Thursday, 7 March 2013

Quality Time

Quando Quando Quando - Winterplay

To say that I have (finally) reached maturity, would be too reckless I guess, but I'm undeniable in an inner values over fancy appearance phase. You know, that kind of state of mind Buddhist monks meditate for for a lifetime or rich people attain alongside living the opposite of ascetism.
Kinda sounds like 'I'd rather buy a 10,000$ Hermès classic, which is worthwhile, instead of a cheap fashion item'.

This is also the reason why my blog is so weird and all basics/ black-white now. 'Concentrate on the essential things', you know. I will change the layout soon into sth completely un-ultimate pink princess-like.

But back to the topic, the decisive factor for my sudden change of heart is Arissa. She's - simply put - just super rich (example incentive posts). The thought of high-end 100% success guaranteed items is quite seducing. That's why I'm planning to devote my money into some quality pieces in the future. The other two persons whom I owe this enlightenment are Queenie, an amazing women from Hongkong and Shini, you should check out this post of her, in which she explains her own coming of age experience (also very inspiring). All three women have this kind of absolutely desirable vibe of grandeur.

So here's a more than incomplete overview of some items that I fantasize about. I'm not so much obsessed with haute couture clothing, but more accessories and make-up/skincare products.

Pointed Pumps

Nude Nail Lacquer

Radiance Creator


Large Carry-Alls

Statement Sunnies

Beauty Cases

Skin Pamperer

Of course that doesn't mean that I won't order H&M Sale products en masse should there be 'cool stuff'. As buying cheap things means saving money, means having more money to spend on expensive things. Right? ... Right?!

Chu, Ailing

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