Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Twilight - Some Emotions are Timeless

Music: 1/ 2

The longer I look at this layout the more it sucks!
The coding and the way the content and sidebars look is really poor~
And I want to say sry, to everyone who is disappointed cuz this lay isn*t pink....
Err....... yah..... it*s in a way wonderful romantic rite? But not kitschy {kitschig}!
For the new year I wanted an emotional layout, which fits to my mood!

Well I feel as if it would be ages ago since I last blogged, if anyone is aso feeling like this, I apologize to this person!
For you! xD

So, what happened the last days?

#1 I watched many movies.
Every evening one.
And I hate watching *great* movies.

E.g. I watched *Alexander* {however it*s called} with Collin Farell~
Btw how old is he? Quite old, huh? Or at least too old for me? But he was rather cute in that movie.... {and young!}

However, it*s always like this~
After I watch such *gorgeous* movies, I always feel like a part of me is dieing/ wants to die right now.
In Alexander, Alexander {Collin Farell} dies in the end, although he was a wonderful person and everything. Watch the movie so you can understand what I*m talkin abt!
It was a very tragic death {poisoned}.
And everytime I watch movies like this {like Troy where Achilles {Brad Pitt} died} I feel super terrible!
I feel like wanting to tear myself into pieces, cuz I soooooo much want to travel back in time to save those m*therf*cking guys* lifes!!!

I feel sooooooooo sorry for them. Ax!!!!
It can*t be helped...
I am depressed and frustrated for the rest of the day and the next day!
Right now I feel like hitting my table... but I know that that would only made all the things on it jump up and then fall down and maybe they get broken or so..............
Ax !!!!! Can*t anyone help me? Please?

#2 Twilight
I*m sure you have at least heard of that book/ movie?
So many ppl around me have read/ are reading it right now and are always talking abt cute Edward {who is mine! xD}
And aso SVZ has ads for the movie. And my frn is listenin to *River Flows in You* from Yiruma, cuz in the movie Edward is playing it for Bella~

So romantic, rite?

But you know what! Dream on, sisters!
Edward is mine! I will search him, even if I have to go to the end of the world.
Even if it would take Eterneties!!!

Oww, I wish he would be a real person!
So I can meet him once... One a beautiful day....
When the moon shines

and then


SERIOUSLY GIRLS, I have never never never liked that romantic SHIT, but TWILIGHT is the worst romantic crap I have ever seen, so insance crappy that even those romantic-fanatical chicks have to notice it!!!!
A stupid girl and a wannabe vampire???????
How silly is that?
And why should THAT Book be better than all those other stupid love stories?!

And as if the 1st part is not enough of an insult to sensible persons, that money-obsessed person even wrote more parts of it!!!
My friend, who adored the 1st book, even says that the following parts are all mediocre {niveaulos} rubbish....
And from what I know abt them, I can only say *Yes they are*
The whole story gets so dumb and hollow. It is a imposition {Zumutung} for each person, who has taste {Geschmack} and a brain!!!! {like me...}


And your old-fashioned farmer name sucks!!!

I hope Edward has heard that and will visit me someday!!!
I would hit him.... even if he then would smash me to pulp {mich zu Brei schlagen}
Ha! What a coward hits a human girl.... =PPP
Ewww ...you dunno how fun this imagination is... I*m sitting here with a mega grin xD

And btw....... Bella is the dumbest name the author could give that girl~
Bella Swan..... Why dun you call her *Beautifull Princess Elegance*, to stress that fact that she is a godlike beauty?!
Ok, that is not a real name but..... how abt.....
ok I think I can*t top Bella Swan. That name is already trashy {kitschig} and idiotic enough....
Maybe you could say *Bella Jolie Swan*.... Ok that got no sense but still!
Tsk...... really to call someone *beautiful swan*..... isn*t that retarded?!

#3 We had no water on New Year*s Eve and on the following day !!!
Ok, we had water. But only could one and only on the first floor {where there is no shower}!!!
That means everytime when I had to take a piss I had to run down all the way to our guest toilet!!!
And the problem on New Year*s Eve is that {I dunno if this is vietnamese superstition {Aberglaube}, but it supposed to bring luck/bad luck if you do it/don*t do it} you have to wash yourself before you enter the new year........

In the sink {Spülbecken} of our kitchen... alrite man~
Well mom solved that.. with a towel =.=

#4 Errr....
Go and watch *Nigahiga*s the are REALLY GOOD. And if I*m saying this and you dun watch you have missed sth in your life, klaro?

And that*s already it!
PP says aini and
Go Fuck Yourself Edward!!!

Edit: OMFG!!!!!!! Oh my god what for fucksake is that?!

After I watched Harry Potter yesterday, I felt terribly sorry that that guy died, and now he dares to play motherfucking Edward?!
Do you think that*s fun?
Why is god punishing me with this?
I think such a thing is called Irony of Fate, and it*s hitting me right in my face~
Can anyone pls contact that actor and tell him that I send for him, cuz I have an urgent feeling of wanting to HIT HIM??!!!
Aww~ and I aso want to hug him, cuz he look so cute... I like his red lips, hor! xD
But he looks ugly with short hair.... and when I saw the trailer of *Twilight* I didn*t think that the actor of Edward looked cute~
Anyway~ I*m punished
Anyone can help, I feel like..... going crazy~
See Robert Pattinson (Ed*s actor)


  1. oh gott deine einträge sind so lustig >DD du hasst vieles, oder? D: ja rob war bei harry potter dabei |D hm ja twilight is kitschig, aber gehören trotzdem zu meinen lieblingsbüchern. allerdings muss ich dir zustimmen, dass zumindest einer der nachfolgenden bände schwachsinn ist - nämlich ECLIPSE.

    ahya die story ist simpel find ich... aber ich hab mehr interesse an den film, also gehts ja, da kommen eh nicht alle sachen vom buch vor //D
    diese wannabe japaner/asiaten sind aber so drauf, dass die asiaten antätscheln, sich bei denen einschleimem usw. :D ich sprech aus eigener erfahrung. sobald die aber DENKEN, dass ich keine ahnung habe von asiatischer musik (nur weil ich fragte, welcher star auf dem foto sei...) - fangen die an, mich doof anzugucken. o_O ich hasse die visukiddies am meisten! they should go to hell ò_ó
    oh man die hat wirklich ähnlichkeit mit meiner nichte, naja ich hoffe auch nicht vom charakter her, denn sonst... (tot)

  2. ich kann nichts lesen xD
    die farben von bg und von der schrift sidn so gleich ich kann nicht mal kopieren und gucken was da steht .-.

    wollte nru mal so sagen xD

  3. joah :P haut schon hin ^^
    die brille gibts nich bei h&m - ich hab die einfach zusammen mit dem katalog fotografiert, weil ich seperate fotos für überflüssig hielt. die hab ich für max. 8€ bei ebay erstanden xD