Thursday, 16 July 2009

無聊 (゜Д゜)

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Today was my school's hiking day !!!
(_ _|||)

Not that the bit of walking we did would deserve it to be called hiking:
We nearly walked to a nearby see, but then stopped at a café just before we'd really reach the sea, some of us had a lil snack and then, a few of us already asked when we could go home (as the plan was 'no hiking if it should rain - we could catch a cold~), but out teacher only said we are in the current phase of shame-period and let us go 10min later so that we could catch the bus at 45".
Very sensible! (-_-;ウーン

But at the time it isn't that hot, but still so damn close (schwül), that even that bit walking in the morning hours made me sweat!
It sucks that we don't have any ice-cream!

On the way home I wanted to drop in at H&M's, in order to maybe buy the big Mickey Mouse bag there.
I don't find any pic of it, but well it's quite big, made out of robust beige fabric, and I think there're Mickey and Minnie sitting on a meadow on it, the bags handle are hawser things (the robes you use on ships).

However in the end I didn't, cuz my frn wanted to go home and told me it was fate that the tram just arrived the moment we stepped out of the bus and reached the station. (_ _;)/~~~~" 降参!許して..
So, I went home.

Actually the last few days I thought of this bag, it always reminded me of the big shopping bags from the whole gyaru lot.

Also I'd gave me a feeling of doing some eco-friendly stuff (no plastic bags anymore), and being eco-friendly is IN, isn't it? *( ̄ー ̄)*
Fuck nature !!

Oh, look I even found a pic with Kumiko wearing a Mickey Mouse bag:

She's made cute, isn't she?
I love her style and she rly has style !

I think Himedesire (or should I call her Truc?) has infected me with her Kumikki craze !
Anyway, right now I think I need the same hat as she wears in this pic, and I need a few of such jumpsuits, too ! (´・ω・`)

Tomorrow, I'm in Nuremberg (LoLz) and this week-end might be Ikea-time!
I looked up my bed on their site and apparently it's still available in our Ikea!
I hope they got it in white! ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Anyway, I noticed that at the moment there are very very little pics on my blog, and actually, isn't that boring?
I mean personal pictures, hor!
I still dunno where my cam is and today it came to me that it's been ages since I lastly camwhored !!! Σ(T□T)

Today, I was so bored after reaching home at 11am and after I cleaned up my whole blog code and learned abt FTP, I had nth to do!
My codes were rly quite a mess !!!
I wanted to take some pics, but got no cam and phone was empty xD I mean flat/dead
I started to watch Bleach and then blogged this! ( ´(00)`)ブヒ

And... nearly forgot to blog this:
My aunt has a new baby !!!
She's only two weeks (or sth arnd this) old, so I can't say if she's cute or not and I only saw her sleeping, too!
Err... it's a girl obviously!
But I beg she'll look damn cute, since the other kids of my aunt look like angels !!!
Totally dream-asians !!!

The older girl has completely fair skin, gigantic eyes and long curly lashes !
The boy looks absolutely cute, always grins and also has long and curly lashes !
They are both so adorable ヽ( ´¬`)ノ ワ〜イ !!

And you know how the new baby is called?
I'm afraid that she'll hate it to have no vietnamese name, but whatever!
My uncle wanted a tây/angmoh name and they got me to chose one !!!

At 1st I refused, since I like vietnamese names much more than other other names (ok maybe japanese ones are better), but since there's no other way~

It was really hard to find any nice name, which isn't unprejudiced.
Like... Elizabeth
Seems like shit of a name (no insult, actually if i'd met s.o. called like that, i wouldn't mind, but the question is Would you call your daughter Elizabeth ?

I wanted to find a short, exceptional and well-sounding name, in the end ALYSSAH was the name of my choice meeting every demand!

Actually I called her Alyssah after her (http://arissaluna.moonfruit.com/) (tho I forgot her exact name and ahem........... lmfao! btw if u like lounge music you'll love her site!)

Then my uncle aso wanted to rename his two other kids !!!
I refused to find names for them, too, but then one evening my mom called home and said,
Do you have a name for the new baby?
You gotta find a name now!
Why ah?!
Because your aunt could gave birth to her this night and then she absolutely needs a name !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which finally convinced me, so after 2 hrs so I called her back telling her the name and she said Hey how about calling the older girl Steffi (short form of Steffanie)?

Again, nth against ppl called Steffanie, but your own kid?
My cousin?
Steffi ??? w(☆o◎)wガーン
So, I was forced to find a name for her, too!
And my mom wanted me to find a French one for both !!! I beg you pardon?
Jean-Luc and Dominique or wtf ??? Horrible!

I set out on a search for good names and found two other perfect ones!
Randy and Jolin !!!

Wonderful right?
Randy totally fits to the boy, cuz it reminds me of rampage (better the german word for it randalieren), since he's a little troublemaker and always is on the go !!!

Jolin is just beautiful !!!

What my mom didn't fint, she actually told me that my uncle didn't like that name, cuz it's sound too chinese. My father said it sounds like Giao Linh (the vn spelling for the name).

But, since I know my mom pretty well, it was clear that SHE was the one didn't liking the name and finding it too chinese !!!
She either convinced my uncle to finding it bad too or didn't tell him abt it at all !
But when I told her that the name comes form Norway, North-Germany and France (!, which is the truth btw), she suddenly started to like it!
And my uncle too !!!

Eventually, she had sth against Randy, since she finds that it is too hard to pronounce!
Well, it's too late, since I already get him used to this name!
Everytime I call Randy, he looks at me and says Ruan pronounced chinese(ly?)!

I told you that I cleaned my codes, didn't I?
Well, it looks like I'll be having a new layout soon, so stay tuned !!!
It won't be templated anymore, but featuring the new blogger gadgets!

Chu, Aini
*gyaru ice-cream greetigs*

P/s: I didn't buy the bag!
Considering a 15€ bag from H&M (and therefore got high discount chance) and a pink layered gyaru skirt, for 5,95€ and discount, I decided to take the skirt !!!

The other money need to save for my bed and more furniture =.= !!!


  1. crap, ich muss eigentlich offline, bin heimlich hier. also gehts gerade um leben und tod und ich schreibe wie wild XDD... aber der eintrag reizt mich so *-* der gyarustyle ist klasse. die japanischen fashion magazine dagegen teuer. obwohl es da so viele inspirationen gäbe. aber naja, die 8-12€ kann ich lieber für ein kleidungsstück kaufen, dass ich nicht aus dem katalog habe.

    du hast mich hungrig auf eis gemacht. diese kumiko oder wer das ist, ist hübsch >_< und ja, sie hat style! möcht auch sone tasche... japanisches eis sieht nicht nur schön aus, es ist superlecker. muss ich mir nächstes mal wieder kaufen (: ich find chinesische namen gar nicht so schlecht. XD mag meinen vietnamesischen namen nicht. ugh gaga adsjjwds.s... jolin ist ein schöner name. ich würd den nehmen :>

    ich mag SHINee mehr als DBSK .__.

  2. Hmm, im looking for WP plugin. Well, i think my plurk is not perfect yet, :/