Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Logic x Truth

Hey there. (0^^)0☆♪YAH
No rant.
Srsly tired.

Since I have other things for you.
"( ^-^)/且☆且\(^-^ )"

Firstly, with fame comes haters so let me deal with two shitheads, first !^^

There'd be No.1 Miss lil fuckshit.
What do you mean, I have nth better to do than blogging abt her?
Since everyone reads it (including you), it must be fucking good what I write, isn't it?
And comments in which you say that I should fuck anyone are totally meaningless, so...
Go fuck yourself!

(Get the joke anyone? xD)

No.2 a certain nameless coward, who said that I must be very ugly, because I don't post up any pics of me.
Is this a blog or sth like a picture gallery, bastard?
I don't post 100s of pics of me, because in fact my blog is more than a series of cheap, mediocre, shitty-taken self-shots.
If reading intelligent stuff is too much for you than fuck off to a certain other person's blog, if that is what you think is fitting to your IQ level!
And since you're mentioning it, why don't you stop stalking me, instead of telling me to stop stalking her? (what I don't do~)

And to both of them, but she, moaning troughout the day, has a life, wtf?
Like honestly, stop the dumb comments you two, so meaning nothing to whoever care to read.
Next time, be original. Criticize what's worth critisizing and write what's worth the effort.

And with that said, off to our new interesting topic at our colorful variety show!
Please welcome our special guest today, MC Me!

*korean fake applaus*

I have oftend had to answer the question from many Vietnamese ppl I don't know, Why do you hate Vietnamese?

Often added with a long list of good sides of Vietnam (like friendliness) and accuses of me being kinda racist (?)
Most say that hating prides is OK, but what have normal Vietnamese ppl (= themselves) done to me, so that I have to hate them.

The answer is:
Why can't I hate just hate Vietnameses?
Everybody can hate everyone they like. (lmfao)
Why should I need to justify my hatred for Vietnamese ppl?
Maybe I just hate them.

And also, why can't you accept it, that I hate Vietnameses?
You're so much of a pride yourself, aren't you?

You WANT me to like Vietnamese. Why?
Are Vietnamese any better than other ppl? Are they equal?
(often they are worse soo~)

That should make all of you content,
you can't demand me to like Vietnamese, because it's absolutely my personal attitude and my personal (dis)liking, if I chose to hate or like anyone!
So stop, accusing me for things, which aren't part of your business.

2ndly, why do you think that I hate Vietnamese ppl?
I never said that I hate Vietnameses!

I said that I hate teenage Vietnameses!
Which means I like more or less everyone over 20!
That's much!

And if you're getting angry about me hating teenage Vietnameses JUST NOW, go back and read the whole upper part once again, pls!

I admit that teenage Vietnameses is a bit generalized.
Like there are of course exceptions, for example... I am a Vietnamese teenager, but I like myself pretty much, you know?

So yeah, I will explain what kind of Vietnamese teenagers I don't like:
  1. Prides of course
    Esspecially when they're meeting up for some of their lousy parties or if they are talking (faulty!) Vietnamese, cuz they think it's cool. All deserve to die, I tell you
  2. Stylers of course
    Because they're mostly prides and they got no style!
  3. Every Vietnamese teenager who thinks Vietnameses are better than Germans (or any other nation
    it's generally so that Vietnamese ppl think that they're better than the rest of the world, and I tolerate this belief to a certain degree
    but if they need to meet up, in order to unite their Viet power and celebrate themselves, if they seperate themselves from the (German) society they live in, I could just send them off to some godforsaken dessert

3rdly Why are you accusing ME?
Does Thu not totally hate Vietnamese ppl?

She says that Vietnamese ppl are shitty, throughout her blog, but noone has ever said anything?
Have I ever critized the way Vietnamese ppl are living?

I have never complain about anything Vietnamese and still I accept and cherish Vietnamese culture and concept of morality!

So now with your own eyes, see how I love Vietnamese.
I shall defend them, against an strong enemy.
The real enemy, the real traitor, the REAL VIETNAMESE WHO HATES VIETNAMESES.

Read about his depraved words here.
(all non-german-speakers, save your energy, it's a German blog)

The writer of this blog claims that Vietnameses are only interested in two things
#1 How's your kid doing at school?
#2 What can your kids do?

How can you live with that?
You complain abt my blog, where I said nth close to this criticsm and accept such thoughts?
It makes me only furious!

