Monday, 25 March 2013

I wonder as I wander

One of those posts where I'm just noting down what's on my mind. I honestly think that I want to study in Korea. It is because of Kpop - I'm not gonna lie - but what's actually more important to me: I want to do something completely risky and what-doesn't-kills-you-makes-you-stronger thing. You know being Asian, growing up with everything you need you tend to have this I-don't-care-attitude and float around in this ocean called life like nobody's business. Ok not really, it's your parent's business. All my life, my parents have been doing a more than over-enthu job of caring for me: they decide what I should wear, what I should become, whom I should marry, what I should eat and who is my favourite musician. I think it's about time that I do something on my own, with no over-protective hysterical deciders around.
So I've been looking around Korean universities and it's all cool, except: the super awesome ones want you to tell them about all the international piano competitions you have won, how many beauty queen titles you hold and more 'personal achievements' (like conquering the Mt. Everest?) The others want money.
Back to the problem. I don't have money. And I'd need my parents permission to do it. But, didn't I say that I want to do things on my own? So this is as far as you go biatch? I could work for the money though, but I'm still not that kind of person who'd abscond like that. Seriously, life is complicated.

I want to study International Relations or International Business Management somehow. Since I grew up between two worlds, I actually liked international relations when I 1st heard of it years ago. As for business management, I'm attracted to it, because I'm totally not the business/ politics person. I have no clue about those stuffs at all, and it's really not the kind of thing I'd do, but that's where the fun starts, aye? Also, I always wanted to be a rich business woman bitch. So yes, as a matter of fact, I need to do it. I mean, what do my parents expect? That they can take care of me til I die? I wish they could~ So, when, when not now?

I'm hereby praying to all the gods, ghosts, 神様s, heaven and even hell if you can help me out (no, I cannot offer you my soul or anything else) to please make it happen!

Chu, Ailing


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    1. thank you !^^ I really appreciate your encouragement ♥

  2. i ailing :D hehe.. didn't know u moved.. my parents decided and planned out my whole university thing -,- quite regret it... i never wanted to take IT they forced me too.. i've always wanted to travel the whole world and wanted to take tourism but .hayss.. truly regret is at the end. :(

    1. wow thanks for your message... i really have to do then Haha anyway I still wish you good luck and all the best !^^ I'm sure there's a way to travel a lot even if you took IT !^^