Tuesday, 1 February 2011

뚜루왑 두밥 두밥~

I'm blogging because I have a bad conscience
How's your new year?

Got any plans or wishes or New Year resolutions ?

After reading sth I started wonder which attitude towards new years is smarter/ righter/ etc...

Starting it full of hopes and enthusiasm, or keeping the realistic point of view and remain aware of the fact that the new year is basically the same as always (as if anything has changed~)

I don't know, what's more correct, but I guess being a bit optimistic and full of good resolutions, brings on more forward (ok, is this corright English) than the other bored outlook.

Well, according to FT Island and several anime characteres like Naruto, we should always belive in ourselves and never stop Fighting !

I really want to know if life in animes is easier or not than real life~

Btw this is no real post, I'm just proving that I'm still living

The reason why I don't/ didn't blog, is...

I aso got a life leh not

  • I order lots of stuff @ yesstyle, will show u the things when they arrived (which is only around mid February, cuz they like ship once per century (?!)
  • I got AAA++++++++++ for my Singlish paper
  • I gained so much weight my BMI must be around normal normal >.<
  • I wonder why I still looks rather skinny, though I got so fat
  • I dunno how to celebrate New Year in two days! Noone there to celebrate!
  • I crave for a Miu Miu bag!
  • I crave for lots of bags, because of ebay >.<
  • I crave for a certain (or for several certains) bespoke/ custom-tailored capes/ coats
  • I dunno how to lose all that weight again, w/o skipping dinner. Which I can't rly skip cuz of my parents. I start smoking or what?
  • My room is so messy, it hurts entering it
    Speaking of my room.... Things which lie on the floor, but don't belong there:

    • 3 1/2 pair of heels
    • 8 handbags
    • 3 shopping bags
    • 5 books
    • countless clothes
    • 4 heart shaped pillows
    • 1 fluffy white pillow
    • sweets (wrapped in paper!
    • 2 other types of shoes
    • 1 cosmetic bag/case
    • ...
    Bah! Hopeless~
Anways, that's it.

Proper post on its way!

Chu, Ailing

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  1. Since 3 years I'm constantly telling every year "my" year and it TOTALLY leads to the wrong direction. 2011 has just begun and I feel like puking. But then, I'm thinking much more positive for 2012, haha! Don't ask me why, it would creep you out... you know what I mean.
    What's my other hobby? I didn't know that I have some XD

    A short fairy-tale with an unhappy ending is already in the works. I twittered a German version of it some days ago.
    Me too! (regarding the "changing positions" part)

    Animes aren't exactly easier than real life. If I just look at the characters I find out they have qualities I don't have, like being inhumanly selfless and sacrificing everything(!) just for the sake of your friends. O_O
    If I would act like these Jesus, perhaps my life would be better. People would take advantage of me, but would also love me... in some form or another.

    Recently, I'm buying too many bags and necklaces wtf. And I can't stop it, they ones I'm craving for are all so beautiful =_=
    When I caught a cold, I lost 4-5 kg right away. Being sick is a side effect of smoking, so I'd recommend you to rather go outside while wearing a miniskirt or sth when it's cold instead of smoking...:D