Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Day Before Christmas

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As you see I hardcore tried to xmas-ionize my layout,
but it turend out to be a complete poor mess xD
In both, FF and in IE........
I dunno why the snowflakes appear black in FF and why the bambi laggs in IE.........
Complete Bullshit.
But I shall leave it like this.
I dun care.

BUT it*s {nearly} Christmas.
And I want to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU
#1 to all of those ppl coming from
Germany, the Netherlands, the U.S., Romania, Belgium, Slovenia, Austria, Aruba, Bulgaria, Czech, Australia, Estonia and of course Vietnam.
And many more countries, which I dunno..... to visit my blog !^^

#2 to all ppl who kindly bookmarked me, and to those sites who linked me
like June*s or Anna*s..... I think there are more, but I dun know you {since you didn*t tell me}

#3 to all those other kind ppl who support my blog and blogders.

So and now FUCK YOU to those who don*t comment........... OOOPS !!!
That*s all of you~
Seriously, why isn*t anyone commenting?
It*s mean!!!! Mean, mean, mean........
And it*s Christmas soon, how can you be so heartless?!
But I can help you, jux use this post and leave a
*Happy Christmas* comment, ya?
Thanx for your Cooperation!

You know what?
Could it be that I always start new graphs with phrases like *You know what?*
Dad told me some days before that mom REALLY bought me the yellow jacket from Replay !!!!
Sugoii !!!

And you know why? See?
Dad told me that mom said... *Let*s buy her the jacket. She is such a poor child!
And her grades are quite ok, too. {Actually THAT*s quite understated. my grades a far more than quite good!}
And at the moment she rly improved with doing work at home. {Err... Let*s say we*re quits }

So she said and bought me the jacket....
Cool, not?
But, it*s kinda sad, that I already know it now~
It would have been the 1st realy surprise from my parents =.=
I have never been real surprised by them in my whole life
Who cares.... I got the jacket for sure xD Whohoooo~

But now, since I think I won*t come online tml, I wish you all

And Lots of Presents!!!
I love you all !!!

And before I forget it, here*s a BIGASS winter pic of me, so you got sth rant abt~
I personally think it*s horrible.
But I put very much effort{Mühe} in this, so I blog this for the effort*s sake {um der Mühe Willen}....

Edit: Ok..... problem wit the xmas bambi and snowflakes is solved xD
That means... it still laggs in IE, but I think that*s because of my stupid computer !^^
P/s: Will blog sth serious again after Christmas, rite? Theeeere you are xD


  1. ai-niii found you aswell!!!!!

    since ive deleted ,my blog all links, pictures, entries were gone .__.
    (stupid mistake of meeee)

    i think you've got to look at your dashboard, after that click on blogs i follow and manage,
    add me again or you're a hidden follower .-.

    that could be the reason why i can't see you xD

    also wish you a merry christmas and a lot of presents!
    lets celebrateee teh new yearrr~

    lvoe, alice.

  2. das bild am ende ist wirklih winterlich. die farben sind schön. und oooh my gosh deine augen *_* sind das kontaktlinsen? deine echten wimpern? oder bearbeitet..? ok ich frage zu viel sorrii u.u deine haarfarbe ist schön ^_^ (sagen wir doch, dass alles schön ist, echt ts ts >.<) XD

    ich frage mich immer, woher du die schönen pixel hast ^^ das lay ist dir vom gesamtbild her gut gelugnen, rosa an die macht!

  3. dir auch frohe weihnachten!!
    und einen guten rutsch ins neue jahr :3

    huch seit wann bisu so blond?!

    ich hab meien haare erst wieder schwarz gefräbt.
    a) ansätze sucken extremst
    b) dun t know where to get augenbraunfärbe mittel :D