Thursday, 23 December 2010

Baby Love Love~

Nice isn't it? Hahas~

Btw the bear is totally copyrighted under my name since I'm 4 years old, KAYS?
Noone is allowed to reproduce this bear. Noone.

Oh, the bear is the mascot of my blog! So double copyright la!

Omo! You don't know how OTL tired I am!
The last two weeks I didn't really sleep, ytd stay awake until err.... 5am!!!
And I'm feeling so bad, cuz I dun really have Christmas presents for everyone and I haven't even decided on which meal/dish/kiss-my-ass I gonna prepare for tomorrow!
So no single ingredient, too!

And I'm so tired, I just can't get myself to move OTL2DCORE~

(Btw, I think saying omo is totally wannabe - and that's really strange with me, because I nvr heard any Korean saying omo until now + I dun watch Kdramas.
But it looks better than omg~)

Wah! I could suicide ᅲᅲ
And it's getting dark already. Oh no!

Ks, I actually just wanted to wish you all* some happy days, especially to
Donghae, FT Island, TVXQ and hmm~

Why them? because I just want them to be happy and enjoy themselves, as well as everybody else.
Oh and may your presents be awesome!

Chu, Ailing

P/s: oh, because I'm super pathetic, you all means everyone except smellylife and her kum gong friends.
Hahas *pseudo feeling superior*

P/p/s: I forgot to mention that my next lay will probably be totally un-kawaii !!!

P/p/p/s: I nearly started the post scriptum above with oh again, but I overused this word in this entry already! >.<


  1. kein post seit weihnachten? ohoo
    dein design ist weg? arbeitest gerade eh an ein neues, aber hier ist ja gar nichts mehr... schwarz auf weiß :o
    omo sieht wannabe aus, wenn man das schreibt und danach englisch kommt. ansonsten platzt das manchmal aus mir heraus. zu viele dramen geguckt halt~

    2011-post, bitte!