Thursday, 18 June 2009

So Fresh So Cool

Music: 1

It's still too hot !!!

I wondered if I should really post right now for abt 3 hrs already.
And I got to tell you that I won't think about any sentence I write and that I absolutey DON't want to blog right now!
Not a single bit !!!

The only reason why I blog, is because en surfing I get little impulses to blog every now and 10 seconds later !!!

So here is Big Bang's Hite CF.
Actually the idea is quite nice, though the face of the one in the end is weird???

Warning: their might be quite a few MVs coming up !!!

The song is also quite cool!
Like got the summer-party-fun feel! If you need such a song, cuz growed bored of all the dang ballads, it's the rite thing for you !!!
Can watch it here !!!

Next song which is quite nice is (shall will be?) 4 Minutes' Hot Issue.
Also quite party, or as they state themselves 'sweety punky' or 'cuty rocky' bleh~
I don't remember~
Oh i got it 'candy punky'!
Quite techno. A bit Gewn Stefanie. So anywho who likes stuff similar to err... 'Hollaback Girl' will love it !^^ Though the songs has different parts to it, too~

Nxt will be Shinee.
Err.....1st this save energy save earth nonsense !!!
Their save energy song:

What i gotta say is:
it's embarassingly fake and stuff !!!!!!!!!!!
Yah, come on save engery, but still live normal, yah?
Have mercy with us Shinee !!!!

Well, the 1st idea with that coffee cup is still acceptable, but come on air conditior against fan?!
Car against bobby car?
Ok that isn't even up for discussion !!!
Stop exaggerating man, you know yourself, it's stupid !!!

And then that guy with that hammer! He is ridiculous.

And now the mega thing that will totally hit you like wasabi, hor:
Hottie Minho gave off a manly aura with his answer to the question, “What would you do if your found out your girlfriend and friend were contacting each other?” Minho answered, “I’ll tell her to stop because she has me.”

I don't know if I should 'HA HA HA' or 'LOOOOOOLZZZ' or 'LMFAOOOOOO' or dunno, right now?
What kind of answer is this?
I don't know if I should just die laughing, cuz the anwer is so goddamn macho, or shake my had and 'tskkkk' for that surplus of testosterone!

How old is he btw?
I thought Jonghyun was the one saying this, he seems most 'manly' to me.
(since he totally got the turkish flavor flav in errr 'juliette' ?)
But he said another awesome thing loolzz:
Jonghyun was asked, “How do you feel about girlfriends older than you?” Then my lovely Jonghyun answered, “I don’t’ think age should be a variable in love” and even added, “Same zodiac signs are okay, too.” *Jaw drops* Jonghyun, did ‘Nuna Is So Pretty’ get to your head or something? You would go out with someone 12 years older than you? Well, what about someone three years younger than you *wink*? With his answer, the nuna staff members at the radio station went all giddy.

Ey, what's that giddy stuff!
His answer is perfectly alrite, hor !!!

Though I don't think that I would mind any zodiac sign, but I guess one is also right considering them when chosing a husband/ wife !!!!
It's asian, you ignorants, pah !!!

This is what Taemin said: (it's that rock lee guy rite?)
Then youngest Taemin was questioned, “What would you do if your parents were against your girlfriend?” Well, Taemin is the baby so he replied; “I would persuade them by acting cute and nagging.”

Hmm...... no comment~
It's just typical korean wannabe cute !!!

Lastly, is that Juliette performance of them:

WHOTHEFUCK is that guy in orange (hair)?????
I can totally not remember which Shinee group member is missing !!!!!!!!!!!
Which once again prooves:
my bad (especially asian even more specially korean name) memory
my bad asian face recognizing brain part

Or it's not me, it's the fact that that guy also had to dye his eyebrows, so that now he totally looks like not him ?!?!?!?!

OMG, WHO THE FUCK is it????

AND that high tone Jonghyun (whatever his name is) makes is very remarkable xD
AND i love the curly hair of that guy with the curly hair !!!
Gimme your hair man !!!

Now, finally one last thing:
Isn't this girl very adoreable?

Credits: allkopop lmfao !!!

P/s: I'm trying to find a name for my Hello Kitty plush now!
Wish me good luck !!!

P/p/s: After studying the sese song once again, i found out that that blonde/orange guy is key....
whoever key is xD
(i hate strange english names of asian artists)

P/p/p/s:it may sounds as if i dun like shinee. that's wrong.

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  1. das erste foto von den letzten drei fotos mit dem mädchen ist total süß!^^