99% of Vietnamese ask this question because they hope to say that their own child is better
I don't agree.
Mom A: So... how is your kid doing at school?
Mom B: Ohmigod! I don't know how your kid is doing, but my son is soo lazy!
Mom A: Mine too! He comes home from school and sits in front of his computer all afternoon! His grades are so bad!
Mom B: Like my son would be better! He is just as worse. But you know they are all in their puberty. They behave a bit crazy right now, but that will stop after a while.
Mom A: But I'm so tired of scolding him all day long, he doesn't do anything at all! But hows your daughter doing?
Mom B: Well, she's fine. Not very good, but not very bad either. She knows that she has to work hard.
Mom A: Wow, you're so lucky to have such a good daughter. But, all of your kids are very hard-working.
Mom B: Don't say that! My daughter is only so so, and my son... he's a lost cause.

See, it's more like that.
They're asking because they want to know of course, but not in order to think Oh yes, my kids are so much cooler than hers!
It's more like they're both grading themselves down. I think it's part of the Asian culture of course, but it also makes both of them feel more comfortable with their looser kids if both of them say, that their kids is worse, while both know that it's not true. Get it?

Also the 2nd question What can your kids do?
I've never heard anyone posting this question directly. It's more like, they're saying that their own children are too lazy to help their parents at home and with that comes the cleaning and cooking and so on.
And if there should be a child who does all this things, it will be praised very much. But not like, She's a 2nd class human, can do nth! (as that blogger claims!)

Of course being hard-working, playing piano, getting only good grades in school, doesn't make a good human, but maybe a much better one than a total loss.
But I think, that most parent would want their daughter-in-law to be like that. Why not?
I really think that such persons have 100% better chances to get a husband than any other, because - provided that this daughter really is so perfect - she would also be nice and friendly and polite.
And daughters-in-law just don't come any better.

I can't accept, that they are really reducing their parents to some sort of boss, to whom only performance counts.
We all know that it's tue that to Vietnameses, and all Asians, education and grades are very important, or at least of good part more important than elsewhere.

Is that wrong?
Does that mean they love us less?

Everyone who says yes to those questions, negate sth, which is (unfortunately) part of all of our lives: We live in a competitive society, we demand achievement and performance from everybody. 'We' is everyone not only Vietnameses.

It's just a fact, sth which Vietnamese parents take very seriously.
They want their children to be the best, better than everyone.
So we shouldn't complain about this attitude, but use this icentive as a help to fulfill their wishes and make their goal ours.

All of you who doesn't like this idea, do you think that kindness every got anyone somehwere? Does friendlyness make a living?
The better persons get the jobs, not the nicer ones, however sad or whatever that is.

So, in the future think it over if you accuse me of hating Vietnamese ppl, I love them!
And I love Asians, wtf! (ok, there are some Asians I hate, but~ )
And if you want to blame anyone of hating Vietnameses go to either the blog of that girl, with the post I discuess above or to Thu's blog!!!

Thanks for reading, do comment.
Bye bye

Chu, Ailing

P/s: On a unimportant sitenote: The blog is called My thoughts - Pessimism meets logic

Whereas the description of the blog says Like the title says I will try to write down my thoughts in here. I don't lay claim to LOGIC and correctness or completeness

The goddamn title says pessimism meets logic, wtf!!!
And the description the opposite!

I hate just careless stupidity! It freaks me off!
Like grammatic and spelling mistakes in cheap Vietnamese restaurants, just fuck off if you can't write/ think!

Also in my eyes, the title suggests, that this blogs contains nth but unlogical things+ lies (1), half written nothings (2), and pure nonsense (3):
#1 The sky is piss-green, therefore I counted cherries on your apple tree!
#2 Today I went to shit then suddenly...
#3 Asdfwefbn sösfuwöeofslgnsööööööööööööööööööööööäääääääääääööääööääööääöäöäöäöäöäöäöäääää sdfweöoinls!



  1. ohman bist ja echt stur okey von mir aus niemand verbietet dir es viets zu hassen mach das ruhig
    wie du schon sagtes du kannst jeden hassen den du willst
    aber wieso so negativ denken?
    wie wäre es mit jeden mögen den du willst und bei denen die du ned mögen willst einfach nix sagen?

    naja was soll ich noch großartig sagen hmm eig nix du bist sehr stur das muss man dir lassen und da ich dir nicht nahestehe oder so werd ich dich einfach in ruhe lassen
    also dann bye have a nice life usw vllt sieht man sich iwan aber ich denk nicht

  2. Ob du Vietnamesen jetzt hasst oder nicht ist ja im Grunde deine Sache oder?
    Auf jeden Fall denke ich, dass die meisten Arbeitgeber eher Leute einstellen, die höflich zu den Menschen sind und mit ihnen umgehen können als Leute die Supergute Noten haben und charakterlich total unhöflich sind. Wozu gibts sonst das Bewerbungsgespräch? Das ist meine Meinung, ich hoffe du rastest jetzt nicht gleich aus und nennst mich auch fuckin shit or smth like that.

