Tuesday, 12 August 2014

To good people

I noticed that lately I tend to only focus on the bad things. Which is so not me?
At times I'm thinking, 'What good thing has ever happened to me?' Whereas 'good thing' is sth link winning the Noble Price without really deserving it.

Ok I guess such things don't happen at all. But how about 'winning 1,000,000 $$$'?

Even those things don't happen too often, even less to my peers. (I could still add 'being scouted/ casted', 'marrying a star/millionaire', etc)

So I realize where the fuck do you take those frigging standards from? 'good things' happen like to nobody.
And it makes me feel like a damned spoiled brat who wants to work for nothing, but thinks she deserved everything.

And indeed in my life so far I have never really exhausted myself for anything and everything always worked out the way I wanted.

You could say that I had everything.

And now I'm more or less expecting things to continue like this, but with bigger goals. Which is plain ridiculous.
So I should stop my whining, like seriously

So in this post I shall focus on the good things that happened to me that I tend to ungratefully shove away too easily.


Which really is one of those things that don't happen too often to anyone. I guess it is even a 'good thing'.
And it's not really a lousy give-away, but a YSL give-away by my idol the awesome Shini from Park&Cube.

In case you are too lazy to check, I won 5 YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats lipsticks (must spell out the long-ass names to savour it...), 1 YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation and 1 YSL La Laque Couture nail polish.

The nail polish couldn't be sent to me due to idk shipping restrictions or so I was given the Pixi Flawless Finishing Powder. (Which is a shame actually, but hey, we deserve nothing and I love the powder!!)

I also love how YSL products smell! Ever since I got my first YSL lipgloss back in the days I have been loving this YSL scent~

I was asked by my friends to share the lipsticks with them. And even though you can't say that I am a greedy person at all (at least not regarding gifts, etc) I think I can't share them with anyone.
Because for one, it would defy the purpose of making me happy if I were to give away the shades I like and keep the more difficult to wear dark shades. On the other hand it would be stupid to give away the darks shades too and only keep the ones that are 'good' (Right now I realize, that I'm not sure if I had asked to share if I knew my friend had won sth similar).

So I have decided to keep all the lipsticks and to share them with my mother. This is good, because I feel I can't do enough good things for her, she likes and needs expensive make-up only and she won't use the stuff anyway hahaha
I will also give her the foundation, because I still have my Lancôme one and she wanted one and it isn't my skin tone, too
I will also offer to give her the powder because I also still have my MAC powder.

Am I not nice or am I nice not?


That not good Engrish.

I was shopping with my mother and for the first time in my life I completely forgot about my purse in the fitting room.
Only an aeon later did I realized it. My mother was professional enough not to freak out and we asked the salesladies. But nobody had seen one or had been give a purse.
We nearly went back to Zara to look for it there when I luckily remembered that I still had it when we left Zara.

I thought of looking between the clothing racks to see if I had left it there, but my mother told me to ask the cashier while she would investigate with the salesladies around the fitting rooms again.

Finally they told her the bag could only be at the service point 2 floors up. (WHY, WHY NOT SAY EARLIER?)

I had completely given up, why would it be at some completely different floor? If one of the shop assistants had found it they would for sure know where it is right? And not had us search around for so long only to finally guess that it could be further up.
And if a shopper had found it, why would they go through the trouble to bring the back somewhere else, when the most logical thing to do is to just hand it to the next saleslady? And who even remembers the existence of such service point?

I was already grieving for my belongings. The purse itself, a very unique super old H&M fabric messenger, which was as simple as it gets, with super many compartments. It was in it's own way perfect.
But the think I would be the saddest over was the loss of my amazing relatively new wallet. It was also in its own way perfect and I love it so much. The woven leather, the golden metal details, the compartments, everything!! Still to this day when I use it I feel a bit happy. Oh should it have really left me for good?
And then all my IDs in it...
Then also got my phone... I don't really cling to it, but just the thought of always losing my phones in such a inhumane, ridiculous why was very frustrating.

Anyway up we went and as it happens I saw my bag lying behind the counter. My heart skipped a beat. What the...?
The woman who has brought it there must be an angel (a siao angel maybe haha)
I should be forever grateful to her....

So in conclusion good things happen after all and I am just a whiny spoilt bitch.
Chu, Ailing

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