Sunday, 25 May 2008

Fashion Pics, Shoes and ... Cam Whores

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Let's get it over then
{enthusiastic blogger over here}

Was out wit Thuy yesterday. Went shopping from 3 to 7 pm.
In the end my feet were hurting and I was veeeery exhausted .
Nevertheless it was a nice day . In the evening my parents + bro + me went to friends for dinner and stayed there until 1am, watching Eurovision Shit, lah .
{ok, my internet connection jux broke down, but I will still write on, saving the HTML file in Word or so...}

Well then, let me quickly tell you what happened and so on. First I went downtown wit dad +bro to examine a pair of dark green suede {Wildleder} chucks, my parents found and wanted to buy me. Dark green suede sounds bad enough {they are one of those 'high' chucks and inside they have a pink tartan pattern {Schottenmuster}.
Actually I didn't want to buy em, because I want a pair of Nike Airs {or better at least 2 pairs}, but since it seems that I won't get em in the near and far future, I took the Chucks. 45€ lah.
Cheap or not?

After buying them I went to met Thuy. We then checked every shop in our town for stylih clothes etc. I aso asked for little diamonds to zhng my gadgets {mp3, handy, etc...}. In 'Müller' they only have colorful ones, but none in plain {einfarbig} /single-color. Wanted to look in a Bastalshop {shop selling stuff to do handicrafts, what a fuck translation}, but it was closed .
When we visited H&M and one other shop, Thuy n me each chose different outfits and then went in the changing cubicle {Umkleidekabine} to took photos.

Last but never least: the VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLES:

{when taking those pics, I realized how fat my arms really are tt.tt. my thighs {oberschenkel} look quite king-size, too}

Here are the coat I bought sometime last week and the Bambi-thing.

Look, I found these pairs of sandals in our cellar. They belong to my mum, but she dun wear them anymore. I think they look very cool, I could wear them but:
My feet are smaller than my mum's.

It fucking annoying, leh! I'm taller than my mum but I got smaller feet !
My shoe size is 36- max. 38 {4 1/2 - max. 5 1/2}, sometimes even 35 {4} !!! {e.g. ballerina shoes, high shoes anyway!}.
That's so unfair, she got so many nice shoes! But her shoe size is 39 {6}.

K, that's all I wanted to tell
Tormorrow I gotta go to school again. Ewwww...... FUCK !!!
I goddamn hate school !!!
I gotta be through the whole shit {Das muss ich durch!} {<- If this sentence isn't good english, excuse me, but I'm too lazy to find the idiomatic translation} .
PP then ppl, lah x3.

P.S.: {Fuck, the shit jux deleted itself, gotta write it again} Germany yesterday well-earned the last place of the Eurovision Song Contest {hat sich den letzten Platz voll verdient}, the song is jux crappy !!! I knew Germany would lose !
Haha, Fuck those who thought we would win wit this song, Fuck No Axxxxx for joining this competition and thinking they could win wit this bundled shit {they never had the slightest chance} !!!
I like the last song most


  1. die pics sin wunder.toll XD

    and the 2 pairs of sandals too
    vull schade dass du die nicht tragen kannst

  2. Hahahaha EuroVisSonContest war ja total der Absturz für Deutschland xDDD und ja ehm dein Mantel ist ja mal echt hübsch, aber das Bambiii~Ding toppt alles x33 vull süüüß <3

    Xác minh Từ: [viet]td? xDD

  3. hahahah
    ich meld mish au mal wieder XD
    yaaa uii die bilder sind ja cutie geworden! aber eure gesichte und augen sind ja ganz verdeckt .___.
    wie schade!
    weiii das bambi teil ist sou ke aii!!!

    ps: alta! der cursor issja mal mies jaa!! XDD hahahah ders sou kuul man >_< zeichne ganze zeit muster aufm bildschirm mit den sternchen XD haahaha

  4. Ooh cam whoring is fun.
    I hope you had heaps of fun.
    Anyway, I was wondering why you're living in Germany?
    Like for what reason?
    And yeah, more picturesss!

  5. maaan ]:

    hab grad so nen tollem kommi hinterlassen

    da kackt mein i-net ab -.-*

    diese prob mit fette arme/beine hab ich auch :/

    mach zzt übungen dagegen

    ich denke es ist ein vn-volksleiden haha



  6. Heeyy^^die chucks sind ja mal geil =D wollt auch schon lange welche aber irgendwie will ich sie mir nicht leisten haha xD
    Als du Thuy geschrieben hast, dachte ich schon du meinst Thuy von fuyu.myblog.de, aber ist wohl ne andre^^find deine schenkel garnicht king size.. was sind meine dann bitte |D..
    na daann bis bald =)

  7. cute pics :D

    love that shoes from your mum :D

    damn your mum gots really big feets X)

    how tall are u?

    i think your taller than me ne ;)

    lvoe, mai-linh

  8. I forgot what I had to say.