Monday, 20 July 2009

Post on the Eve.

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(/・0・) やぁ〜
How's everybody doing?
I thought I should update my blog a bit before I load my new layout up!

So anyways, Ms Kim Hoang has set her blog to signed in users only !!!

Actually I didn't care for her blog after I posted up that entry abt her, but then a girl left a tag concerning that entry and I decided to take a quick look at her blog to check if she's still posting the same shit like the last gaziliion years (i.e. ugly pictures).
mskimhoang has enabled Signin Lock

Ok, wtf, if she wants it that way~
I signed into my dusty xanga account, but what was awaiting me?
mskimhoang has enabled Friends Lock

I don't know why she did what she did and I don't rly think that she read my post abt her (since if she had done, she'd have corrected her offical homepage into an official one......... orr.... maybe she doesn't know HTML)

Anyway, her blog is only for friends to view:
Who wants to see a blog containing nth but ugly pictures? (・・?)
I really really don't understand !!!

And also I just want to remarkt, that I am still seeing fuckloads of dead animals !!!
Not only that, it has getting worse!
The dead animals are looking more disgusting then ever!

Only the last 8 days I have seen four of them!
Last weekend: dead bigger bird (like a hawk or whatever - ok I admit boring one)
Last wednesday: dead flat sth (I guess rabbit)
looked like small round flat thing of skin and flesh around it!
Last saturday: dead ermine/ ferret/ whatever
at first I thought it was a orange/brown spotted cat, but it looked to big and the body was to long, today I saw it again and decided that it was some kind of ermine...
Today: dead hedgehog
looks like the dead rabbit, only with needles in the middle instead of skin and flesh lumps around it (very similar to minced meat hor!)

Super mysterious case lah!
I'm starting to believe in 2 theories!
First one is only I can see those divine (bad!) omen OR
a cruel mass murderer is at work here !
Which one do you like more? (?´・ω・`)ナニナニ

Today we went into a factory producing pipes and all sorts of that stuff with cast iron (Gußeisen). It was very interesting, I like doing stuffs like that (not iron lah, but doing guided tours!
We had to put on special coats, a helmet and headsets while the guide showed us around the smelting furnace (Schmelzofen) and all the other factory buildings.
And we stopped at one place where the pipes are being coatet inside.
A few men where standing in front of the conveyor belt (Förderband) and had stopped their work to let the guide show us a few things.
Suddenly my frn nuged me and pointed to a column behind the conveyor belt:
There was a porn picture of a blond sitting in front of piled wood, the only thing she was wearing were boots !!!
But she held a board diagonally in front of her so that you couldn't see her vagina !!!
Of course the men noticed that we noticed their pic and started to grin at us!
Whoaa... so typical men can?

After the tour we had a sponsored meal (I dunno if I can say sponsored, but our teacher said that the tour and the food was sponsored soooo~)
I love rich ppl, they sponsor all kind of stuffs !!!

Lastly since this will probably be the last entry with this layout, you can start the mourning festivities,
I want to join a rating event !!!
(ok it's no contest as I wanted to wrongly write at 1st, but still I'm a contestant xD)

It's my 1st time joining anything and and and and and and I dunno leh~
Loolzz no, I just want to see how good(or /bad if you want it that way) my skin is.
Let's see how it will be rated !^^

That's the banner, the rating is done by
Irene and
They'll give points to so many things:
Themes – 10%
Color combination – 10%
Attractiveness – 10%
Originality – 10%
Overall feeling – 10%
Design material – 10%
Referencing – 10%
Creativity – 10%
Content – 10%
Uniqueness – 10%

It's so much I don't even know where to start checking if my blog meets the demands

Actually they both have set up another contest the Pink Print Contest.
I'd join it since it's very creativem like making logos or banners, but in my eyes the way to get points (linking them, following them, commenting) hast just nothing to do with the actual contest, right?

Maybe'll still join for fun

Have a nice day then everbody !
Chu, Aini


  1. naa? wie stehts mit dem neuen layout ? hm, ein tier-serienkiller treibt sein unwesen bei euch! oder ganz einfach: there's too much traffic. diese ganzen autos überfahren die tiere. bäm. platt & tot. arme tiere. und wenn sie verwesen, hinterlassen sie ekelige viecher... bägääwdjnaswhea..

    haha, ist doch gut so, wenn diese kim hoang oder wer auch immer es jetzt nicht ganz sichtbar macht, kriegt dann nicht jeder so einen schock. ansonsten kannst du sie ja als freund adden XD

  2. aaaw did u miss me? xD
    thought I drop by to say that I'm still alive...
    ust don't feel like blogging much n my host change the IP adress n I didn't know. I changed it today, but it tooks 24 hours till it works ''-_-
    so wassup? do u have vacation already?