Sunday, 28 December 2008


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Next time you come, I make Blueberry-Muffings. And a fish with the oven - that tastes so good!', said the woman, who wears size 34, and waves.

source teamsugar

This woman is Daria Werbowy

And this part is taken from an article of the Glamour January 2009, p. 192.
I read it and thought.
She is a model, WTF !!!
Why the fuck are they emphasizing that her size is 34?!
Are they sick, what did they want with doing that? Do they think that we get jealous, or dunno~ that we start to admire/ envy her?
Everbody knows that a model is slender, WTF???!!!
Gosh, some ppl are stupid enough to get beaten!!! One of them is the writer of that article~

But I dun want to write abt that.
I jux came up from baking some biscuits/cookies/plätzchen with mom.
And actually I wanted to write abt sth else, but it*s late already, lah~

So I decided to write a short post abt this.

I saw this blog sometime ago already lah.
But last time I visited it, I read a bit on it
and I was shocked!

Wtf! It looks like I would be Imitating that woman!!!
I mean she says she*d love pink?!
She calls herself a princess?!
She aso hates stupid ppl?!
And everything else at her blog~
I thought that would be me, exept that my blog is much more interesting o.O

The whole rest is made in such a *Cute-Jap-Style* Tsk~
Oh..... I feel like ranting abt that blog. Should I?
Who cares~ I mean the whole time she praises her html skills and stuff, althought the site only consits of a few stripes?!
And I know for sure that the border with the dots is at least 95% from Jap sites, which offer Homepage Graphics. Maybe she did it herself, but the main idea of the border can be founded anywhere in the www.


I apologize to everyone who thinks this examples are too weak. I won*t search the whole web for better ones =P

You get what I mean.
Now, don*t think that I haven*t anything better to do then complaining abt meaningless blogs. The mean idea of this posts is that
I am shocked abt how similar that woman seems to be to me.
But my blog is older, IF anyone would have imitating anyone in here, then that anyone wouldn*t be me. Cheers~

Other Things That Really Annoy Me
#1: That Rihanna is 1st place in the U.S. charts
Why? That woman sucks!!! What she*s doing can*t be called singing!
It*s a mix of strangling {würgen}, groaning {stöhnen} and puking {kotzen}!
#2: That Beyoncé is so popular
#3: The Vid to her song *Single Ladies* {whatever it*s called~}
Why? Isn*t anybody or herself seeing that she is absolutely TOO FAT to dress in that thing?
I always thought that her thights {Oberschenkel} are strong enough to carry an elephant and flabby enough too ..... I dunno.
Watch here! Incredible Fugly!

Uhm... as for Christmas... I will blog abt it another day~
My presents were ok. Hope you had some fine daes~
I try to write a big rant and to finish a new layout for Sylvester, lor~
I think I won*t finish my Xmas post, before 2009 LooLZz
So here*s another picture from aini. Since the last one found slight positive response I shall be encouraged to upload this even more horrible pic~

Jux dun say anything if you dun like!
And here*s an important message concerning my blog!

The URL Change
I have given it some thoughts and I rly want to change the URL of my blog.
The only is, that I dunno if I will use a blogspot adress or if I*ll chose to use another domain~
But you are prepared now!


  1. which article of which national glamour are you referring to about daria? does it say only stupid things or is there anything worth quoting? :-)

  2. größe 34 ist gar nicht unbedingt ein anzeichen dfür, dass man schalnk ist. ich habe diese größe, weil ich so klein bin .__.

    ich finde dieser blog faket dich doch gar nicht. ok, diese sachen neben dem eintrag haben schon ne ähnlichkeit mit deinen.. aber ich dachte bisher immer, das wäre standard bei blogs. XD;; aber ok, so pixelspitzen sehe ich oft bei koreanischen/japanischen blogs. find die schön ^_^ nur wäre das kuhler, wenn das nicht ein pixel wär, sondern.. normal halt... XDD;;

    hör dir doch mal rainism von bi rain an. ist ein relativ neues lied und ich mags^^

  3. Heey danke - ich haate echt ne menge spaß! Konzert war sooo cool <3 Ich war bisschen enttäuscht von Nguyen Hung...der war diesmal nicht so gut^^
    Aber hauptsächlich war ich nur wegen Nguyen Thang da xD Ouch mann der war toll *_*
    Woa ich mag dein Blog echt <3 Hat wirklich etwas eigenes =]

    Linh xoxo