  3. Omg is die musik störend! naja deine sache.
    wieso musst du dich jetzt hinter Thu schützen?
    Nur weil du allein nicht rauskommst?
    Checkst du nicht, was sie mit ihrem post "die viets" sagen wollte? dass es auch scheiße viets gibt! okey ich geb zu die überschrift ist echt behindert aber im inhalt erwähnt sie die meisten und nicht ALLE viets! und wo hat sie bitte geschrieben 99% der viet bevölkerung? das steht nirgends also erfind kein scheiß! Ich denke du hast zu viel Zeit und stalkst dann in andere blogs herum um die mal so richtig dissen zu können. Weißt du denn nicht mehr was du posten sollst? dann kann das hier ja genauso ne klatschpresse werden! wenn du jetzt auch noch den blog pessimism meets logic kritisierst. Und davor hattest du ja noch ein blog kritisiert. Du denkst wohl auch, dass du total perfekt bist! Um dich mal wieder auf den boden der tatsache zu bringen, du bist ein Mensch! Menschen sind nicht perfekt! Das wär's dann.

  4. I think u have 2 much time.
    & u dunno what u have 2 post.
    That's y u looking 4 other blogs
    2 criticize them. I think it's a pity.
    'cause ur blog layout is very nice ^-^
    But please don't rant so much. Not healthy ;D

  5. those dumb bitches again =,=

    Well I dislike Vietnamese teenagers as well although I am one myself.

    why ? well:

    1.They are one of the slutiest where I am from, sex at 12-13 years of age anyone ?

    2. They think they are by far better and hotter then anyone else.

    3. They think they're top shit and gangsta.

    4. They 'act' older than they are.

    5. The bitchiest shits you'll ever know

    I could write a whole list but...


    FUCK OFF if you don't got something new to say, or something that is relevant to the argument/topic. How the fuck did your argument lead to 'appearance' ?! To dumb for a witty comeback ? HUH ?HUUUH ?! Thought It'll make Ailing here cry in the corner because you called her ugly ?! LOL fuck off, it just proves to me, Ailing and whoever else that is reading this blog how unintelligent you are. Your bloody PATHETIC.

    Go suck your mum's titties and once your all full and grown come back with comebacks that count.

    lovelove Ailing ! xox

  6. ich gebe dir so recht, ailing xD zeigs denen! vor allem zum punkto 'keine pics von sich selbst' - na ja, leider sind die stars so drauf, dass die auf ihren homepages ihr gesicht jedes mal abbilden - auf dem lay ist es ja noch OK, aber im blog so oft? selbstverliebt~

    ich hasse auch diese vietprides.. und ich kenne welche persönlich. ;) sogar die in meiner familie sind so drauf. seitdem verleugne ich sogar meine nationalität. ist zwar hart, aber man soll mich einfach lassen. xD
    ich kenne eine, die zu "deutschen" kartoffeln sagt und meint, sie hasse keine kartoffeln ,nur haben kartoffeln kein hirn.
    und dann so cmnts wie 'ich hab kene kartoffeln als freunde. azns sind die besten.'

    nya nun gut, kann man nicht über alles äußern, aber die frage, was das kind gerade in der schule macht, höre ich sehr oft indirekt, und nunja... die verwandtschaft pusht ihre kinder so übelst hoch, doch wenn ich mit den kindern rumhänge, präsentieren die für mich nichts weiter als ein durchschnittliches niveau, vielleicht sogar etwas darunter xD..

  7. Euda wtf is das denn für ne music eh!
    Alda! Dein Blog is übels behindert XDD
    Kannst du nix anderes als nur herumstänkern?
    naja iz nur meine meinung! man biste dumm XDD
    dass du jmd anderen ficken sollst is nich sinnlos, sondern sehr sinnvoll XDD was du anscheinend eh grad tust XDD weil du spamst ja nimmer XDD
    haha wirst wohl zur kleinen bitch XDD klene fotze, klene fotze XDD

  8. Wtf??
    Ich muss warten bis des freigeschalten wird?
    HAHA XDD hast wohl angst, dass du mehr hass mails bekommst, als positiv gestimmte was? XDD
    klene fotze, klene fotze, klene fotzeeeeeeeeee
    Eeeeh... du bist übels hässlich! Geh und mach ne OP so wie du ausschaust davon kriegt man ja augenkrebs!