte auch mal so richtig, musste dann ausgetauscht werden, der kühler hatte seinen geist aufgegeben...

  2. hehe six schmuck ist wirklich teuer, aber ich kann dem nicht widerstehen... das war schon seit jahren so, dass ich da trotz der preise einkaufen musste. bei denen ist dann meine selbstdisziplin und mein geiz am ende. XD
    jup. die heißen stipe, cloud, puko und niko. der neue heißt übrigens sky und ist ein buntes einhorn. 8D

    coffee craze? kenn ich nicht. ich google gleich mal, kann von simulationen etc. nicht genug haben *-* sogar mein neues sims3 exemplar ödet mich langsam an, weil ich es zu lange gespielt habe... und hannah montana - nach dem kinofilm gräuelt mich das iwie >D

    oki, ab sofort größere bilder hihi.

  3. es ist schon wieder passiert. ich schreib nen kommi, der wird nicht abgeschickt aber ich hab schon das fenster geschlossen! na troll. nochmal von neu schreiben. aber ich hab den unteren blogeintrag diesmal gelesen. xD also der orange-blondhaarige ist key. ich find minhos antwort gar nicht so schlimm T-T

    und taemin, der mit den lockigen haaren, sit mein favo *___* haha allkpop news sind halt blöde, kommt auf den autoren an |D

    ich find das doof mit den matrosen/pilotenzeugs, das haben zurzeit voll viele. ich könnt jetzt in der stadt shoppen gehn und hätte schnell n outfit in der art zusammen. oh nein die woolworths sterben aus D: nur mal so, sagse eigentlich wollwort oder wuuuhlworth(englisches th)?

  4. to be honest - i have no idea how people could understand me if i would write in korean (except of my few korean penpals who show up on cascade for just 1x per month) LOL. you could use google translate though. ah ok, i think 'wuuuhlworff' is right. but i'll stay with wollwort, because it doesnt sound that stupid haha. there is nothing else i could say now. ah! there is... do you know that hairy woolworth dog called woolie? XD the mascots of those retailers such as woolworth, kik etc. were so ugly...

    oh and it's after school on the banner ^^ their music is kinda bubblegum pop-like. ugh so many girlgroups are popping out now!